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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Season 1, Finale] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Season 1, Finale] (18+)

Kunle ate his food ever slowly taking his time to wonder what had happened between him and Precious moments ago. She sucked him off as though she was a real pro and he was a little surprised at how good she had been.

She had made him cum so hard using just her mouth. It made him remember the event from the day before with Hannah and how they had used each other bareback. He finished his meal and pushed the table to a corner, he lay back on his bed.

The romp he had with Hannah the day before made him remember Blessing his nanny, how much he has missed her and her sweet always wet pussy. She was always there for him to fuck to satisfaction. He knew everything about her body and knows how to get her off. He couldn’t wait to get back home and tell her how he had fucked his Aunt and her daughters. She surely would be very proud to hear his sexcapades.

He started to feel homesick and wished he could return home immediately but the pussy here too was good maybe he just missed Blessing’s pussy. Remembering that Blessing would fuck someone else in his absence disturbed him greatly. He always had this feeling of ownership over Blessing and never wanted to hear her moan in pleasure from manipulations of another guy.

He wondered why he felt that way. As his thoughts kept drifting around he remembered he met four women downstairs instead of three. He kept trying to make an image of whom the visitor was in his head but none seemed to match as he never really acknowledged the individual.

Soon he drifted into sleep. Kunle woke up feeling very thirsty and wondered why he had lost track of time and didn’t know how long he has been asleep. He saw his empty plates in the corner and remembered that he actually didn’t drink any water after eating. No wonder he felt so thirsty, he packed his plates and went to the kitchen downstairs.

He put the plates in the sink and got himself a glass of water, gulping the second glass he heard voices coming from the sitting room and he went over to see what was going on, the TV was on and no one was in the room.

He wondered how it slipped everyone’s mind to put it off before going to bed and he went to switch it off. He clattered into someone almost losing his balance, he turned around to see a stranger lying naked on the floor with a cucumber in her pussy, she was covered in sweat. Kunle looked at her inquisitively not knowing who or why she was like that.

“Oh, you heard my cries, my dick messiah has come to take my pains away, I’m here for salvation,” Sharon said as she slowly removed the cucumber from her pussy as she spread her legs showing him her goodies.

Kunle wondered why a stranger was in the sitting room and why she was acting in such a strange manner, he just backed away and walked briskly to the stairs before bolting to his room. Sharon slowly pushed the cucumber back into her pussy as she continued her search for an orgasm.

She had been at it for quite a whole, she needed some hard and rough fuck but she had too much self-pity for herself and she was doing a very sloppy job. When Kunle stumbled on her, she had thought her problems were over and he would fuck her senses out just like she had heard but he had left her to her fate now and she had no one to call on.

Ughhhhnnn Sharon grunted as the more than half of the cucumber made it’s way into her pussy roughly, a hand had pushed her hand as she opened her eyes Precious collapsed her lips on hers going deep and letting her tongue dance in her mouth.

When she finally let go, Sharon was out of breath, Precious grabbed a handful of her boobs and squeezed it hard as she rammed the cucumber in her pussy not minding how big the vegetable was. Sharon just opened her mouth as she continued gasping for air. Precious wasn’t taking it easy on her pussy but it was what she wanted, a hard rough fuck, Precious was doing the job so beautifully.

Precious was just glad that she was giving Sharon pleasure she tweaked her nipples and Sharon’s fat ass levitated off the floor, seeing this Precious quickly knelt underneath it and Sharon’s ass landed right on her thighs. Precious had more leverage now and she used it. She slammed the cucumber down that pussy making Sharon cry in pleasure.

Her pussy juices lubricated it very well and the movement was very smooth. Sharon came with a bang as she got off Precious’s thighs trying to catch her breath. How did you know I was here? She asked Precious, well earlier today when I went to bring Kunle to get his food.

I blew him so, I thought I would ask him to finish me off when everyone was asleep but on my way to his room I saw him run in and bolt his door from behind I wondered why could have spooked him so I came to check and found you here all alone.

How did you get here? Well, when you went to call Kunle your sister told me and your mom how she fucked her teacher in school to up her grades, things went south between me and your mum but I was still hungry and I thought I’d get to meet Kunle but he never came down again and I didn’t want to bother your mum so I got this cucumber from the kitchen decided to just go solo.

Kunle stumbled upon me and I was so happy thinking my misery was over but he didn’t even look at me twice before backing

“Arrgghh, no no don’t do that” Sharon hollered as Precious squeezed the cucumber into her ass hole. It’s too big, it can’t go in there she kept wailing but never for once resisted the intrusion.

The cucumber truly was very big and Precious could only get only half of it into Sharon. She left it there as they both made out kissing each other all over. Precious got rid of her nightdress and her flimsy lacy excuse of a bra, they barely even covered her nipples. Sharon presented her cucumber filled ass to precious as she rested her upper body on the couch.

It was a slow and sensual fuck at first but when Sharon started to thrust her ass back with chants of bitch, give it to me Precious knew it was Wilding time again and she increased the pace and thrust. She was very turned on from fucking her aunt and she soon had a finger in her own pussy too trying to get some of the action.

Both of them perspire in pleasure as they moan overlapped each other. Stop Baby, come here Sharon called out of breath. She gestured that Precious lay on the couch, she lay on it too her head opposite of Precious’s as their lower body met in the middle.

She got Precious in a scissors position,

“Now ground your pussy on mine,” she told her as they both ground their pussy together.

“Tha fuck? Tha fuck” The young lady kept calling out. You’ve never done this before, haven’t you?

“hmmm hmm” Precious answered all gone in this pleasure. Both of them kept grinding on each until their bodies were taken over by climax. Precious shook like a catfish as she came like crazy, Sharon quickly got up and lapped up all the juices she was releasing.

After one final long lick, Precious pussy was bereft of cum and Sharon just knelt there as she whispered

“Thank you Baby” precious got up and gave her a deep kiss as she pushed Sharon back into the couch,

“Thanks, mama,” she said to Sharon as she rested her head on her boobs while she patted her pussy playfully and slowly dozed off. Sharon smiled at the gesture, she felt some sort of connection with Precious but she couldn’t explain it.

She went to sleep with her hand on her ass. Yes Effiong, Effiong oooo, ha no kill me, na you get am, na you get am o, Na me get am abi Kunle? Effiong asked angrily as unleashed two hot smacks on Blessing’s ass again, her ass shone as they juggled bubbly.

Effiong pulled her braids into a bunch as he pulled her back with it make blessing ass arch to the right angle as he continued to fuck her like a bull. Na who get this toto?! He asked again smacking her ass harder.

Na you get am abeg na you get am no be Kunle Blessing shouted back. Effiong finally pulled out of her and she was a bit relieved but her nightmare had just begun, Effiong lay on the floor and as she straddled his dick another dick was making its way into her pussy as she tried to protest a pair of hands held her head and a dick forced its way down her throat.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, another one started to part her asshole, she kept trying to call for help but she couldn’t, Kunle continued banging the glass they had locked him in trying to break out and save Blessing from the ordeal she was going through.

He woke up with a start, that was a very terrible dream, he hoped in his mind that Blessing wasn’t getting fucked that way in his absence. He should have never watched Precious and Sharon do their thing yesterday.

Watching them was probably why he had that kind of dream and now a boner. He hissed as he made his way downstairs. Precious was making some coffee in the kitchen the next morning when “Twack” Someone smacked her ass and grabbed a chunk of it.

She looked back to see it was Kunle as he smiled sheepishly. I caught the whole show yesterday freak nasty he said as he rubbed her pubis through her nightie

“hmmmm…. No panties” he said.

Well, we both hope you enjoyed the cause with what I’m feeling poking at my ass I’m sure you really had a nice time watching us. Well, I enjoyed it so much I want another show but this time I star in the movie. I’ll talk to the director on your behalf and see if we can give you a role Precious said as she took her coffee and slowly walked away making sure to sway her ass as she went.

Kunle smiled to himself as he followed her to the dining table where the rest of the house was already seated.

“Kunle, meet my friend Sharon, she’s visiting for a while I was unable to do proper introductions yesterday cause you were sleeping, Sharon, meet Kunle, my handsome nephew,” Hannah said smiling.

“Nice meeting you ma,” Kunle said stretching his hand forward for a shake, well, not nice meeting you, Sharon said, I’m the shameless Aunty that was asking you to deliver her with your dick yesterday, you just ran off and left me to my problems so, not nice meeting you.

“Oh I’m sorry about that ma, I didn’t know who you were and I was caught off guard. I’ll make it up to you ma,” Kunle said.

“Well as soon as we finish dinner, you’re making it up,” Sharon said authoritatively.

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