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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 9] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 9] (18+)

Written by Armadillo Reezy

Hannah has mocked up a plan on how to get Kunle’s monster dick into her hungry pussy. She had spent the whole week scheming and waiting for the right time to pounce. She’s been monitoring his movements in the house too.

Her plan was all set in her head but she needed her daughters out of the way first. She wanted that dick with no disturbances. She had no means to get girls out of the house and it delayed her plans to fuck Kunle.

She was getting very frustrated as the days rolled by and she didn’t see any opening insight. Hannah sat in her very spacious office on a Friday morning. Her blue off-shoulder gown revealed a little too much cleavage, the office was brightly lit and well furnished with nice decors and furniture.

Hannah rested her head back, her gown was bunched up all the way to her waist and her thongs partly shifted off the entrance of her cunt as she gently fingered herself in the air-conditioned room.

She took it very slow and made sure to go in as deep as she could. The AC was making matters worse for her as she had goosebumps from the cold and her finger activity. Her fingers moved smoothly as they were well lubricated with cum.

She occasionally gave satisfied sighs and low moans enjoying herself.

“Good Morning, is your boss in?” Sharon, Hannah’s best friend asked her secretary as she made way to her office without waiting for a reply.

She burst in not knocking and what she met left her surprised. Hannah had both legs on her office table, her left hand held her thong in place as two fingers on her right hand gently fucked her pussy as she closed her eyes moaning

“Ugh… Kunle… Yea… Baby, that way Baby… Come and fuck your sexy Aunt….. I want your dick, Baby”.

Sharon was amused seeing her best friend in that position and she felt pity for her. She must be starving. She gently locked the door from behind and moved closer to her unsuspecting friend. She looked over her and saw juices on the leather chair.

The delicious scent filled her nose, Hannah’s pussy was well shaven and it looked very attractive. After checking her pussy out for a whole, Sharon crouched and moved under Hannah’s legs and got under the table, she was directly facing Hannah’s pussy now and with no warning whatsoever, she grabbed her thighs, spread them apart and attacked her pussy mouth first.

Hannah almost jumped out of her chair out of shock but she goes calm after confirming it was Sharon, she spread her legs more to give her more room to work.

She spitted on the pussy then licked it all up again before stiffening the tip of her tongue and started stabbing the pussy opening with it.

Hannah’s moans were louder now and she didn’t care she just wanted this, Sharon seeing that her friend’s excitement had increased moved her mouth on Hannah’s clit as she started to finger her. It was all too much as Hannah had her floodgates opened up and came on Sharon’s face, some managed to find their way to her chest too.

As she tried to catch her breath, she thanked her friend and started to explain what she was going through.

She explained how she had left Matthew and has now been denied of the cock she wants because she can’t get some privacy at home.

“I wish I could send those girls somewhere and they don’t come home till late into the night, I just want one full day with Kunle, if you see that boy’s penis Sharon! Ha, I’m sure he has damaged a lot of pussies” Sharon wasn’t convinced still and argued that Hannah was just like that because she was sex-starved.

“All right come and see something”, Hannah gestured to Sharon as she grabbed her laptop and played the sextape of Kunle fucking Nike in the ass.

Few minutes in, Sharon already had her hand inside her shirt tweaking her nipple, she was amazed at the energy, the speed at which Kunle was fucking Nike who was trying to escape the onslaught that was coming from behind.

As the video wore on, she had her pants unzipped as she palmed her hairy pussy, she was beginning to get wet now. It was Hannah’s turn to be amused, so glad that she had been proven right as she saw her friend had been bewitched by Kunle.

“You know you’re a bitch” Hannah said laughing bringing her friend back to reality,

“See as you done they pour water, I no tell you say that boy get penis and he sabi use am, wallahi I must fuck am, forget say na my nephew.” Sharon concurred that Kunle was good and brought up a deal for Hannah.

“Let’s do it this way, make me cum and you can send your daughters to my place tomorrow, I’ll delay them and they’ll come home on Sunday.” Hannah’s face lit up like she had just won lottery,

“Alright, shebi na make you cum, you go cum but I no go use mouth o… Make I no go swallow toto hair,” She teased her friend who replied,

“Sha make me cum make you go chop banana tomorrow” Hannah looked around a bit and snatched the TV remote off the table, she returned to her friend who was still kneeling under the table, she pulled her up and crushed her lips in a deep kiss.

Their tongues danced in each other’s mouth as they fought for supremacy. As they continued kissing, Hannah unbuttoned Sharon’s shirt and relieved her bra of duty.

She nibbled on her earlobes and went down to her neck then her boobs. She sucked on her nipples like a hungry child, she soon had Sharon’s back on her table and her legs on the floor.

She grabbed her control and pushed it into her pussy, she welped but relaxed and eased on to it. Hannah wasn’t taking it easy on her as she fucked her hard and fast with the remote control.

The buttons were not helping Sharon’s cause to delay her release at all as they always manage to come in contact with her clitoris. She was in fuck heaven now totally submissive to Hannah’s manipulation.

Soon heat started to brew inside her and she came splashing on the remote control.

“Send the girls over tomorrow, she said with a shaky voice as she got off the table and made way to the restroom. Hannah barely slept through the night, she was so pumped up for the morning. It was finally Saturday and everything was in place for her salvation.

As she made breakfast in, she called onto Nike and Precious and told them they were to go to Sharon’s place and help her with some stuff.

They all had a quiet breakfast and the girls moved out right after they were done, Hannah moved to her bedroom and went for a shower, Kunle just lounged on the couch wondering what to do with his spare time.

He heard his aunt call out to him from her room and he got up to answer her call. He knocked gently and went in when his aunt asked him to. She was lying face down on her bed with the duvet covering her from the neck down.

“Sorry, I’m bothering you, I need a little massage, and your sisters are not around, can you help me with it?” Kunle agreed not to see any harm in giving his aunt a massage.

She pointed to a bottle of oil he was to use and he opened it up and took the duvet off her. His dick twitched immediately he stripped the duvet off her, her thongs was just three lines of ropes at best as her perfect wide butt cheeks stared at him, it was as though they were mocking him.

He quickly rearranged his dick so his aunt doesn’t catch him with a hard-on, he poured some oil on his palm and gently rubbed it into her back, he skipped her bra and proceeded below it when Hannah stopped him and unclasped her bra and asked him not to miss an inch of skin.

Kunle continued to work quietly and diligently soon he got to her butt, he didn’t want to be corrected again so he just massaged her butt too.
“Make sure to do in between my thighs too,” Hannah said As Kunle got to her thigh area, Kunle peeked and saw his Aunt’s pussy peeking at him, it would be very hard for him not to touch her pussy, while rubbing oil on her inner thighs.

He continued his work anyways, she asked him to so its not like he’s being a pervert. The gentler he tried to rub oil on her inner thighs without touching her pussy, the more he did, and the more his fingers grazed her pussy lips the more she moaned into her pillow.

His finger felt warm instantly, it slipped into her pussy and he tried to quickly pull it out and apologize but he was left speechless when his aunt asked that he did it again.

Soon he was finger fucking her, she was easy to penetrate because of the oil Kunle was using on her earlier.

“Are you OK?” she asked as She turned to face Kunle whose hard-on was very visible to both of them now.
“I’m OK” Kunle said.
“Well, your dick doesn’t look OK, give it a little room to play around.” Kunle was shocked, did she mean he should undress? She unzipped his pants when she saw he was hesitating and he was left only his underwear.

Come and mount me, Kunle did as told and continued with the massage but this time, on her boobs, she had big round boobs and her nipples were hard as a rock, he rubbed oil on them too and she moaned out in pleasure as she held his hands and asked him to keep doing her chest region.

Kunle was happy to play with his Aunt’s boobs, he felt lucky as he had had this fantasy and now it’s coming true. Kunle received another shock when his Aunt pulled his boxers down and grabbed his shaft. It was hard as a pole and she stroked it gently, teasing the head.

She tugged on it and Kunle’s hips followed as she rested his dick inside her Cleavage. The message was very clear to him as she squashed her boobs on his dick, he proceeded to fuck her boobs always his her chin with his thrusts.

She sat up and took it in her mouth, after savoring the taste for a bit, she proceeded to give Kunle the hottest blowjob of his life. She but it gently, swallowed, gagged on it, she sucked on his nipples he just couldn’t take it anymore and he had to pull out and he went under quickly as he raised both of her legs and hung them on his shoulders.

His first thrust made Hannah see stars, it was mind-blowing, she never expected it to hit her that hard. Kunle hit real deep and when he came back out to her hit the second time, she hopelessly grabbed her bedsheets tight in a bit to reduce the impact.

She succeeded in grabbing her sheets tight but it did nothing to the impact as the second thrust was way harder than the first one, she had tears in her eyes, she was not in any form or pain but the pleasure was so intense crying was the only way she could express her feelings.

Now she saw what her daughters both went through in the hands of their cousin.

Kunle didn’t care what she was doing or what was going through her mind, he just kept firing down on her and she soon resulted to pleading to him.

“Kunle… Ugh… Please… EASYY, EAS.. OUH… OH… OH GOD, OH MY GOD…… TAKE it easss… Ahhhhhh” She came hard and it pushed Kunle’s dick out of her. She was sated for that moment but Kunle was far from done, his dick was still rock hard and angry, as she lay panting, feeling the heat in her pussy.

He dropped her legs off his shoulders and turned her overlining his dick for her pussy from behind…

“No, let me res…. Ughhhh” Kunle was already 7inches deep inside her again fucking her like a bull.

This is going to be one hell of a day, she thought.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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