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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 8] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 8] (18+)

Written by Armadillo Reezy

Hannah lay naked on the wet, cold tiles in her bathroom, her bare and clean-shaven pussy glistened as the shower sprinkled water on it continuously.

She rubbed her pussy mounds lazily, picturing what it would feel like to be choking on a dock at that moment while another one banged her. She slipped two fingers in and sharply sucked in air with her mouth; she started pumping herself gently using her right hand to hold her right boob to her mouth, so she sucked the nipple and quietly cursed Matthew in her mind.

Matthew was her Playboy, he fucks her, and she takes good care of him in return.

She had gone to his place for their usual romp earlier in the day, but she had to leave angrily when she met Matthew fucking another girl.

Why was she jealous, though? She thought to herself; it’s not as if they were married or had a relationship; it was more like she was buying sex from a boy old enough to be her son. But catching him with another girl and he not even acknowledging her presence as he never stopped fucking the girl made her go green with envy and leave angrily.

Maybe she should have stayed and turned the whole thing to a threesome, they would have agreed to it if she paid them and she won’t be as sexually frustrated as she is right now, she thought. Damn Matthew, he knew how to excite her body and make her climax like crazy.

All the thoughts made it harder for her to cum, and she added two more fingers into her pussy in a desperate search for a climax.

She heard a faint thud, but she kept going at herself playing with her nipples, moments later she heard a soft noise again and put a stop to her activities. It’s useless trying to please herself; she needed a dick, a sturdy fat, long dick.

What if she has been caught masturbating?? Alarmed, she quickly grabbed a towel and covered herself with it as she promptly made way to the bedroom to check whether someone came in or it was her imagination.

Everything was the way she had left it but, her laptop was opened, she hadn’t touched that since she left it on the table and went into the bathroom,

“Who came in, and what did they do to her laptop?” she thought to herself as she started going through the device.

Nike snored as she slept on her bed with her legs in opposite directions; Precious looked at her with hateful eyes, grabbed a body lotion, and quietly left the room.

Kunle was sleeping soundly; he felt something wet slide up his dick, he felt it again, he wanted to open his eyes to see what was happening, but the sensation was so sweet he didn’t want it to stop.

The wetness soon covered his whole dick, it was warm too, and he just lay there moaning to the pleasure he was receiving.

Precious had been very horny all day, and now she was just going to fuck Kunle whether he approved or not, she kept hoping her head on his dick enjoying how it was growing in her mouth. His moans encouraged her to further as it assured her she was doing well. She held his dick in her right hand and juggled his balls in her left gently squeezing them, she made and “O” shape with her lips and swallowed his dick once making sure Kunle’s dick made its way well past her throat.

She gagged, choked, and released it, that move brought Kunle back to life, but he just propped himself on his elbows and watched in awe at how good Precious had got at giving head in a matter of hours.

Precious looked up and saw a smirking Kunle, that was all the permission she needs from him as she moved up, unbuttoned her nightie and sat on Kunle’s dick as gently as she could while Kunle held it in place for her.

She winced in pain at every inch of dick her pussy was fed. She knew she had swallowed all of Kunle’s 7inches when her big soft ass sat comfortably on his crotch. She sat there, making no movements relishing the sensation as his dick throbbed in her pussy, and in return, she flexed her pussy muscles to squeeze his dick and watched him groan in pleasure.

Kunle pushed himself up and grabbed Precious’s soft behind as he attacked her boobs with his mouth and made smacking sounds as he carelessly sucked away.

She was getting pleasure from two different ends, and it was driving her crazy, but Precious wanted more, she raised her ass high in the air, and when all of Kunle’s dick was almost out of her she crashed back down making a loud “FLAP” sound, it hit some depths new depths in her pussy.

Depths that before that day had been untouched, she saw black and white, her pupils ran up into her head, this was what she needed, her body vibrated as all hell lose within her and she the back of Kunle’s head pressing it firmly against her boobs as she rode him hard and fast searching for another climax.

Hannah saw a strange-looking file on her laptop and wondered how it got there and clicked on it. To her amazement, she saw her nephew taking her daughter from behind, not just from behind but in her ass.

Nike’s expressions in the clip clearly showed that she wasn’t being raped as she saw her daughter urging her cousin to spank her, give it to her harder, pinch her nipples, cum in her.

She didn’t know who to be mad at, her niece, or her daughter? She started to get hot all of a sudden as the video brought back her horniness in full force, her towel loosened, and her hand subconsciously made its way back to her pussy, but this time, she was pumping harder and faster than before.

Watching her nephew fuck her daughter was terribly turning her on, and when she saw Kunle shoot jets of cum into her daughter’s ass, she couldn’t hold herself back too as she released spraying the laptop’s screen with cum.

Kunle fell on the floor, and she saw how long and fat his dick was, she had her mouth opened, surprised at how huge he was she was more scared when she saw her daughter’s ass, she saw how the dick had expanded her ass as it started to return to its normal state gradually.

She didn’t know what was more shocking, her Nephew having that kind of dick or her daughter being able to accommodate that dick in her ass or the fact that she was horny for Kunle’s dick.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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