August 9, 2022

Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 7] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 7] (18+)

Written by Armadillo Reezy

Realizing that, Kunle proceeded to hit it from below confusing Nike even more as Precious also held on to her ass firmly eating her ass like it was bread with Jam, Kunle managed to tell Nike he was close to coming and Nike quickly detached from him and got to quickly presenting her ass to Kunle,
“Nut on my asshole”, she said to Kunle as she parted her ass to him.

Two pumps on his dick and he started shooting well-directed jets of cum on Nike’s rosebud. It was like pouring water on the fire for Nike but this water was not to quench the fire but to increase its power.

Precious had almost died of horniness now and she was more tempted to at least even finger fuck herself Nike’s cum filled ass appearing two inches away from her face knocked the thoughts straight out of her head, she knew what Nike wanted and she started to eat Nike’s ass before she was asked to.

Nike tried hard to stifle her moan so as to not make her elder sister know she was doing a good job but she couldn’t as she let out a loud one which gave Precious the confidence that she was doing well.

Realizing this, she asked her sister to stop, she hated that she wasn’t eating that ass anymore as she enjoyed it so well, and to get rid of the temptations of asking her to do it again, she sent her sister upstairs.

Precious was grateful her torment was over but she needed to be thoroughly fucked and she wanted Kunle’s dick but, she’ll be alone upstairs, she went nevertheless accepting her fate.

When she got upstairs, she peeped from the balcony and saw that her sister had now taken another position as she bent, holding her ankles and presenting her ass to Kunle.

He had a tough time fitting his dick into her ass hole but it was well lubricated and gradually his dick started to go in.

When he got halfway in, Nike trembled as she felt sharp pains in her ass and frantically tried to get up but Kunle held the back of her neck, restricting further movement from her and he slammed the rest of his dick all the way in making both of them crash into the couch, he held her neck still and started to pummel her tight ass as she cried into the couch.

Precious was making a video of all that was happening from where she hid at the balcony and when it got too hot for her, she placed the phone at a strategic point to continue with the recording as she quickly pulled her panties off and stabbed her pussy with two fingers, her eyes turned.

She never knew she’d be this pleased with her fingering herself, she kept at it as sweats began to emanate from her body, the sex from downstairs spurred her on as she increased her speed gasping for air.

Soon the two fingers weren’t going to cut it anymore and she added the third, it was harder moving in and out now and also painful but, then, the pleasure was out of the world for her and she pumped in and out of herself all in a bid to climax, she saw Nike, she had tears in her eyes but she was not in pains, it’s was tears from too much pleasure.

Kunle was doing wonders with his dick. He soon sat and gestured that she sat on his dick. Once she did, Kunle held and started to fire rapidly into her ass, she had nowhere to run to as he held her firmly in place to suffer from the intense pleasure.

As he approached his limits, his speed increased and Nike moans and cries got louder, few thrusts later.

He emptied himself in her ass as she collapsed on him totally out of strength and breath, Precious covered her mouth with her free hand as she came with them too but it was not as intense as it should be but, it sated her urge for a while.

She picked her phone and stopped recording and quietly left for her room. When it boils down to a shootout, the first to shoot would be the one to live the tale.

Precious snuck into her mother’s room when she returned that day and transferred the sextape to their mother’s laptop fully knowing that she would work on it that night before she sleeps.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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