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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 6] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 6] (18+)

Precious couldn’t believe she was the one choking on her cousin’s dick in the video, she continually deep throated him and had spit dribble down her chin to her chest, she had red and teary eyes as Kunle slammed his tool into her mouth.

Memories of the night came back and she remembered how nice he had tasted in her mouth. She had not been fucked that hard not since one of her seniors in school had bent her over in the library for a quickie.

The video was starting to turn her on as she started to gently run her palm over her moist panties, Nike’s message brought her back to reality and she knew she had a deal to make with her before she rats her out.

Precious dropped the phone and proceeded downstairs where she was welcomed by a sight of Nike sucking on Kunle’s nipples. She stood watching on awe as her sister unzipped Kunle’s trouser and pulled his dick out of his boxers so it looked like it grew out of it.

She spat on the angry-looking dick head and watched pre-cum drop out of it before giving it a gentle bite with both hands simultaneously, Kunle’s loud groans and movements portraying him trying to escape and at the same time enjoy Nike’s manipulations brought her mind back and she now understood why her sister was able to trap all those guys, she was damn good at this she might have the body but, Nike had skills, the skills to drive a man nuts.

Even her that was a spectator, her panties were well soaked now and she stunk of cum as copious amount of it ran down her thighs she couldn’t imagine what kind of feeling Kunle would be having now.

Precious froze when Nike called out to her,

“Have you made up your mind?” she said as she gently stroked Kunle’s dick with her right hand.
“What do you want Nike?” Precious asked, knowing she was at her younger sister’s mercy,

“I want you to do whatever I want without hesitating, with no questions asked, deal or no deal? Precious agreed as she had no choice, STRIP!

Nike ordered still stroking Kunle who was just watching the show of two sisters while he was getting jerked. Precious lifted her short gown revealing her pink cotton panties and a sports bra, she pulled her sports bra too, as she made to pull her panties.

Nike stopped her saying,
“You don’t need to take that off, you’re only going to be a spectator here, now come here,” Nike gestured her sis in her direction.

Lay on your back and spread your legs, Precious did as told waiting to receive whatever her sis wanted to do to her. Nike resumed blowing Kunle, continuously deepthroating and gagging on his dick.

Precious just watched on even though she was terribly turned on now and wanted to be touched or at least touch her self for some pleasure but she didn’t want to incur more of her sister’s wrath so she just watched on with a misty face very close to tears.

Nike stood up, pulled Kunle with his dick, and walked backward with both legs on either side of a very alert Precious.

Looking down on her she said,

“Well, I didn’t enjoy your show yesterday, so I’m not about to let you enjoy mine, with that wack ass blow job you were giving him yesterday, well, I’m not gonna teach you and I’m not going to let you learn by watching me,” She said as she lifted her gown revealing a white thong with lacy designs, pulling it aside she perched on Precious’s face.

Precious felt disgusted and humiliated but she had no choice other than to eat her sister’s cum filled pussy. Kunle was banging her fucking her throat and her face was filled with sweat and spit while Precious struggled to please her sister for under.

Soon she discarded her gown and tried to have Kunle fuck her boobs but they weren’t big enough to submerge his dick as she wanted, she stood up and took a long look at Precious’s boobs, what a waste of endowments, she couldn’t even giver her a proper blowjob yet she had all the assets.

Precious’s boobs would have successfully submerged Kunle’s dick with no efforts at all while hers would struggle to even come together to encase it, that alone drove her mad again and she thought of another way to humiliate her sister.
“Have you ever had Anal? She asked Kunle who nodded yes and asked if there was lotion to which Nike replied yes.
“We have lots of lotion, but first, sit on the couch,” she told Kunle who did as told, Aunty Precious, since I asked you to eat my pussy and you couldn’t do it well you were just licking like you really love licking right?
Then you have to do just that now, but, to my asshole and make sure you get enough saliva into it, you hear me?

Precious almost threw up just hearing her orders, she just ate pussy and swallowed cum for the first time in her entire life now she’s been asked to eat ass? Shit hole? She has to pay Nike back 10 times but she doesn’t know how to go about it but her mind was all made up of making her sister pay every dime for the humiliation she suffered.

Nike reclined her cousin on the couch as she used his dick to tease her pussy opening enjoying the sensation as it slipped it filling her up, he felt bigger in her and his dick touched every muscle in her pussy, she felt so tight and remembered how her first sex felt like, Kunle’s dick was causing a lot of havoc in her she kept seeing flashes from when she lost her virginity.

She kept going slow gently raising and dropping her ass on the big cucumber that Kunle calls a dick. Precious made up her mind to punish her sister later but for now, she had to prove to her that she could be a sex freak too as she parted her butt cheeks and licked at the bud of her ass before sucking hard on it.

It didn’t taste good but she also didn’t expect it to, she just wanted to prove a point and would go any limit for that purpose right now, she had to continuously follow Nike’s ass up and down as it moved up and down the dick.

She kept giving her best as she made sure she put more saliva in it like her sister had ordered her to, she realized that Nike froze for a second when she stuck her tongue in her ass and did it again and got the same reason then the added finesse, sticking her tongue in it and flicking it time to time. Nike had stopped moving now as she was torn between enjoying the dick in her or her sister’s tongue also in her.

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