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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 5] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 5] (18+)

Written by Armadillo Reezy

After teasing her for a while, he pinched her clit, she screamed and made to jump but he held her down with his free hand and whispered into her ear,

“I am a man and the man under, is not little either” and he proceeded to plunge two fingers into her pussy sharply making her scream, he started digging in her pussy fast as she trashed around wildly pouring juices everywhere and pushing her pussy towards his fingers.

Precious came in without knocking and Kunle pushed a “Cloud Nine” Nike off himself as he bolted into his room.

“What the hell were you doing? Fucking your Cousin? What do you think mum would say? Have you gone crazy now?” Kunle heard Precious ranting in the sitting room as Nike pleaded with her sister to keep it a secret between them so she doesn’t get Kunle in trouble with their mum.

After a lot of ranting and pleading from both sides, Precious made Nike promise to not have any close contact with Kunle till he leaves their place lest she reports them, she unwillingly agreed and had no choice other than to stay away from Kunle.

Precious made herself available at home more than usual and kept a close watch over every move her sister makes. Kunle, on the other hand, was in a terrible dilemma, he had been able to keep his cool for the first few days of the holiday at his Aunt’s place till her daughter provoked him and had started having harsher boners and since he had nowhere to relief himself he kept to his room and seldom came out.

He was gently stroking his engorged dick through his boxers one evening as he lay alone on his bed when he heard sounds of someone sweeping the lobby and as he looked he paid no attention as he was horny as fuck and only a willing pussy would sort his problem.
He remembered his Nanny teaching him how to use a bar of soap or lotion to jerk himself off because he might not get laid at his Aunt’s place and he thought it would be a good idea for him to try that out but he would need everyone to go to bed first.

Kunle ate his dinner in silence and returned to his room after watching his Aunt and her daughters go to their rooms. He gave it some time and when everything seemed quiet he made way to the restroom when he noticed a tiny piece of paper at his door it read “restroom, downstairs, 12:00”.

Whoever swept the lobby must have sent him that note and it most likely was Nike’s doing, it was 11:30 already and he couldn’t wait to blow he load so he went with his first option to jerk himself off.

He tiptoed downstairs and got into the restroom quickly setting to work, he dropped his boxers and put lotion on his stiff member, with visions of him taking his Nanny from the back, he started to jerk himself at first slowly at first and more frantically a bit later.

He kept pumping faster and harder trying all his best to cum, he held the sink with one hand pushed his waist up and jerked with his other hand soon he felt that sensation, he froze, he jerked and groaned like a wounded animal as he shot three quick fires of cum while the rest landed on the floor.

Fear gripped him when he came down from his high, he didn’t know how long she’s been standing there but his cum had landed on Precious’s chest, what was she doing there at this time? Was she the one that slipped him the note?

“I knew you’re a pervert” Precious’s cold voice hit him crashing his train of thoughts.
“First, you tried to fuck my sister, now you sprayed me with your confetti of cum! Mum must hear of this!”.

Kunle pleaded that Precious should keep whatever happened between him and Nike secret and she could report him jerking off, he just didn’t want Nike to be in trouble because of him.

“Wow, you will defend her? What’s with all of you guys? What do you people always pick Nike over me? I’m more beautiful, I’m sexier than she is! She barely has oranges on her chest, look at the melons I have here,”
Precious said as she pulled down her tube, showing off boobs bigger than her mother’s and nipples longer than Aunty Blessing.

You’ve never looked at me once since you came, instead, you fool around with that Child Abuse, I’m a woman, a fully blown sexy woman you should beg to have she said with tears in her eyes.

Kunle knew this was jealousy,
“So, what can I do to make all these go away, Kunle asked.
“I dunno, but you have 30mins, if you don’t do anything by then I’m reporting everything Precious said, folding her arms under her breasts making the already big balls even bigger. He moved closer to her and placed both hands on her neck and with no warning crashed his lips into hers, she didn’t resist as she returned the favor with similar energy.

They kissed lustfully and passionately as of competing for supremacy while she ground her crotch into him, she let one of her hands slide down and reached for his dick head, this move halted Kunle for a while as he ended the kiss and looked down to see what she was doing. He pulled her down till she was kneeling facing his dick when she didn’t make any move, he hit her mouth twice with his dick as of to knock on a door and she opened for him to slide in, she took him on slowly and started to hop her head in blowing him off.

After savoring her mouth for a while, Kunle held her head in place and proceeded to furiously fuck her mouth, she choked on his dick twice and soon he turned her around and knelt behind her. In one fell swoop, he had all his length deep inside her now sopping pussy, and he plundered her goods fast.

Apart from their skin hitting each other and Precious’s low cries, everywhere was quiet. Kunle had missed this a lot and he took his time to fuck the hell out of his cousin as he soon had her on her back as he took her missionary while sucking her boobs at intervals.

She wrapped her legs around his waist for more closure, her juices escaped her pussy lips to the tiles and Kunle began to grow inside her as he quickly withdrew and ejected all his seed on Precious’s face and boobs.

He was sated for now as he staggered off to his room leaving sweating, panting, pussy widened precious on the restroom floor.

Kunle was out once more now, he had no boner issues this morning, Nike came to sit close to him and started a small talk which came as a surprise to Kunle because Precious was just a few feet away.

Precious who was fiddling with her phone soon stood up and ran upstairs to the room she shared with her sister. She opened the message that she had received on her WhatsApp which read

“He was supposed to fuck me yesterday, you hijacked my dick session, I caught you on camera and I’ll expose you soon if you don’t take my orders” the message was from Nike, she opened the video and watched as Kunle fucked her mouth while she grabbed his ass in a bid to have more of his dick in her mouth.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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