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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 4] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 4] (18+)


Kunle has been looking forward to this vacation from school. Blessing and Funmi will be on rotation for him. Little did he know that his plans will be derailed when his parents get back, but it’s so much fun now!

Written by Armadillo Reezy

Days morphed into weeks after Kunle had been introduced to anal sex, he was not a boy anymore, he was now Blessing’s pleasure machine and he of course enjoyed it.

Most times they are always home together which is almost every time they watch all kinds of porn movies and proceed to fuck round the house like rabbits. Constant sex has become a new hobby to Kunle now as he sometimes invites Funmi over for threesomes with his Nanny and he’d thoroughly fuck both ladies over lots of rounds of sex.

He was meek and gentle on the outside but a sex machine on the inside. It was now a normal routine for him to satisfy two women at once and still stand on his feet when they are almost or totally knocked out. His world was filled with mad fun and he never felt he needed his parent’s attention or care anymore, just their money.

With the third term holiday approaching, Kunle had programmed how he’d spend almost the three months having sex with Funmi and Blessing. He won’t have academics to bother him and lots of time on his hands to spare.

Things went all south when his never around parents both came around the first day of the holiday and announced that to make up for not spending time with Kunle, they’d have him spend all his holiday with his Aunt and Cousins.

“But, Mom, I’m ok here, I don’t feel lonely, Aunty Blessing takes care of me, I’m fine,” Kunle protested but his parents were having none of that, making a point that they wanted him to have a change of environment for a bit and see other places.

He didn’t want to see any place, he didn’t want to go anywhere Kunle knew where he wanted to be, it was anywhere Blessing was, he knew the moment he leaves, someone would take over his place, “What if I come back and she doesn’t let me have her anymore?” he thought to himself as he sat alone in his room.

His parents had made their decision on him leaving the second day and there was no going back on that. A soft knock on the door of his room brought him back to reality as Blessing tiptoed into the room.

“Hmmmmm, Baby, you know I don’t want you to go too but you have to before your parents start suspecting us” Blessing started but was cut short by a pissed Kunle

“You just want me to go so you can bring Effiong over”. Blessing smiled, she knows he got her,

“Kunle, Baby, I already told you, you own this pussy, but when you’re not around I’ll call someone to handle it, but anytime you come back, it’s yours, anytime”, she said as she took his palm and rubbed it against her warm pussy.

After feeling his nanny’s pussy through her leggings for a while, he dipped his hand into it to feel the real deal

“Can’t you follow me to my Aunt place?” he asked. She held his hand in place before he could dip two fingers into her snatch and moaned no.
“I have to leave now, your mum might come over anytime”, Kunle groaned in frustration as he threw himself on the bed hoping the holiday he was hoping won’t finish quickly can now disappear as soon as it could.

Aunty Hannah came to pick him early the next morning and she was not what he had pictured her to look like, she had fair skin like his mother but, unlike his mother that goes around in lace and Ankara fabrics sewn into Buba and Wrappers or Long flowing gowns, she came in sports bra with a transparent unbuttoned shirt on it, her smooth long legs looked very beautiful in her bum shorts that stopped a lot of inches above her knee.

Aunty Hannah was a divorced woman and a single mother of two daughters (Precious and Nike). For a woman close to her late 30s with two teenage daughters, Aunty Hannah looked too young, she would be easily picked as a lady in her early 20s as her grape-sized boobs still defied gravity, her nipples pointed out of her sports bra for all eyes that cared to see, what more?

Her ass jiggled like a bubble in her tight fitted bum-shorts as she took Kunle’s Bags to the car.

Kunle was starstruck, he kept wondering, what made her husband divorce her, she’s stunning, he just couldn’t wrap his head around why a man in his right sense would leave a woman as beautiful as this. He bade his family and Blessing farewell and soon Aunty Hannah put the car in motion.

Till they got to her place, she kept engaging him in small talks asking all kinds of questions which he just nodded or sometimes smiled to. It was a long journey and he just wasn’t happy to be with his aunt and her kids for his holiday.

When they got home, he was tired and after he was welcomed and introduced to his cousins, he asked to take a shower and proceeded to sleep. Nike, the younger of both girls took particular finding to Kunle and always was around him always choking him with questions and talks while Precious didn’t really bother him much.

They were both beautiful, like their mother but Precious’s body was more mature and they both were older than Kunle. Kunle enjoyed Nike’s company as she made sure he had no dull moment, they played all sorts of games together and sometimes they just ran up and down the whole house, on different occasions.

Kunle had mistakenly landed his hand on Nike’s boobs but she always acted indifferently making Kunle confused whether she knew or she didn’t.

On a Sunday morning, Aunty Hannah had gone out to God knows where and Precious followed shortly after leaving Kunle and Nike home alone. After fooling around for a while, Nike asked that they played Truth or Dare, and they agreed.

After a couple of innocent questions, Nike brought the building down on Kunle as she asked if he was a virgin, he didn’t know whether he should reply yes or no and he just sat there with his mouth half-opened without saying anything.

“It’s OK if you’re a virgin, it’s not a crime, I’m not a virgin o cause I know that’s what you’ll ask,” Nike said mockingly rendering Kunle more speechless.
“You seem to like pressing my boobs, she said before Kunle could come back to reality throwing him into more confusion”

“So, she knew,” Kunle thought to himself, he shyly got up and asked to go and ease himself.

When he came back to the sitting room, Nike had left and he just sat down trying to process all that just happened between him and his cousin, he got a shocker and Nike sat on his laps but her ass landed on his dick trapping it between her ass and his thigh and he tried pushing her off while wincing in pain but Nike wouldn’t move.

“Calm down joh, don’t you want to be a man?” the question threw him off balance.

He was a man, his dick started to gain turgidity poking at Nike’s ass.

“Seems, that little man is excited” Nike began, Kunle quickly dipped his hands into her pants before she could continue talking. He slowly circled around her clit and she threw her into his shoulder with her mouth opened, gasping for air.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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