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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 3] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 3] (18+)


After encouraging him to have sex with his girlfriend, the incredibly horny Blessing joins them, still not satisfied with what Kunle is doing, she invites over, her favorite fuck buddy, Effiong to show Kunle how it is done, culminating in 2 orgies in one day.

Written by Armadillo Reezy

Funmi was still trying to regain her breath, her head was still clouded from the heated romp she just experienced, her nipples were still hard as the AC was blasting. 

She felt empty now that Kunle had pulled out of her and the cool air in the room was quenching the heat emanating from her pussy. Kunle was not done yet as he still had a full boner even after he had just blown a big load. 

“What are you doing?” was the only words Funmi managed to utter as she felt her nipples touch the soft material of the couch she was lying on, snapping out of her reverie, she glanced back and saw Kunle aiming his long shiny rod at her pussy lips, such an insatiable young man. 

She smiled and quickly grabbed the armchair to get comfortable for the incoming penetration. She felt it in her throat and for a second, she thought she was actually going to vomit a dick. 

Kunle was in a frenzy as he was releasing rapid and deep thrusts into a soaked Funmi’s pussy, she was enjoying it but not as much as him, she wants this, her own confusion held her more captive that Kunle himself. 

Blessing who was now tired of playing alone came into view naked with cum trailing down the inner of her thighs watching the lovers that were now lost in the act. After realizing she had no choice other than letting Kunle fuck her to his satisfaction, she started to enjoy it even more than the first round she started coming to when some ominous scents started to seep into her nostrils and she came alive with a start. 

Funmi was more than shocked to see they had company, a naked company that had maneuvered herself on the armchair and now had her very wet pussy inches away from her face. 

Blessing caressed Funmi’s head, nudging her towards her wide open pussy. Kunle was more hyped seeing his nanny’s action just meters ahead of him increased his thrusts and Blessing kept pressing Funmi’s head on her pussy, enjoying the licks Funmi was giving her. 

Funmi was moaning as Kunle was stroking her down there while sucking Blessing’s pussy, she was having an orgy with Kunle and his nanny. 

Kunle’s dick went stiff in her for a moment and he started to shake she knew he was going to fill him up with cum soon. With one last push, he groaned like an animal and emptied his seed, his climax pushed Blessing over the edge too as she drowned Funmi’s mouth in her orgasm.

Kunle was deep in his sleep as he had grown very weak from the encounter he just had. Blessing made sure he was OK and proceeded to prepare dinner for both of them. 

She took his food to his room when he didn’t come down for it. 

“Babe, you’re still sleeping, na wa for you self o, you no get energy at all, how you wan make I carry you enter next level now if you go they tire like this?” Blessing said to a half awoke Kunle as she left his room after dropping his dinner on a table. 

Kunle was a no show tonight and Blessing still had an itch in her pussy that needs to be thoroughly scratched. She immediately started regretting that she had sliced up the last cucumber to garnish Kunle’s dinner. 

Those cucumbers had kept her company all those while she denied Kunle her honeypot. Poor Kunle, he’s going to eat that cucumber that has gone through her pussy a lot of times. 

She washed it thoroughly before slicing it but it’s still ironic that she had used it previously for other things other than food. She grabbed her phone and proceeded to call one of her fuck buddies.


Blessing was gasping for air on the living room couch, her wrapper was on the floor while she toyed with one of her nipples and gave herself some fast finger fucking, she wasn’t getting filled up the way she wanted but this will still do for a while. 

Her face lit up when she heard the doorbell ring, that bastard must have jumped over the fence again since he didn’t knock the gate, she thought to herself while smiling. 

She opened the door and Effiong smiled at her saying 

“Walahi, if no be say you be sure girl ni, I for no come”

“Ugh, Yeye, you too want do shakara abi, I call you make you come chop free jollof, name fuck up self abi na which day i done call you last?” Blessing said as she led him into the parlor. 

Effiong stared at her naked ass and grabbed her boobs from behind, 

“Relax now, why you dey…” Effiong shut her up by gently biting her neck which made her release a moan instead of completing her sentence. 

“I done they wait for your toto since” he said as two of his fingers made way to her exposed cunt. He started to tease her below while he snaked himself around her and sucked one of the nipples hungrily while he toyed with the other one. 

He continued to draw aimless lines around her pussy making sure to always omit her hole and her g-spot, the torture was getting to Blessing as she grabbed his fingers and forced it inside her pussy, her floodgates opened up and he started digging every nook of her pussy making sure to curve his fingers to hit certain spots. 

Kunle was still thinking of what Blessing had told him, he wasn’t a weak guy, is that what Blessing thought? His train of thought was halted when he heard a shrill scream from the sitting room, he sat up to make sure he heard well and it wasn’t his imagination, but he didn’t hear anything. 

Just as he made to lay back down he started to hear a muffled moan and it kept coming, something was amiss for sure, and he made his way to the parlor. 

He was surprised to see the guy from that night holding his nanny’s waist and banging the living shit out of her while her face was buried in the couch. Kunle felt jealous but the scene turned him on too, he coughed to announce his presence and Effiong quickly pulled his still hard and well soaked in cum dick from Blessing as he made to buckle his trouser. 

Blessing told him to stop and asked Kunle to come closer. 

“Baby, see, only you no fit chop this my thing finish o, na you be the owner but if you tire and I need service, I go they call these people you hear.” 

Kunle was contented with hearing that the pussy belonged to him and he agreed with her that he cannot be available every time but now he was turned on and he wanted to partake in the act, he dropped his shorts and showed his hard dick to Blessing who was glad to have one more dick join the game. 

As he pushed his dick into her mouth and Effiong got assurance that he was not in trouble, he quickly slipped his dick back in and started slamming hard into her. Kunle wouldn’t let Effiong win him, so he held her head in place, and face fucked her. 

Blessing had hot tears streaming down her face as both guys were hitting her hard and were not giving her any chance to breathe. 

Effiong soon blessed her pussy with cum and he sat on the floor trying to catch his breath. Blessing seeing that quickly mounted Kunle who was sitting on the couch in cowgirl position and started to ride him wildly. 

The position made it feel as though Kunle’s dick was hitting her navel, her pussy was on fire, she was thrown out of her wits when Kunle held her hips and restricted her movement then he started hitting her hard from under, this boy has no respect o, has he forgotten I’m 6years older than him? 

She thought to herself but to hell with respect now, she wants to be disrespected. Thwack! Thwack!! 

Palms smacked her ass twice and she looked back to see an erect dicked Effiong smacking her ass. It gave her tingles and she mocked him by grinding her waist on Kunle’s dick while she moaned seductively which gained her more spanks from Effiong. 

Kunle was not ok with the spanking aspect so he rose with his dick in Blessing and lay her on the couch and he resumed fucking her missionary. Blessing knew what Kunle did and to repay his kindness, she raised her legs and hung them on his shoulders. 

Before she could get carried away, Effiong pushed his dick into her mouth and started to fondle her boobs, he was facing Kunle smirking mischievously at him. 

They both kept fucking Blessing who by now has lost count of how many times she has cummed that night. Both guys soon filled her pussy and mouth with cum and they all lay down for a while.

Blessing bade Effiong farewell as she locked the entrance door and went to Kunle. 

“Baby, you enjoy that time?” Kunle said yes. 

“How far, shey you still get energy? Make I for carry you enter that new level?” Kunle didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of learning something new and he didn’t want a scenario where she’ll invite someone else so he said he still had energy. 

He watched his Nanny lay on her back as she opened her pussy to him,

“Finger my toto, the cum wey comot from there, use am the rub my yansh hole, if you finger my toto small, you go finger my yansh hole small, you go they do am like that till I say make you stop”. 

Kunle was surprised by her instructions but, his Nanny knows best and he set to work, but while fingered her pussy rapidly, he took it easy on her asshole and only increased his speed cause she asked him to. 

“I Should put my dick inside your ass?” Kunle asked to be sure he heard his Nanny well. 

“Yes now! Na the new level be that” 

With this, Kunle aligned the head of his dick with her asshole and started to push in. 

It felt almost like when he was trying to deflower Funmi earlier, with the little experience he’s hard he knew gentle wouldn’t do it and he pushed all in. 

The impact made Blessing’s eyes bulge out of her socket as she grabbed Kunle by his sides, he crushed her lips with his and pushed her back down with the kiss. 

When he saw she was calm he proceeded to fuck her ass, slowly at first but when she started to hiss instead of moaning, he started to pound her as if he was pounding yam. 

“Baby, Baby, Kunle, Kunleeeee he done do abeg, Kunle, yansh dey pepper me, abegii Kunle, we go still do am again na, Kunle, don’t stop, Baby Stop o, I go die o, never comot am, small small now” 

She kept wailing as Kunle had now turned to a beast soon his movements became erratic as he came into her anus and collapsed right on top of her. 

She managed to roll Kunle on the couch as she lay on the floor while she threw her legs in opposite directions hoping the air conditioner cools her off. 

She drifted off into sleep with a satisfied smile plastered on her face. 

Written by Armadillo Reezy

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