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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 15] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 15] (18+)

Nike paused for a moment to look at her mum’s face for any reaction, Hannah had slightly closed eyes as she bit her lower lip in pleasure, lost, Nike looked at Sharon who whispered, “finger” it soon occurred to her that both of them were fingering each other as they listened to her story.

“Continue your story baby,” Hannah said as she moved into peck Sharon on the lips. Alright, School continued but I had issues with Matt and Maths, anytime I look at his face, all I could see was him fucking Mrs Oni, how would I understand his subject when I couldn’t even look at him in the face?

I’d always seek my mates help every time leaves the class because to be honest his crotch is the only place my eyes are always glued to every time I see him. My pains increased when Titi came to narrate how she had escorted her older sister to Matt’s place cause she wanted help with her Maths past question for the approaching WAEC.

They left her in the sitting room and went into the room to study. For over two hours all she was hearing was her sister’s moans and wails and when she finally came out she was sweating like she just went through some hard labour. She was so ragged and tired that her sister had supported her walk home.

While we all listened to the story, the whole class had no idea how hard it was for me. When the Mid Term tests came, I knew it would be a bit difficult for me to get a good grade but when Matt was also placed in our class as the Invigilator I knew things would go south but I didn’t know they go that south.

2/20?! I never knew I could get that low in any subject, I mean I totally suck at Yoruba but I still got 10/20 and it’s not as if I even suck that much at Maths, it was stupid Matt’s fault.

That was my breaking point, I knew if I didn’t deal with it, I’d just be stuck so, I kept my cool till school was over, loitered around the school compound till it was empty to a point then I made my way towards matt’s office, I was a bit nervous when I got close to his office.

I wiped my sweaty palms on my skirt as I said a quick prayer hoping that he would be alone in his office. He asked me to come in on the third knock and I slipped into his office as quietly as I could.

He sat on his chair behind his working desk staring at me with inquisitive eyes as I moved closer to him with my test script in my hands. I stopped at his table and gently placed my script on his table and said

“Sir, the test we did today, you gave me 2/20”. I gave you 2/20 or you got 2/20? He asked, rendering me speechless. I stared at the table for a while before replying with

“It’s not as if it’s my fault, sir, it’s your fault, you let this happen to me” I fired in quick succession not giving him a chance to say anything. Since that time I saw you fucking Mrs Oni, the images have been playing in my head consistently and I can’t get it to stop.

I’ve not been able to concentrate in your classes ever since then and still you invigilated our class during the test, I totally lost all focus and you gave me to when it’s all your fault I said as I finished unbuttoning my shirt.

He looked at me smiling,
“OK little madam, sorry for that, what do you want now? Do you want to retake the test?” I dropped my shirt on the floor and moved closer to his seat.
“I would retake the test sir but it in another way,” I said as I pulled his head back and lowered my taut nipples to his mouth but he stopped me placing his palm on my boob as he said, you can’t do this, you’re still a small girl.

“I’m a very matured lady trapped in a child’s body, let me show you Sir” I said using his palm to squeeze my boob and moan sonorously he seemed to enjoy my moans as he kept squeezing my boob while he pulled at my nipple too.

I gently lowered the other boob to his mouth and he started to suck gently probably trying to go easy on me but when I grabbed the back of his head and pushed more of my boob into his mouth I think he got my message clearly as he charged up and started to eat my boob up increasing the grip on the other one.

I was in bliss, my pussy watered, this was a dream come true. I soon felt his palm caress my inner thigh, my heart leapt for joy knowing what would come next. I soon felt his palm near my panties, I wanted to kiss him so badly but he was so into sucking my boobs and I just wanted him to be satisfied.

I almost leapt when he stroked my pussy mound through my panties, he looked up as if to ask if I was OK with it, I just went in for that kiss I’ve been dying for and as his tongue wiggled its way into my mouth his middle finger made way into my pussy, it was thick almost dick like in structure.

My pussy wept as it made its way in and dug deeper into my pussy and I cried into his shoulder. He kept fingering me till my legs couldn’t hold me anymore, I just grabbed onto him for support hoping I wouldn’t fall off my vibrating legs.

When he saw I couldn’t take it anymore he stopped the torture and bend me over the table same way he did Mrs Oni, I looked up and stared at the door wondering if I had locked it or not, I shut my eyes and hoped someone wasn’t peeking like I did the other day.

I wished I was in Mrs Oni’s shoes the other day. Now I literally was in her shoes, her big shoes, I just kept my eyes shut anticipating the dick I had been ogling about all these while.

He grabbed my neck and pressed it down so my face was buried in his desk, I felt his head enter me, my body yearned for more, but something was off, something was missing, I wasn’t feeling Matt himself in my pussy.

I broke free from his hold and looked back, I saw a condom wrapper on the floor and my heart broke, after all that trauma, this guy wouldn’t give it to me raw? He placed both hands on each of my shoulders as he started to pound me from behind, he was being gentle but he was only going for long and deep thrusts like he just wanted to cum and be done with me.

I tried to keep the tone of my moans to a minimum as I didn’t want to attract any attention and the table was helping me do a very good job. I hated sex with condoms, it just takes the fun out of everything. I had no choice other than to let him fuck me like that. He soon got to his edge and came in his stupid condom, he sat back in his chair.

I maintained my position as I looked back and watch him divest himself of his used condom, as soon as it hit the floor I turned and grabbed his dick before he could protest I had it buried in my mouth as I made sure to properly ingest all those seeds be was too shy to put in me.
I toyed with his balls as I gently caressed each one before putting them in my mouth for some closure. His cock soon started to gain life and I helped him put saliva on it as I started to jerk him. The expression on his face was as priceless as it was funny.

His dick kept growing under my manipulations, his face was filled with sweat now as his breath became ragged and laboured when I was satisfied with his turgidity. I got up and made him straddle me.

He quickly pulled out another condom from his drawer and handed it to me, I took it from him and nodded NEGATIVE, he watched with open mouth as I tossed it backwards and slowly buried his naked cock in my ever willing pussy.

Yes, this was what I wanted to feel, that raw meat. I felt satisfied and just sat there grabbing his neck for a while before I started to whine and grind on his dick. He just threw his head back obviously enjoying my work. I soon started to twerk on his dick as though it was a lap dance, he just grabbed my waist, looking at me with surprised eyes.

I would show you I’m no kid, I thought to myself. I started riding him proper slowly at first he tried to keep his moans quiet but when the tempo increased we both were moaning out loud and clear, I made Matt moan for his life he had never seen a devil like me before.

When he couldn’t take my manipulations anymore he restricted my movements and started to hit me from below. Oh, the wrath of a Maths teacher, he fucked me as if I was some tough maths problem he was finding a solution to.

Now I’ve had enough but my teacher had extra lessons for me, he got up with me still on his dick, he firmly held my light body to himself with one arm as he used his other hand to clear the table of books and other items. He dropped me on the empty table and raised my school skirt that was blocking his view angrily. It was my turn to moan for my dear life now.

He was sawing through me like I was timber, hard long thrusts. I loved how he kept hitting my cervix. This was the cock that made me flunk a test, I’m so having all of it. He kept fucking me till I saw stars, I was saying things I couldn’t comprehend, I was shouting and I didn’t care if I attracted any form of attention from anybody and with the way he was fucking me I’m sure he cared less either.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as I rode through my orgasm, I went blank and couldn’t see anything for a while. When I opened my eyes Matt had disentangled my legs and withdrew his dick from my pussy as he pumped it fast aiming at my belly button. I couldn’t care less, I had gotten what I wanted. I just wanted to rest a bit and go home.

Hot cum splashed on my belly as I heard him grunt and gasp. He pulled his trousers up and scanned around his office for a while. He picked up my text script, got a red pen and put zero behind the two I had before then he brought it to my face and said, there 20/20 like you wanted.

Hope you’ll come back. I smiled as I took it from him, got off his desk and straightened myself up a bit and dragged myself to his door. The door opened from outside and I came face to face with the Principal Mrs Oni, knowing what she probably came for I quietly told her

“You’re late ma” as I continued dragging myself home.
She fired Matt that evening, don’t know if he was prosecuted for it.
Nike said with a little laugh, she was all soaked already and looking over at her mother and her friend’s faces she knew they both were as guilty as she was.

Precious came down moments later, she had this weird smile plastered on her face. Where’s he? Sharon asked, to which precious said he’d be down in a moment. Kunle, it’s time for Lunch, Precious called out to her nephew who was splayed on the bed obviously very tired.

She tapped and shook him but he wouldn’t budge, he had only his got boxers on and she just took a while to admire his body structure, when she got to his groin region, something looked alive there, she sat beside him and gently rubbed on his inner thighs, Kunle let’s go and eat lunch.

As she rubbed on, Kunle’s dick started to wake. Even when you sleep your tool doesn’t sleep. Precious thought in her head then remembered she was supposed to take Jim downstairs to eat lunch.

She felt bad he might be embarrassed sporting a boner to the dining when there was a guest around. She wrapped her palm around it through the thin clothing as she moved up and down, Kunle’s legs spread wider apart as If to be asking for more she slowly jerked him off hoping to make him cum before he comes to but when it started to take longer than she had expected him she pulled his briefs down and wrapped her lips around it.

She bopped her head loving how Kunle felt in her mouth. She deepthroated on his dick and jerked him faster this time.

When Kunle firmly held her head and pushed his cock inside her throat she knew he was at the point of no return her eyes bulged as he hissed while he sent threads of cum down her throat. When he finally let go of her head he crashed into the bed trying to catch his breath.
“Let’s go downstairs, they’re waiting for you,” Precious said as she wiped her mouth and walked out of the room.

As they all sat down to eat a tired-looking Kunle came down said a quick good afternoon not noticing the visitor as he grabbed his lunch and went back upstairs. Kai see as the penis big inside boxer!!! Sharon said as Hannah and her kids smile sheepishly.

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