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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 12] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 12] (18+)

It was a quiet ride home with Sharon in the driver’s seat with Nike and Precious seated at the back.

The road was free and the ride was smooth. Sharon fantasizing about what Kunle’s dick would feel like in her pussy while she drove. Would he be able to hold his own against Hannah? She had known Hannah for a very long time and Hannah has always been a closet Nymphomaniac.

Her husband was a good man and he satisfied all her needs but Hannah would never stop fucking around. He had caught her a lot of times including one time she was getting screwed by their Mallam GateKeeper in his one-room apartment.

She smiled remembering the incident. Hannah had actually developed interest in Danladi when she was coming back from an early jog. It was a bright Saturday morning and Hannah had gone for a jog trying to keep fit even though she was a very long way from being unfit.

Hannah left home around 6 am and after jogging for about twenty-five minutes she decided to return home seeing that everywhere was empty and not many people came out to jog that day.

She had knocked for about five minutes before Danladi came out with his rosary which signified that he had just finished his prayers to open the gate for her. She was already pissed that he had delayed her but couldn’t complain understanding that barring the prayer Danladi would have carried out his duty promptly with no hitches.

In a bid to rush in, she missed her step and clattered into an off guard Danladi. He was caught unaware and couldn’t react as his boss stumbled. Not wanting to fall flat on her face, Hannah’s only option was to grab whatever she could lay her hands on to break her fall and in this case, it was Danladi’s thigh.

She just threw her arms forward and grabbed his left thigh as hard she could. She gained her balance, one of her knees was on the floor but there was something, the thigh had something else on it, it hit her that it was Danladi’s dick when it fully erected.

She was shocked as she left his thigh and fell on her ass. Danladi just watched on not knowing what to say or do. She stood up and walked in as if nothing happened while a confused Danladi locked the gate and went back inside.

All through the day, Hannah couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in the morning, was that a dick or something else? It’s just a few inches from his knee! What kind of a dick is that? Hannah thought to herself.

Her husband wasn’t home, he had gone for a seminar and wouldn’t return for another two days. The morning incident was making her hot, she had no one to fuck her brains out as she wanted and she for sure won’t last the next two days waiting for her husband to come home.

She sat frustrated, rubbing her thighs together then she pushed her hand into her bum shorts rubbing on her pussy through her lace panties,

Hmmmm, she sighed, she located her clit and gently pinched it all over sending tingles down her spines and her toes curled up.

She had no bra on and her nipples were now rock-solid poking through her sports bra.

She tweaked hard through the bra making her eyeballs roll into her head, wow this was heaven. Her pussy was on fire, two fingers slowly and easily glided into it thanks to her being wet enough.

She started to go on slowly pinching her clit while fingering herself. It just wasn’t enough for her, she wanted to cum hard and her fingers weren’t doing a good job so she added another finger and sped up, digging deep inside her pussy, tweaking her nipples, and smooching her boobs like it was the end of the world.

As she came close to her rewarding climax her alarm went off breaking her out of reverie. She came but it was weak, she just lay on the bed shuddering as she hissed and cursed the alarm under her breath.

She wanted something better, something long and hard something like what she held when she held Danladi’s thigh but she had to dress up and go for a function. After a warm shower, she slipped into one of her flimsy gowns that revealed too many boobs, she skipped her panties hoping to meet a brother at the fiction to go for a quickie.

Hannah was disappointed when she couldn’t get any guy to raise her gown and bend her over at the party, she angrily left. Beeeep beep, Danladi rushed out to open the gate for Hannah to bring her car in.

Seeing him annoyed her greatly, he was the reason why she was all worked up, and now she had no one to quench the fire he had unknowingly lit in her. She got out and briskly walked in hoping to continue what she stopped in the morning, she saw Danladi taking his kettle to the corner for ablution She looked away and went in.

On getting in she pulled her gown up and pushed her fingers deep in her pussy, they were immediately soaked in cunt juice as she moaned out and held the back of the sofa for balance, she went for hard, short, quick strokes moaning like a baby. She wasn’t satisfied still, she wasn’t filled up the way she wanted.

She wanted to be fucked hard like the slut she was, then she remembered it was only her and Danladi at home. Well, he should be able to finish what he started, she dropped her gown and wiped the sweat that had formed on her face as she made her way out of the house. The door to Danladi’s room was slightly ajar, she quietly went in heads first and saw him bowed on the floor, he was praying.

No, that she’s here, how would she’s in the room, how would she make him do her bidding? Danladi had always been a religiously upright person, doesn’t smoke nor drinks, never misses his daily prayers nor fasts, has never been caught even holding hands with a lady talk less of being visited by one, while Hannah ran through her thoughts, he sat up for a little over two minutes then bowed again still not noticing Hannah’s presence.

When he rose to his feet with an audible Allahu Akbar in his thick Hausa accent that made Hannah snap out of her thoughts, she thought fuck it, all men are beasts and they just have to be provoked, she tiptoed to his back, wrapped her left hand across while her right hand made for his crotch. It was easy to locate the big member he was hiding in his Jalabia.

A very shocked Danladi shouted “Wayo Allah” as he crashed into big soft mounds.

They were the softest things he’s felt his entire life,
“Madam, Kai mana” he said as she tightened her grip on his shaft but Hannah stroked him through his Jalabia instead of releasing his dick.

He wasn’t resisting which gave Hannah confidence to go on teasing him, she unbuttoned his Jalabia with her left hand and pinched his nipple. It was as though the nipple conversed with his dick as she felt it grow more in length and girth.

This was amazing and she was loving every bit of it. She released his dick and turned so they were facing each other. She dropped to her knees as if she was greeting him, once he saw her in that position he pulled his Jalabia and held it up revealing his trouser.

The dick print she was seeing made her gasp, she quickly pulled the rope that held his trouser in place and it gave way falling to his ankle. Hannah’s eyes almost ran out of their sockets as his dick pointing out of his briefs just about four inches from touching his knee. She pulled it down to get a better look and she almost fainted when she saw his black shiny veiny tool.

It was fat as it was long with thick veins etched on the sides, Hannah said a quick prayer hoping she doesn’t die on her gateman’s big cock. She gave his pee hole a long slow lick savoring the salty Pre cum that oozed out of it, it was thick and sticky but his public hair had scented nice which wasn’t a surprise to her because Danladi has always been clean.

She fully knew she wouldn’t be able to fit this monster in her mouth so she just slobbered on the shaft leaving saliva on it as she gently squeezed his balls in her hands, the way he kept murmuring Wayo… Wayo Allah was funny to her.

When she had enough fluid on the dick she grabbed it tight at the base and gave him one of the sickest hand jobs she ever gave, Danladi being new to the experience kept thrusting in her palm and his dick kept hitting her lips.

The handjob had started to get dry Danladi was starting to find thrusting hard, noticing this, Hannah brought her cum filled left palm and rubbed it on the dick then tightened her grip more with the handjob.

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