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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 11] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 11] (18+)

Seeing that the girl had taken the party a notch high, she decided to join in. She went behind precious and divested her of her panties.

She knew Sharon was there but was too carried away to care what she was doing. Soon something hard and strong started to probe her asshole and she tried to react but Nike won’t have any of it as she held her head firmly on her boobs.

Sharon carefully slid almost 5 inches of the dildo up her ass before she stopped and held it there seeing that she couldn’t take it anymore.

She pulled her back a bit and invaded her damp pussy with her strap on. She felt so full. She had never been double penetrated before and she yelled out. Calm down queen, eat your sis out. Nike moved up so Precious came face to face with her pussy, the pleasure was intense and she just wanted to enjoy it but Nike wanted action too so she pulled her sister’s head down her pussy, held it there, and let out a throaty moan of her own.

Sharon was amused looking at both girls then she started plowing precious with her dildo and strap on simultaneously. Push back at me bitch, I said your backshots suck! Heading Aunt Sharon calls her a bitch gave her goosebumps for no reason and she started pushing back hard at Sharon for all she’s worth also keeping her mouth at work on Nike’s flooded pussy.

She found the clit and grazed it with her teeth knowing Nike enjoyed that, she slipped two fingers into her pussy. It was Nike’s turn to scream out in pleasure as her juices came down like a storm trying to drown poor Precious. Nike felt a bit weak in the leg after climaxing and Precious arched her back more to focus on what Sharon was doing to her pussy.

Not wanting to be left out now she clamped down on Precious’s gigantic boobs making her eyes pop out of their socket, she grabbed the other boob with both of her tiny hands, they would never grab the whole thing but it didn’t matter to her anyway, she just wanted in on some action. Precious wasn’t too far from climaxing now.

With Nike pulling on her nipples, dragging them and dropping it, and Sharon pounding both her holes from behind and also spanking her bubbly ass, she let go as with one final grunt she almost passed out with an earth-shattering climax.

The ladies were all covered in sweats now, gasping trying to catch their breath when Sharon said,

“Nah, you bitches better not be selfish, you’ve had your fun, come show Aunt Shar some too. Nike whispered on her sister’s ears as they both looked over at a slightly confused Sharon they pushed her down the soft rug Precious parted Sharon’s legs and went at her asshole, it looked so small and beautiful.

Ever since she ate Nike’s asshole, she had wanted to try it again and this was her chance, she ate it slow and seductively making  Sharon meow in pleasure. As she wondered where the other girl was, she smelt pussy juice only to see one land on her lips, she held Nike’s ass as she probed her pussy with her tongue while stiffening her tongue to constantly stab the inner folds of her pussy.

Nike without warning drove a dildo down her Aunt’s pussy.

“Bitch!” she yelled only that it was said into Nike’s pussy, tears welled up in her eyes when Precious drove a bigger dildo into her ass.

“Damn, they’ve got all of my holes,” she thought with tears welling up her eyes from the intense pleasure.

“So, she was lubing me up for this all these while, damn you, Precious,” she thought. Both girls looked up satisfied seeing their Boss Ass Bitch Auntie writhing and trying to escape from the pleasure she was getting. They locked lips frantically, the whole room was on fire as all three ladies perspired from all the hotness going on.

Seeing that Sharon had reduced the tempo on eating her pussy, Nike started to ride her face like a Wild Boar in search for an orgasm. Precious hit the dildo far up Sharon’s ass and twisted it inside clockwise, anti-clockwise it was all too much for Sharon cause Nike was wreaking havoc in her pussy too she ended up biting on Nike’s clit as both ladies came simultaneously.

Nike fell off Sharon visibly spent while a now turned on Precious injected the dildo into her pussy.

She started plowing herself hard and fast just waning to quench the fire that was rising in her pussy and soon enough it started building up. Tah, Tah, Tah, Sharon spanked her pussy while she was working the dildo in it, the sharp pains sent her into an override and she came hard. Sharon stood looking at both girls splayed on the floor, covered in sweat.

Well, your mother sent y’all here so she could fuck your cousin, I had nothing for y’all to do but now I do, y’all better fix my whole sitting room and spray some air freshener, I  have my room smelling like pussy, now do that while I fix something to eat. I’ve had your mother, both of you, now I need your cousin to complete the diet. The girls looked at each other in awe while Sharon made her way to the kitchen.

Surprised that their mother sent them off to bang their cousin, more surprised their mother and her friend dyke and most surprised her friend wants to fuck their cousin.

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