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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 10] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Maid & My Naivety [Episode 10] (18+)


Kunle is back in a Christmas Special, the girls, the mum are in all this special time as Kunle drops the D in sweet sex story.

Kunle and his Aunt kept fucking around the house, having breaks for snacks.

They moved from the bedroom to the restroom to the sitting room, the dining. Hannah was amazed at her nephew’s stamina. He never seemed to get tired and was always quick to regain his boner. It got to a point she wondered if he was on drugs.

Not like she was going to stop him though because his dick was doing wonders to her being. She felt no shame nor guilt of having sexual relations with her blood, she needed it and was grateful he was able to give it to her the way she wanted.

When she remembered he’d have to leave soon as the holidays would soon be over she knew she had to have some sort of arrangement on how they would meet for this.
Meanwhile over at Sharon’s place, Nike and Precious still had bad blood between them and Sharon took notice of it.

“Aunt Sharon, mum sent us over saying you needed some help, but I don’t see anything out of place here” fired Nike who obviously didn’t like the idea of being away from Kunle nor being with her sister.
Can you just tell us what you want to be done so I can go back home? I have things to do.
“You have your cousin’s dick to fuck, slut”, Sharon replied in her head.

She looked at Nike smiling and asked her to sit beside her sis. She reluctantly did. Now, will you girls tell me what’s going on between both of you? You’ve been acting weird since you came in. Sharon pressed, fully knowing they were both at loggerheads because of their cousin’s dick.

Both girls looked away refusing to answer any question Sharon threw their way. Sharon decided to up the tempo seeing that both girls are keeping tight lips
“Did you snatch each other’s boyfriend?” they both were taken aback but refused to speak still.

Sharon knew that she got both of them where she wanted and decided to blow their heads off and she more than did when she said

“Damn, Kunle’s dick must be a magic wand” both girls had their Jaws on the floor.
“How the hell did she know that?” before Nike could open her mouth to ask Sharon dropped another banger on them,
“Wow! your cousin’s dick is so good you’re fighting over it? Damn, that boy must be packing some real heat”.

Sharon rattled on not minding that she got the girl’s attention now. Both of you have your mum’s sluttiness in you, but precious, you need to work on taking backshots plus your cock sucking skills suck, Nike you fuck and do things well you just lack the body.

The girls were so shocked that Sharon knew they were fucking their cousin and they were more surprised she was pointing out their flaws instead of reprimanding them.
Seeing the look on their faces she smiled,
“What? I watched the video”
“Y’all think I should be reprimanding you? Please, you’ve not even done a bit of all the nasty things your Aunt has done so, spare me that look.”
“What would those things be?” Precious asked to speak for the first time.

Well, I lost my virginity at 15, fucked my class teacher, the school principal (she was a lady), went to an all guy’s party, and ended up being the mascot I had sex with over 12 guys that night, you want me to keep going on?
“Wow!! Aunt Sharon is a Slut” Nike said as quietly as she could only for Sharon to reply with yea Baby Slut, your Aunt is a Boss Ass Bitch and she fucks right.
“Well, can you teach me a few things Auntie, you said I suck,” Precious asked with her face down?

“Well, first things first, you need to have self-confidence, you have the body but you’re not confident with it, Nike is confident even though she lacks the body, if she had your body, hell I’m sure guys would be lining up in front of your house.“
“To cut a long story short let’s work on both of you.

First, you need to squash this beef of yours, y’all make out while I go get some stuff upstairs, alright? “
The girls nodded affirmatively as Sharon walked away, both girls looked at themselves for a while as Precious moved in and placed her lips on Nike’s, she was shocked seeing her sis getting that way,

“Hmmm, already taking Aunt Sharon’s advice? We’ll see” she thought as she returned the favor with vigor.

Determined not to lose here and show everyone she could be bad too Precious pressed into her sister harder causing her to crash her back into the sofa, she continued her assault with power, determined to dominate Nike, she pinned her hands over her head while she snaked her tongue probing Nike’s mouth like she was searching for something.

She stopped for a minute seeing her little sister gasp, she was happy seeing her in that state but still not content, she had to prove to her she’s a Big Bad Boss Bitch like her and Sharon.

She started planting kisses all over her sister’s face, moving down to her neck then slowly to the chest region loving her little boobs heaved every time her lips make contact, suddenly a bulb lit up in her head, and seeing that Nike’s guards are down, she left her hands and with a lightning speed tore her shirt.

She quickly pinned her hands over her head but Nike never protested she only bit her lower lip while looking at her sister with one of the sexiest dirtiest looks Precious had ever seen.

Fuck it, Precious thought as she tore her shirt too, she was feeling hot now for no reason, and looking down and seeing her melons squashed together in her bra made her feel angry for no reason she tore it off too.

Nike watched on seductively seeing her sister unleash the beast she had kept chained for a long time made her thongs overly soaked.
Precious pulled her sister’s tube down to her navel as she went straight at her boobs.

Carefully massaging one in her right hand while she sucked the other, Nike’s moans were melodies to her ears but, she wanted more so she bit on it bit hard, Nike yelped as she held her sister’s head in place it was painful but the pleasure that followed made her wish she did it again, she didn’t have to wait long before she did it again.

Precious seeing her sister was enjoying what she was doing increased pressure on it while she switched from boob to boob tweaking her rock hard nipple, Nike had wet almost half the couch and found it hard to keep eyes open. Both girls were too carried away to notice Sharon was watching all along with different sizes and kinds of dildos, she was naked except for a strap-on she had on.

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