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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S04E06] (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S04E06] (18+)

Fati could finally breathe a sigh of relief at the entrance of her estate. She could not wait to lay her hands on Kojo and give him a taste of her anger.

In the compound the car they took out earlier was sitting pretty, she touched the bonnet and it was quite cold meaning Kojo had arrived some time now, and most likely he had single-handedly fetched the iron woman. She walked into the house, most of the other ladies were absent and the few present discussed in hush tones.

They exchanged greetings and notified Fati that Madam Afua wanted to see her immediately. Fati developed cold feet not knowing what Kojo had told Madam Afua. Maybe he had told false stories to the woman and she would be evicted. She saw her new life flash right in front of her eyes. Where would she go? She could not return to Iya Fati and she definitely could not return to Aunty Muinah and Uncle.

She finally summoned enough courage, rubbed her sweaty palms together, and knocked on Madam Afua’s door.

Madam Afua gave her permission to come in. She was a little jittery as she prepared to tell Madam what had happened between her and Kojo to salvage the situation.

She got a shocker when instead of asking where she had been, Madam Afua told her she wanted Fati to experience her friend, “the Iron Woman” but it looks as though the woman is not interested in having anything to do with Fati. However, there was still hope for her as she was still trying to put in good words for Fati. With that being said, Fati was dismissed. For the second time that day, she took a deep breath full of relief.

She was happy that Madam Afua was not mad at her but at the same time, she was quite sad that the iron woman was not interested in meeting her. On her way back to the sitting room, she caught the sweet aroma of weed drifting into the house from the verandah. Kojo! Fati stomped to the verandah to give him a piece of her mind.

He was oblivious to her presence as he casually took slow drags of his blunt and blew the fume in the air.

A big slap landed at the back of Kojo’s head making him choke on his weed and as he turned around, Fati rushed him with slaps on his face and upper body before a high Kojo grabbed hold of both her arms and pulled her in close. Fati was shocked as she looked into his eyes, they were far from anger and filled with lust especially because her cleavage was exposed to him and he was bringing his face down to plant a kiss on her boob mound before Fati snapped out of her little trance and escaped Kojos hold. He picked his weed and took another drag before offering it to Fati.

After some drag, she looks into his eyes and tells him she was sorry for all the embarrassments she had caused him so far. He smiled and tapped her ass to tell Fati he wanted her apology in kind which made her laugh and tell him he would not be getting any apology from her then. They both laughed it off and continued to share the blunt till it ran out and they tangled.

Fati rested her elbows on the railings and Kojo was right behind her with his crotch rubbing on her backside. She could feel his fingertips gently rubbing on her nipples but she did not mind, he deserved it after being starved all these days.

She turned around and faced Kojo fully knowing she was in range and there was no way she was escaping getting fucked by him this time. She wanted it too because the cab man had turned her on and did not come close to satisfying her. She asked Kojo who the popular Iron Woman is. He looked down at her face, her cleavage was just inches away, maybe if he continued the conversation, she would be distracted enough to let him have a go at her body, Kojo thought to himself.

He planted a kiss on her chest and looked back up. Fati’s hand landed on his head and caressed it urging him to go on. The iron woman first was just a random woman who Madam Afua had met when they stopped by her store to buy a few things.

From conversations, they got quite close, and eventually, Madam Afua discovered something rare about her new friend. She has a dick instead of a pussy.

The Iron Woman had first disclosed this to Madam Afua as her lifelong ailment but Madam Afua saw potential instead. She taught the Iron Woman how to use her dick and paid her for every sex they had. From then, Madam Afua brings the iron woman over when she needed to have sex or when she had clients that were interested in she-males.

The iron woman as described by Kojo has one of the longest dicks he had ever seen and she fucks like a beast. All the girls were always happy to have her around and get fucked by her but most times she opts only to fuck Madam Afua or the clients she was introduced to, it was always rare for the iron woman to fuck any of the girls therefore, Kojo explained that fati stood slim chances if she wishes to get fucked by the iron woman unless the madam presents fati as a client.
As Kojo rounded up his explanation, he turned Fati around and pushed her short skirt up. He was hard as hell and Fati’s pussy was wet already. She relaxed her back and decided in her mind that Kojo deserved to have this sex and she had little choice as she was too horny to refuse him.

Slowly, he lifted the straps of her top off her shoulders and let them fall to her abdomen. He grabbed both her boobs from behind and gently massages her nipples with his thumbs. The cool breeze from the verandah and the massage he gave her nipples made them harden instantly and she held onto the railings for support as one of Kojo’s hands strayed down to her pussy.

As he had expected, she had no panties on, and two of his fingers just casually slipped into her pussy making her mouth open in shock as she tried to get more air into her system. Kojo gently stroked her pussy with his fingers until both fingers were deeply coated in her pussy juice. That was when he was satisfied enough to start fucking her.

Fati helped him by helping to hold her skirt up and arching her back. His dick slowly slid into her pussy and Kojo started the most romantic slow sex Fati had ever had. He held her waist and continued to thrust in and out of her pussy lovingly, Fati felt for a moment what it would look like to fall in love and settle down with Kojo but his dick soon woke her from her fantasy as he started to fuck her harder and harder from behind.

She came two times in a row and her legs began to shake but Kojo was not letting up. He continued to fuck her hard and kept asking her to call his name.

Fati moaned his name like a slut and when he got close to blowing his nut, he pulled out of Fati’s pussy and she quickly turned around and knelt in front of him as he shot streams of hot cum on her face. When he finished nutting, she swallowed his dick and swallowed whatever remnants of cum that did not willingly come out of his dick, that was the normal routine in the bad girls’ business, never letting cum go to waste.

By the time she got up, her friends were there laughing at them both with their phones in the air as they had been recording the steamy sex between Kojo and Fati. they all burst into laughter and the girls called Fati a slut as she ran over to them to watch herself get fucked on her friends phone. Kojo stood there with his semi-hard dick as some of the girls swarmed him and stroked his dick, some rubbed his chest and hailed him.

One of the girls notified Fati that Madam Afua calls for her and asks that Fati come in correct.

Upon hearing the message, she excused herself from the group and dashed to her room. She headed for the shower and took a hot and long one letting the water hit her pussy constantly.

Madam Afua was about to introduce her to the Iron Woman and Fati did not think she was in a good condition to handle another hard pounding just immediately after Kojo had fucked her silly. Nevertheless, she could not let Madam Afua down. She put on lacy, sexy lingerie and thongs.

She got to Madam Afua’s door and she could hear from within that some serious lovemaking was going on inside. She did not want to knock so as not to ruin the mood, she quietly opened the door and snuck into the room. It took a while for her eyes to adapt to the blue lights in the room. Two big-boned women were on the bed and she could tell it was Madam Afua that was arched with her face on the bed and her pussy getting rammed from behind by the Iron Woman.

Fati had been in both situations before, either fucking a lady in the pussy or ass with a strap-on or getting fucked by a lady in her ass or pussy with a strap-on. Her mind starts painting a picture of what it would look like to be fucked by a woman who has real dick goosebumps start to develop on her body just imagining the lustful act she could have with the iron woman.

When she pulled out of Madam Afua’s pussy and started to cum on her back, Fati was able to confirm that Kojo was not lying when he said the Iron Woman had a long dick. She was mesmerized by it especially when Madam Afua suddenly turned the bedside light on and she saw the dick.

She was in shock at its length and girth but the bigger shocker was the face of the Iron Woman, or Iya Fati.

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