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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S04E05] (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S04E05] (18+)

Kojo was quite embarrassed that the usher guy had seen him that way but he did not mind that the ladies saw his flaccid dick and all, it was not something they had not seen before and there was not one of them that had not moaned in tears under him with ministrations from his dick.

He put himself in order as the ladies got into the car, they all looked wasted and he thought the drive was going to be a quiet one all the way home until Fati started to cause problems to him.

She started to look at him from the corner of her eyes then she began to look over her shoulder at the girls in the back and before Kojo knew what was happening, little giggles started to burst out from around the car till it turned into another round of heavy laughter much to the annoyance of Kojo.

Fati was not done with him, she started telling the other girls how her night went and how much she enjoyed getting fucked by the general, his well-toned son, and the usher. Purposely lying about the general part with the warning he gave earlier in mind.

Her story was well-detailed to spite Kojo. She just did not want him to rest. Especially since she knew how badly he wanted to fuck her. She talked on and on, explaining how wide she spread her legs, how many times she squirted, and how she moaned, begged, and cried for mercy from the soldiers who had no mercy on her pussy.

The girls in the backseat who were Fati’s audience had already fallen asleep and the only person awake aside from Fati was Kojo. She continued her story so he would know what he was missing and remain pained. Kojo put his full focus on the road and ignored Fati who eventually kept her mouth shut as she was unable to get any reactions from Kojo.

After they went home, everyone retired to their quarters to shower and rest. It was not till later in the night that some of the ladies found their way to the sitting room. They all were narrating how the night before had gone and how they looked forward to another visit to the general’s place.

Some of the girls explained that they were fucked by two soldiers and some were taken by three soldiers but they were fucked mercilessly in every hole a dick could penetrate in their body.

Madam Afua came to join them and explained that the soldiers had returned from battle and that meant they have not fucked in a while which was why they had a lot of sperm to spare.

One of the girls explained that she was fucked by a lady but that lady fucked her harder than any guy had ever fucked her. If she had not seen the boobs on her chest, her waist beads, and her earrings, she would have argued that she had not been fucked by a lady.

But when this lady pulled her strap-on off and started to scissor her, she felt both of their pussy gliding off each other, and this lady was strong enough to hold her in place till they both hit a wild orgasm, she had no choice than to accept she was fucked to stupor by a lady like herself.

Everyone burst into laughter and argued that maybe she was just weak but she argued that the soldier lady was stronger than some guys because even after they both came, that soldier lady ate her pussy and still sat on her (the call girl’s) face and they did not stop fucking till daybreak.

Someone asked if the soldier lady was stronger than Kojo and another round of argument broke out. Fati was already getting turned on by the gists but at the mention of Kojo’s name, she realized that Kojo was not in the sitting room with them. It would have not been out of place but one of the girls that started the discussion with them was also missing at this point.

Fati excused herself from the sitting room and headed for Kojo’s room. She did not need to reach his door before she started hearing the loud moans coming from his room. She got green with envy all of a sudden and rushed to his door to catch him in the act but the door was locked.

The girl inside the room with Kojpo was begging him to dig deeper and fuck her harder because she was about to cum again and Fati was hearing the pounding noise coming from Kojo and the lady’s crotch smashing each other. Her head grew red hot in anger that Kojo was fucking someone else that good and the fact that she could not watch them have sex annoyed her more even though their noise was already making her nipples harden and she quietly craved Kojo’s dick at that moment.

The girl started to scream as she came on Kojo’s dick again. This time, Fati was about to start fingering herself out of frustration but the girl inside with Kojo suddenly opened the door and ran out of the room sweating profusely as she used her gown to blow a breeze on her pussy.

Fati’s mouth opened in surprise as she saw the state the girl was in. When she looked in the room, Kojo was furiously jerking his dick before his nuts started to jet out in rapid succession toward Fati.

Kojo walked toward Fati with a wicked grin and a semi-hard dick before slamming the door in her face and leaving her pained. She retired to her room livid and could not sleep. Images of Kojo shooting his cum toward her would not leave her head.
Her mind also painted images of Kojo fucking the lady from earlier and it not just turned her on but also kept her awake. She woke up grumpy the next day and matters got worse when Madam Afua asked her to follow Kojo to the airport and pick one Iron Woman. She was annoyed about having to go on an errand with Kojo but this ironwoman they were to go fetch, she had heard her name being mentioned by the other girls but had never met her or know why she was called iron-woman.

The journey to the airport started quietly with Fati and Kojo ignoring each other. While he focused on the road she focused on her phone. They must have been on the road for close to an hour before the car suddenly stopped.

Before she could ask why they had stopped, Kojo asked Fati to come down and help him push the car as it had developed some fault. She looked at her spaghetti strap cropped top and mini skirt before asking Kojo if it made sense for her to push a car dressed like that and he asked if it would make sense for them to sleep on the road.

They both got down and gave the car a little push with Kojo standing close to the steering and controlling the car but it still refused to start. He asked Fati to push from behind while he tried to start the car. Annoyed, she dropped her phone on the car seat and went to push from behind. Like magic, once she got to the back, the car roared to life and Kojo zoomed off leaving Fati stranded. It took a while for Fati to realize that Kojo had just intentionally left her stranded and he had to find her way home somehow.

She stood in the hot sun trying to flag down a car but they all seemed to be in a hurry and zoomed past her until a taxi appeared from afar. She frantically did her best to tell the driver to notice her from afar and he parked right in front of her. She quickly got in to escape the torments of the sun.

The cab driver asked for her destination and once she mentioned it, he quoted her an expensive fee. She could not bargain as she had no money on her and also her phone was not with her to transfer or call her friends to pay for her.

Her other problem was they lived in an estate and the taxi would not be allowed in therefore she had to stop at the entrance gate and walk to her house. Fati looked straight at the Taxi driver, she took one of his hands from the steering, her eyes caught the wedding ring on his other finger but she hoped her plan would work.

She placed his hand on her thigh and helped massage her inner thigh before she started to explain that she had no money on her at the moment but she was willing to pay with her body and also would give him his full payment later. He tried to remove his hand but she held it firmly and he eventually told her he did not trust her to pay with her body. Fati asked him to drive somewhere they could have a quickie before the trip started and pushed his finger inside her pussy to let him know she had no panties on.

He had no reason to doubt Fati anymore and just started the car immediately. He continued to look at Fati out of the corner of his eyes and his wet finger. She smiled and said it was ok for him to lick his fingers because her pussy is sweet. He licked his finger hungrily and before Fati knew what was going on, he made a detour and headed off the road into the bush.

The car engine died almost immediately and his head crossed over to her side of the car. Her crop top was already above her boobs and his lips were sucking at her nipples. She just let him be and started to part her legs as she felt his hand come between her thighs. She got off her seat and pulled her skirt higher so she could spread her legs more.

The cab driver was acting like a hungry baby. He sucked her boobs and every once in a while, he brings his finger out of her pussy and licks it clean. Fati was already messing the car seat up with her juices when the driver got out of the car and came to pull Fati out. He quickly bent her over the bonnet and penetrated her.

His dick could only reach halfway through her pussy and no matter how deep he pushed or how hard he was fucking her, he could never reach the depth other dicks she had fucked reached but she was able to get pleasure from how hard he pinched her nipples. The more painful it was, the wetter she got and the cabman came in her pussy not up to 5 minutes after the sex started. She adjusted her skirt and top as he hurried back to the driver’s seat panting heavily with a big smile on his face.

With the journey starting again, the cabman gave Fati his phone to input her number so they could link up some other time. She cursed Kojo under her breath for making her waste a body count and proceeded to punch in the wrong number.

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