June 26, 2022

Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0307] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0307] (18+)

His hands shot like thunder from her feet and landed on her inner thighs. It was so smooth and silky and his palms glided on them with zero trouble. The boys were doing a great job and Fati was halfway to heaven.

Kenny grew balls and loosened her wrapper at the top and quickly pushed his palms inside her nightie before she could object. His hands quickly found her nipples. They were hard already. He played with them making Fati hiss and moan into his neck.

When she could no longer take it, she pulled his head down and smashed his lips on hers.

Taiwo, a bit jealous of his twin’s luck, moved his massaging palms further up Fati’s thighs. When he got to her crotch, it was scalding. He deftly raised her wrapper and found a mess. Fati was totally wet down there. He rubbed his finger into the wetness and watched how her legs spread more.

That was welcoming enough. He held down her clit with his thumb and rubbed on it and watched Fati go crazy even with his brother’s lips still on hers.

The rubbing on her clit was driving her crazy and the next thing she was expecting was either Taiwo’s finger or tongue in her pussy.

When she finally felt something prodding into her privates, she knew it was Taiwo himself entering into her. Kehinde totally removed the wrapper leaving her with only her nightie. He sucked on her boobs, played with the other nipple and watched his twin pump in and out of Fati’s pussy.

It was his turn to be jealous but Fati did not let it last long. She grabbed his already hard dick through his shorts and Kenny quickly brought it out himself. Before he could blink twice, Fati was already swallowing his dick.

He really tried his best to keep his cool but Fati took no prisoners, he moaned like a baby as she slobbered all over his shaft and licked his balls clean. Taiwo continued to fuck Fati holding her knees in his arms and lifting her ass off the floor.

He loved the soft feel of her ass as it slammed into his crotch making Pam, Pam sounds. When he got close he quickly dropped her on the floor, pulled out and sprayed the floor with his cum. Kenny in a swift movement disentangled from Fati and went to replace Taiwo’s dick with his in Fati’s pussy.

Fati was happy to be filled up again. Taiwo came for her boobs and Kehinde fucked her slowly hoping to savour every moment his dick spent in her pussy.

He enjoyed how sleek his dick penetrated into her, her soft ass on his palms. The way her entire body vibrated as he drills back into her pussy. Her moans were heavenly and angelic, Taiwo had pulled her nightie off her shoulders to give him all access he wanted to her big, succulent boobs.

She stroked his hair with one hand and her other hand stroked his dick back to life.

Kenny opened up her pussy with his thumb and index finger before slotting his dick back into her Fati’s pussy. She was on her knees now with Taiwo kneeling right in front of her with his dick in her face and Kenny fucking her from behind. She did not have much to do other than to fully enjoy the boys. Taiwo gripped her head and fucked her mouth.

Her eyes watered and saliva pooled out of the corners of her mouth to the floor. They passed her back and forth, Taiwo fucks into her mouth pushing her back and Kehinde pounds into her pussy sending her back forward.

When she decided to regain control, she pushed Taiwo off his knees into his ass. She slid a leg over his shoulder and had her pussy in his mouth. She held his head there for support but still, Taiwo was doing such a good job that her leg shook and she feared she would fall.

Kenny soon joined in on the action and let her recline into his chest for support. He squeezed her boobs and rubbed his dick on her ass cheeks. Fati had climaxed a couple of times and needed the boys to too but she wanted to be in charge.

On her knees, facing two dicks of two very identical guys! Another fantasy comes true. Fati made an O with her mouth and let Taiwo’s dick slide in. She worked it enjoying her own pussy juice off a dick as she jerked Kenny’s dick.

After letting Taiwo’s dick go up her throat twice, she switched to Kenny. She gave him all of her lovemaking sure to have his balls in her mouth before switching back to Taiwo. She gave them mind-blowing heads pushing them to the edge and finishing them with her soft palms.

Her saliva already lubricated the boy’s dicks, when she jerked them, it did not take long for them to wet her face and chest with cum. When it was all over, she sighed, her nightie was a mess, it glued to her body because of sweat.

She was ready for her uncle now.

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