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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0306] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0306] (18+)

The next few days saw Auntie Muinah and Fati bond, sexually. They spent the night together pleasuring each other on the bed and cuddled each other to sleep. Fati did not hold back in showing her Auntie good she was even at her young age.

She loved so much how she makes Auntie Muinah wriggle into climax and the blank expressions that occupy her face. She too had her shock moments like when Auntie Muinah had them in a 69 position with both of them eating each other out.

She had judged Auntie Muinah to be a straight person but ever since their first sex together she realized she was in fact a proper Bi. It did not matter though, what matters was that she was having sex with her guardian, she was free.

She started to make up her mind not to return to the city with Iya Fati who would most definitely restrict her after what happened the last time. She was not ready to risk her freedom and enjoyment but she still had no idea how to tell her Auntie she would love to make her stay permanent.

Since the hide & seek game between Fati and the twins, there have been increments in the rate at which they mistakenly squeeze her boobs. No other parts of their body touched her boobs but their palms. It did not take long for Fati to discern that they were mistakes but the naughty boys were just taking every opportunity they had to squeeze her boobs.

She welcomed the attention with open hands so even when the twins had no opportunity to smooch her boobs she gave them one or two and pretended it was unintended.

It did not take long for the three of them to stop the boon game of unintentional squeezes and start to do it consciously. When they played about, the twins had the freedom to squeeze Fati’s boobs and she allowed them. If they found a secluded place she bared her boobs for them to feel and squeeze properly.

She helped stroke their hard-ons when they finished with her boobs and soon the strokings became hand jobs to help the boys reach a climax. Fati did not give the twins blowjobs because at night she was for Auntie Muinah and she thought it was unfair for her Auntie to taste other people in her mouth.

It was of no secret to Fati that the boys were petting much interested in fucking her, she wanted it too but they would have to wait for the right time. She imagined what it would feel like to be fucked by two people that looked so identical. I would feel like fucking one guy but with two dicks at the same time.

She always smiled mischievously every time she imagined the scenario. Uncle’s return also was on her mind. Getting fucked by him was the top priority, she just really had to have that dick. Their sexcapade last time is a memory that she would not lose.

After finishing her chores during the day, Fati always had nothing to do. She had not registered for school as her return to town was still on the cards. It always left her with a lot of time on her hands. She always played with her phone, it was her ticket out of boredom.

For the first time since she was moved from the city to the village, Fati dialled Tony’s number. After calling him thrice and him not picking she decided to stop. She felt hurt that none of them reached out to her.

She understood that Theo and Mr Afolabi might have had to cut connections with her but not Tony. She sat trying to think about it when her phone started to buzz, it was Tony! She rushed to pick it up, they talked for so long and he explained that he moved out of town because of the pregnancy issue and was just getting himself together.

Fati felt pity for him, they both discussed how much they had missed each other. A knock came in, she wondered who it would be, definitely not Atinuke, she could not knock the door that hard. Uncle! her mind figured it must be him.

She quickly ended the call with Tony, her mind raced, what was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to dress? She needed to make a nice first impression on him upon his return. Since Auntie Muinah is not around she might just serve him her pussy as a welcome back gift.

She decided to put on her lacy nightie and tie a wrapper over it. There certainly is no way he would resist her in this.

“I’m coming!” she yelled and briskly walked to the door. She quickly glanced at the mirror and pulled her wrapper down a little more so that her cleavage showed in the nightie. She cupped the underneath of her boobs with her palms and pushed them up revealing more cleavage and boobs mound, she turned back to the mirror, her ass never disappointed.

Her ass shot out of the wrapper, she wriggled it and smiled, Fati BumBum.

After a very deep breath, Fati slowly opened the door with the hope that Uncle would immediately fall in love with what he was about to see. She was taken aback to see four feet instead of two.

She looked up to see Taiwo and Kenny both just standing there with strained eyes and open mouths flabbergasted by what they were seeing. Fati was quite disappointed that it was not Uncle at the door but still, the twins were OK too and welcome.

She saw how they stared at her boobs and smiled that it had an effect on them, it definitely would have done the same if it was Uncle.

“Tah, Asewo ”, Fati shooed the boys staring at her boobs as she opened the door and let them into the house. She needed no soothsayer to tell her that things would get nasty real soon. She knew what was in the boy’s mind but what was on her mind was definitely going to blow their minds.

She had been eyeing their hard-ons for quite some time but was waiting for Uncle to return. Now that the twins were in her house, she definitely was getting their dicks while she waited for Uncle. She needed her pussy greased, it had been so long and it would do her good.

She would use the boys to clear out her pussy so that Uncle’s dick would not have a hard time.

They all sat on the floor making jokes before Fati sat in their midst backing Kenny and facing Taiwo. She stretched her legs towards him asking him to help her massage her feet and also Kenny was to rub her shoulders.

Both of them set to work eagerly hoping to please her. After a couple of Ooo’s and Aaa’s, she pulled Kenny’s palms off her shoulders and placed them directly over her wrapper on her chest. He was more than happy to massage that area leaving Taiwo jealous.

“Is it only my feet you will massage today?”

“Won’t you do here?” Fati slurred, pointing to her fresh, fair thighs.

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