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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0305] (18+)


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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0305] (18+)

Good morning,

Apologies for the mix-up, this is the original fifth episode of Fati’s story. Enjoy


Fati’s eyes opened wide, Uncle covered her mouth with his palm to make her gasps and moans less audible. It has been a long time since she had something this thick in her pussy. If his fingers could be this thick, she wondered how his dick would feel. Imagining how uncle’s dick would feel inside her made her wetter.

She now understood how Auntie Muinah feels every night when her husband fucks her.

When uncle finally managed to squeeze his second finger into her pussy, it felt like she was losing her virginity all over again. She felt so full and hot, she grabbed his wrist trying all her best to remove his palm from her mouth so she could scream but uncle was just too strong. Her body finally settled, her pussy walls relaxed, her juice coated uncle’s fingers and they slid in and out of Fati’s pussy more easily.

Auntie Muinah, deep in sleep, continued to sleeptalk, asking where her baby was. Fati was conflicted, her nice Auntie, poor her, her baby is fingers-deep in her niece.

Every time uncle’s fingers pushed into her pussy, it felt rough, sweet tingles run up her spine, she felt high like someone on drugs and it tickled too but she is unable to close her thighs, uncle had one of them pinned to the floor with his knee.

He continued thrusting his fingers into Fati’s pussy making her moan muffled sounds in his palm. She had sweat running all over her face, down her neck and through her cleavage. The way her breasts bounced against each other was a seductive scene and it was really tempting to grab one of those fleshy mounds but uncle was not willing to risk it.

Fati was a ticking bomb waiting to explode, if he removes his palm from her mouth she would probably scream the room down.

Her eyes rolled as uncle rubbed her clit with his thumb and pumped into her with his fingers. She knew right then that she had lost, she could not hold it in any longer. She pushed her uncle’s fingers out of her pussy with the sheer force of her squirt. It has been a long while ago she had cum that hard, her legs were vibrating and the entire room spurned in her eyes.

Uncle finally let go of her mouth and she closed her eyes trying to catch her breath with her mouth opened.

When she finally came to, uncle was gone already. She was satisfied, she did not even have the energy to cover up with her wrapper. She just laid there spent and naked with a glistening pussy. By the time she woke in the morning, the sun was already high up in the sky and uncle had gone to work.

She had overslept and she fully understood why. What uncle did to her body was very similar to what Theo does after taking his herbal mixtures. The only difference was that he used his fingers and not his dick.

The fact that her uncle had used her bareback with just two fingers made her want his dick more. She quickly finished her chores that day looking forward to the night and hoped that her aunt would not eat uncle to the end so that she could also have a taste of him.

Fati bolted the door from behind and undressed herself, she sat in front of the big mirror in the room and checked herself out. Her body might not be as sexy or spotless as that of Auntie Muinah but there was no doubt that she was more endowed.

She squeezed her boobs together, loving how thick and soft they felt in her hands. She slowly swayed her chest back and forth, this is exactly how her breasts would jiggle against each other when she is on her back and her uncle is fucking her.

She squeezed her face a little, no that is not how, she made small jump movements and her breasts bounced up and down her chest slapping against one another. Exactly, that is how and that is the sound her breasts would make when she is on her back and her uncle is fucking her.

What if he wants to take her from behind instead? Fati thought. She turned her back to the mirror and checked her ass out. Now that she thinks of it, the idiot that named her Fati BumBum was actually right to.

Her ass is enormous and it had a nice shape, she smiled at herself blushing over her own assets. She tapped her ass, this is how her ass would bounce if uncle decides to take her from behind.

She smiled and danced while enjoying how her ass bounced in the mirror. As nightfall approached she took a long cold bath hoping to have her body in a more relaxed state ahead of the activity she was anticipating later in the night.

Auntie Muinah made dinner that night and Fati wondered why she had made it in a smaller quantity compared to what they used to make before. Both ladies sat on the floor and ate their dinner. Fati was more confused, they used to wait for uncle, what changed.

When Auntie Muinah went to lock the door for the night, Fati could no longer hold her confusion, she asked about her uncle’s whereabouts and Auntie Muinah with disappointment in her voice explained that her uncle would not be coming home for the next few days as his factory is taking some of the workers, him included to another village to help their other branch.
She sighed after she made things clear to Fati and headed straight to her bed. Fati felt a sharp pain in her chest after Auntie Muinah broke the news to her.

If she had not been wildly anticipating the action that would take place that night, maybe she would not have been this pained but, she was all prepared for it and she was terribly disappointed. She lay on her small bed and for the second time in the village, she softly cried herself to sleep.

She stopped crying when her ears picked up some muffled sounds, it sounded like someone was crying. She paid more attention and she was right, Auntie Muinah was quietly sobbing in her bed.

Fati could no longer cry, the fact that her Auntie, a grown woman was crying because her husband was not home for the night greatly amused her but when she remembered that the couple had sex almost every night gave Fati another perspective. Maybe she just missed her husband or maybe she missed his dick.

Fati thought deeper, she herself just cried because she was deprived of her uncle’s dick even when they had never had sex before, she understood why Auntie Muinah felt now. Fati had never seen her mother with a man talk less of losing sleep or cry over one but here was her sister crying over a man’s dick and also herself doing the same.

Fati flashed back on her life with Iya Fati, the woman had always been a bit cruel towards her all in the name of disciplining her but Auntie Muinah on the other hand had never as much as shouted at her over 3 months of their Cohabitation.

She and Auntie Muinah had similar body features, their only difference being that she was thicker than Auntie Muinah. Now she realized that both of them have the same high libido.

In all her comparisons, Iya Fati was the odd one out. Could it be possible that she actually is the daughter of Auntie Muinah and not of Iya Fati? She asked herself with no answer nor concrete evidence to back up her theory.

Fati’s night started with disappointment and ended with a very troubled mind. She could not get the thoughts out of her head and the other thing she could think of was her uncle. Few days? How long are a few days? She thought.

A few days could run into weeks, her mind was in total turmoil and she could not go out for the next few days.

She wished she could ask Auntie Muinah for the truth about who her mother really is but it seemed the poor woman already had enough on her plate. She wakes with red swollen eyes and Fati felt nothing other than pity for her, she wished there was something she could do to help ease her pain.

Auntie Muinah needs Uncle far more than she did but she was also determined to have him fuck her when he returns. She prayed he would come back with enough energy for both of them.

Fati eventually went out on the fifth day hoping to get some fresh air and lose her thoughts and the headaches that come with them. She visited Taiwo and Kehinde, the twins were playing hide and seek in a nearby bush and she joined in.

One person stays, the remaining two go into hiding and the person that stays goes in search of them, the first person to get caught would be the next to search. It was really fun and Fati forgot all her worries in a moment, she felt like a kid again, running and going into hiding, not getting caught.

She tricked the twins on countless occasions by constantly changing her hiding spots during a search and they only always found each other and not her. Both boys became frustrated and more determined to find her.

When it was Kehinde’s turn to stay and close his eyes so Fati and Taiwo would hide, he left his eyes faintly open and watched Fati run into a bush to hide. As soon as he counted to ten he dashed straight for the bush Fati entered.

As soon as Fati heard footsteps coming, she quickly ran off and switched her hiding place. Kehinde got there and was confused, he saw her run in there, and he continued to search the area.

Fati saw that her new hiding space is not that safe either and she quietly bolted off again. The dry grasses she stepped on however gave her away and Kehinde gave her a hot chase.

He got close and grabbed her from behind, both of his hands grabbing a handful of her breasts. She fell into him and he crashed on his back.

They both lay there frozen, it took a while for them to realize that Kehinde’s hands were holding onto Fatimah’s breasts.

He quickly let go of her breasts hoping that she would not be offended. Fati lay there with her back on Kehinde’s chest, she felt his dick hardening against her ass, she knew he did not mean that and the dick was just acting on his own.

She got off him and Kehinde saw his boner, he was embarrassed and he ran off. Fati smiled, that was enough play for the day, she headed home.

Walking alone gave her a lot of time and peace to think about everything that had been happening.

She wondered when uncle would be back, she wondered who her real mother was and finally, she wondered if she could fuck Kehinde, his hands did feel good on her boobs earlier and from the erection, she felt against her ass, she doubted that he had a small dick.

She got home and did her chores, she would have to wait for Auntie Muinah to make dinner.

It was another night without her uncle and with her unresolved case of maternity. Fati helped Auntie Muinah make dinner and they both had their meal before she went to take a shower for the night.

She came back to prepare her bed for sleep when Auntie Muinah invited her to come sleep on the main bed. She saw nothing wrong in it since Uncle was not around but she felt a bit giddy as she had never actually slept in that bed before.

She walked on with her wrapper and crumpled herself like a fetus on one side of the bed with her back to Auntie Muinah. She kept her ears open to check if Auntie Muinah was crying that night.

After several minutes, Fati was sure her Auntie was not crying, and she drifted into sleep. She dreamt of Kehinde grabbing her breasts from behind, this time he did not let go, he ran his hands over them, she loved how smooth his palm ran over her boob. He squeezed her boob in a way no one had ever done.

It was almost painless yet full of pleasure, she let out a moan. He removed her wrapper and rubbed over her fleshy boob. It was even sweeter than before, she anticipated his squeeze again and he soon did.

She gasped, it was like he was racking her entire nervous system, the squeeze made her shiver, she better not wake from this dream. She held his palm on her boob, his soft squeeze is really sweet but she wanted it a bit firmer.

She wondered why Kehinde’s hands were soft and feminine.

She woke up with a start, she was gripping Auntie Muinah’s palm on her boob. She quickly wanted to take her hand off but Fati held it in place, she squeezed her boob with her Auntie’s hand to reassure her that it was OK.

Fati wondered what kind of libido Auntie Muinah and Uncle have, she understood that her Auntie was in a really tight place just like she was when she had sex with Jenrola and she wanted to do everything to help her.

Fati Squealed, Auntie Muinah gave her that firm squeeze she had hoped for, it was still painless but she was wet already.

She never imagined that Auntie Muinah would be this good at girl love. Auntie Muinah spooned Fati as she continued to squeeze on her boobs and draw circles over her areolas.

It made Fati crazy the way she teased her areola and when she finally clipped her nipple between two of her fingers, Fati let out a long scream into the night for whoever cared to listen.

She felt her soft palm rub through her thighs, it was a nice feeling, she shivered knowing where her next stop would be. She cooed at the sensation of Auntie Muinah fingers rubbing on her clitoris.

She was in heaven, her fantasy, to have sex with Auntie Muinah is coming to pass without her even trying. Two of her fingers glided into Fati’s pussy with so much ease. They sawed her pussy gently and smoothly.

Her pussy did not feel full but she received intense pleasure from how Auntie Muinah smooched her boobs and fingered her.

Yes, Fati cried in her heart when Auntie Muinah sat on her face. She had always enjoyed tasting her juice on Uncle’s dick but now here it was, dripping into her mouth from the main source.

She licked her fat labia before sliding her tongue between the walls of Auntie Muinah pussy. She loved how she made her Auntie cry in pleasure and decided to show her some of her skills.

Auntie Muinah whined on Fati’s face loving how her niece fucked her pussy with her tongue. Fati grabbed both of Auntie Muinah’s boobs, she had always wanted to do that.

The boobs were very firm like that of a teenager. Fati squashed them and continued to tongue fuck Muinah to a rattling climax where she splashed cum over Fati’s face and boobs. She fell off Fati and onto the bed as she tried to catch her breath.

They might have the body and sexual urge but Fati doubted Auntie Muinah was her mother or why would her mother have sex with her?

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