June 26, 2022

Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0304] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S0304] (18+)

Fati slept at ease that night, some of the sexual burdens she carried had been relieved of her in the afternoon. She slept so deep that she did not even hear when uncle and Auntie Muinah started having sex that night.

It was another banging night, on this type of night, uncle will fuck Auntie Muinah dry and she would be unable to more of him. It would end with uncle and Muinah letting each other till they slept off.
Auntie Muinah was soon sound asleep and uncle gently stepped out of bed and tip tied towards Fati’s bed.

He swung his palm across Fati’s face, there was no reaction from her. She was definitely asleep, uncle thought. The moment Fati felt something glide to and fro her lips, she knew something was up and she knew what it was.

She refused to open up, making Uncle continue rubbing his dick all over her lips. When he saw she was not reacting to his dick, he slightly tilted her face towards his direction and used two fingers both of his hands to pinch her mouth open.

As soon as it opened, he slid his dick inside her mouth. Fati smiled in her mind, she could easily bite his dick off but loved the fact that he wanted her mouth and did what he had to do to get in there.

Fati once again was at Uncle’s mercy, his dick tasted of Auntie Muinah, Auntie Muinah juice tastes so sweet and her husband’s dick feels really hard in her mouth.

As he grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth, Fati quickly made sure her wrapper came loose. It was now or never, her bouncy boobs flipped out of the loose wrapper and started making flapping sounds as they hit each other against Uncle’s thighs.

Uncle stopped and took it out of Fati’s mouth then walked away.

Fati was devastated, her plan had failed, and he did not even come into her mouth this time. She composed herself when she heard soft footsteps coming toward her again, she loosened her wrapper more so one part of her body was totally naked.

Click, she heard and light from a torch flashed over her body, uncle took his time looking over her body before grabbing her boobs.

Fati had never felt that kind of firm grip on her boobs, her pussy watered, she just wanted him to fuck her silly.

His dick parted her slippery lips, he was soon thrusting at her throat again but this time he played with Fati’s boobs and he knew she was awake even though her eyes were closed. Fati was totally wet now, when will he fuck me?

She thought, doing all her best to keep her eyes closed. Uncle pulled the wrapper off Fati, she was fully naked now. He looked at her glistening pussy, he licked his dry lips and gently patted Fati pussy with his palm.
She almost closed her thigh on his hand out of shock. Baby, where are you?

They heard Auntie Muinah voice call out from the bed across the room, they both froze.

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