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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S03 Finale] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S03 Finale] (18+)

The screams and moans of her auntie brought her back. The darkness of the room gradually disappeared and her eyes got used to the light in the room. Auntie Muinah’s face was a train wreck of tears.

Her pussy was left unprotected from Uncle’s big dick. His black shiny dick slid in and out of her with no obstruction but the expression on Auntie Muinah’s face made Fati understand that the dick touched deep down in her pussy. The pleasure made her shed tears and with the way her legs were locked, there was no room for escape.

Fati took a brief look around the room, the doors were shut, the windows were shut, and their neighbours most likely would not hear their screams of pleasure.

What her uncle and auntie were doing gave her goosebumps. She sat herself up, not a piece of clothing was on any one of them. When she parted her legs, she had guessed right, uncle had cum in her that other time and she was getting wet again, ready for another pounding. She let two fingers find her slit and pushed them sideways, holding them in place, she pushed two fingers from her right hand inside her pussy.

It felt really good. Fantasizing on her aunties moans, she started to gently finger fuck herself waiting for her uncle to round up with his wife and come fuck her again.

She tried to keep her moan low tuned but every time she looked at how uncle was giving it to her Auntie Muinah it feels like he was fucking her too and her she moaned louder at each thrust. She was so far gone that she didn’t hear her name getting called.

Auntie Muinah was gasping. Fati, Fati, her breaths shorter with each gasp. By the time it registered in her head that danger was close by, it was too late for Fati.

In a swift movement, Uncle carried her like a sheet of paper. Even though Fati is a thick lady, he was able to carry her with astounding ease. By the time he flipped her body and dropped her, Fati was astride Auntie Muinah.

Face to face, boobs on boobs and pussy over pussy. Before Fati could assimilate what was about to happen, the monster came in again, that dick that fucked her till she passed out minutes ago, the cap was at her entrance again making a rude entry.

Her pussy lips welcomed it better this time around as they gently parted for it to go in. Fati totally crashed into her Auntie.

She had dreamt of a threesome with this couple and now it was really happening. Uncle buried his full dick inside Fati’s pussy with a powerful thrust.

A scream ran out of her throat but could not make it past her lips as Auntie Muinah caught that scream inside her own mouth. With her hands on Fati’s head, she shut all her noises with a kiss.

Her hands stretched behind her and her wrists were clutched in his hands. She was totally sandwiched between the couple making her wonder what kind of a sex-crazed couple this was. Her Aunt’s husband has his dick driving in and out of her pussy, she lies atop her Aunt, three of them on her Aunt’s matrimonial bed.

The joy Fati’s pussy felt doubled. Not only was Uncle fucking her like a maniac, but he was also making sure her pussy rubbed well on his wife’s pussy. With all their three crotches connected, Auntie Muinah let go of Fati’s heads and instead made them find an honest job on the girl’s big boobs.

Fati had never seen Auntie Muinah suck her boobs that hungrily but who could blame her, the entire room was a turn on. Fati did her best to grind her pussy on Auntie Muinah’s with every jab of uncle’s dick she received. The harder she rubbed her pussy on her Auntie the harder her boobs were sucked and fondled by those soft and smooth palms of her Auntie.

Fati kept on cumming, she soon started to fear that she might pass out all over again but this couple was not done with her yet. She felt her uncle grab her by the waist and carry her off his wife. It was over, she thought in mind.

She planned to just sit in a corner and relax her pussy muscles while she watches uncle fuck his wife silly again. Poor, poor Fati, she had thought totally wrong. With her hands still on Auntie Muinah’s thighs as she tried to gather her breath and strength, uncle’s strong palm pushed the back of her head till it got to his desired destination.

He didn’t let go still even though Fati with her tongue in Auntie Muinah’s pussy had the older woman screaming. Hot spanks hit her poor bubbly ass in sequences, making her increase her tempo on her Auntie’s pussy.

He enjoyed how her fleshy ass reverberated from every smack of his palm. Uncle took his dick to her pussy lips for another round. Her pussy lips were more than happy to receive him once more even though she was getting sore. They spread open and coated his dick cap with warm fluid. Fati was expecting another round of pounding from the uncle but he pulled out totally, disappointing her.

The wife had her head held down firmly, the husband had her hands locked behind her back, Fati could neither complain nor protest as she felt Uncle’s dick knocking on her asshole. She cried quietly hoping it would open up easily and let the dick in.

Barely half of Uncle’s dick got into Fati’s ass but it was more than enough. She felt full and hot, her heart prayed when uncle just let his dick stay in her ass and he did not thrust.

When the fuck started, however, she did not know whether to cry in pain or in pleasure as both coursed through her body at the same time.

This couple was using her to satisfy their craze for sex but she didn’t mind, it was such a sweet feeling. She saw that day through and many more days like that. On other days it was either Fati and Muinah, Fati and Uncle or Uncle and Muinah.

The three of them loved in harmony satisfying each other’s sexual urges and Fati realizing she was a class ahead of other kids stopped hanging out with them. The confusion about whether she was Auntie Muinah’s kid also cleared up, if Auntie Muinah was her mother then she was sure they would not be having sex together talk less of with uncle who would be her father if Auntie Muinah was her mother.

Tony also was no longer on her mind, Fati felt at home with Auntie Muinah and her husband, maybe coming here was not a bad idea. The thought of returning to the city terrified her, propel would see her and start peddling rumours again and she would lose her freedom too, Fati definitely was not ready for that.

One night after uncle had thoroughly fucked both ladies’ pussies and had cum on their faces, she tabled her troubles and made them know that she would not like to return to the city when Iya Fati comes to pick her up.

“Do you think I will let her take you?” Auntie Muinah asked, kissing Fati.

“Since the day she brought you here, and told me what happened with you in the city, I’ve been planning to bring out the real you, but you lost your child and became totally innocent. The day I noticed that you finger yourself silly and cry to bed as my husband fucked me was the day I knew you were ready”.

“It was I that sent my husband to come tease you in your bed those nights and see how you will react, him being away for weeks was also part of the plan to see if you were OK with sex with a woman.

When I got satisfied that’s when I knew you are a perfect fit, made for fuck, like me. I won’t let Iya Fati take you away”

Fati was more than surprised that she had been a pawn in a game all this while but looking back at it, it was an interesting adventure. Rest assured that Iya Fati would not take her back to the city, Fati gave her Auntie a big kiss in appreciation.

The days grew, Fati grew, her skin glowed, and her boobs became fuller. She enjoyed her newfound beauty, Uncle’s dick is a beautifier.

That beautiful piece of rod is not just penetrating her, it’s filling her with cum and beauty. She slowly spun in front of the mirror again this time not to check her beauty but to make sure she was well dressed.

Iya Fati was expected to come today and she did not want to give her any reason to lash her with her tongue.

She prayed quietly in her mind that Auntie Muinah would easily bargain that Iya Fati leaves her alone.

By the time Iya Fati arrived, Fati had just finished cooking but had no appetite, maybe because of her fear for Iya Fati or her worry about the outcome of the discussion between Iya Fati and Auntie Muinah.

She didn’t like the piercing look Iya Fati gave her as soon as she arrived. After having a family meal in silence, Fati was sent out so that the older women could gab. She peeked from the window trying to get in on what they discussed.

This discussion would be the determining factor as to whether she would stay back or go with Iya Fati.

After a long discussion, Fati was summoned, and she made up her mind to accept whatever fate they had decided for her. The moment she stepped in, Iya Fati grabbed her wrist in a rough manner and pinned her to the wall as if she was about to wrestle her.

Shocked, Fati froze against the wall as Iya Fati used her fingers to widen her eyes one after another. When she was done with her check, she turned sharply and yelled,

“I leave our sister with you for a couple of months and you let her get pregnant again? Wasn’t it because she got pregnant that I brought her here?!” She asked, screaming.

Fati felt a dizzy sensation hit her, did her mum just refer to her as a sister? She is a kid sister to her mum and Auntie? She was lost, how is this possible? Iya Fati took her things and left not waiting to confront her sister any further.

Auntie Muinah explained that she and Fati are sisters and Iya Fati is their step-sister.

Their mother died right after the birth of Fati and since Iya Fati was barren, she adopted the baby and Muinah lived with her father before she later married Uncle.

Their mother had a lot of trouble with conceiving which led to a serious age gap between her daughters and probably explains why both Auntie Muinah and Iya Fati have been barren all their life.

Fati being able to conceive twice in a calendar year however is an anomaly in this family of barren women.

The End

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