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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E15] (18+)
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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E15] (18+)

Buses were scarce on the road and Fati, with a blank expression on her face, stared through the window as their bus sped on the tarred road and wind continued to slap her face. She looked beside her once more,

Iya Fati’s face remained stone cold; she quickly returned her face to the window, unable to look at her motionless mother’s face.

Sex with Mrs Benji made Fati a very happy person. For one, she had just satisfied one of her strong sexual fantasies again, she did it with someone that acts all holier than thou.

The fact that Mrs Benji still comes to class to teach and then diverts into her very long sermons about chastity was some sort of turn on for her.

She sits at her spot at the back of the class listening to the sermons with more interest than before she found out about Mrs Benji’s alter ego fully knowing that by the end of school day or weekend, both of them would be entangled in a 69 position leading each other to cloud 9.

As much as Fati enjoys her female on female sex, she does not turn down dicks. Theo, Mr Afolabi and Tony remained her regulars and not for once were the three of them unavailable at the same time. She was also getting advances from other guys in the class that she just bluntly turned down.

They had mocked her, they did not deserve to have a taste of her. Her phone made things easy for her but the emergence of Mrs Benji in the equation made things much much easier. Mrs Benji officially asked Iya Fati to hand over Fati and she readily agreed to the arrangement, so, on a regular basis, Fati slept over at Mrs Benji’s place and both ladies did enjoy keeping each other’s company.

The ball was in Fati’s court, sometimes, she actually goes over to Mrs Benjis’ and other times she sleeps over at Tonys’ place.

Asides from that, Tony buys her things and underwear and also gives her cash gifts, she enjoys how he makes love to her. It’s like there’s honey on his dick and even at the sight of his unclothed penis her pussy waters and her nipples turns stony.

The way his cute face looks down on her naked body as he hits the depths of her pussy in a missionary position makes her cry in want for more and she always urges him on in voice and action.

“Toneyy… Toneeeyyy… go deeper… don’t you dare stop” she would scream as she grabs his ass cheeks to push him all the way back inside any time he’s on his way out.

She enjoys it more when she’s on all fours and he’s taking her from behind because she’s always more restricted in that position. Her face would be buried deep in the soft nicely scented king-sized bed with Tony’s soft palm keeping a firm grip on the nape of her neck denying her the chance of ever raising her head or body.
Her pussy lays behind, unprotected from Tony’s long cock as it slams in making juice run down Fati’s inner thighs. The most enjoyable part is when she feels Tony’s other soft palm spank and rub her bubbly ass cheeks. The spanks sting but the rubbing soothes the sting and she wants more.

She would keep screaming into the bed hoping that he hears her and continues to spank her.

On the days she sleeps at home, she would notify Theo. Theo who was now having Fati on scarce occasions would not want to miss the opportunity and also would want to have her to his fill.

Any time Theo receives an “I’m available this night” signal from Fati, he starts to make preparations for the night by going to the local herbs seller shop to request a mixture of concoctions to enable him to last long.

He goes

“Iya alagbo, e fun mi ni Jedi, Aleko, Afato, Opa Eyin, Pe Lori e, Atekanle, e ba mi mix gbogbo e papo” (translation)

“Herb seller, give me a mixture of herbs for bile, erection, urine stopper, spine strengthener, last long, deep thruster”. He takes his mixture in white nylon and goes home where he waits till nightfall.

He texts Fati to reconfirm if the appointment still stands before he shuts his eyes to ingest his very bitter concoction in one gulp.

By the time Fati would sneak out, a very hard dicked Theo would be waiting in the backyard. He no longer wastes his time trying to go for foreplay, he just snatches her wrapper and stares wide-eyed at her naked fat pussy and ever huge boobs. In one swoop, he has her back on the bench, sometimes, on the floor and he penetrates her like a wounded animal as his dick forcefully spreads her pussy lips apart.

The herbs potent enough keeps him hard to go over an hour for a round making Fati cream till she goes dry. When this happens, Theo pulls out and fucks Fati in the mouth going as deep as into her throat till his dick is sleek enough to fuck her dry vagina.

Once he has enough saliva on his dick, he resumes fucking her pussy till it starts to get wet again. He keeps going on and on as Fati’s cries push him to go on, she never pushes him off and he never stops till he cums.

When he eventually does, they both are always well spent and most times Theo just lays atop Fati as he gasps for air while her legs remain spread for the cool midnight breeze to take care of the hotness she feels down there.

Fati stares into the dark clouds at the stars, she should tell Theo that he tires her out and makes her pussy sore, but, how would she tell him? She enjoys the way he fucks her so rough, all of her booty calls take it too easy on her.

She wants this rough kind of sex for a change. She knew she would never complain to Theo about how rough he gets with her, she smiled when she realized Theo had slept off and was now drooling on her boobs.

Mr Afolabi also remained her pet and they always found time for quickies in his office during school period or the staff toilet. When his wife was away, Mr Afolabi was his happiest as Fati came over during the day unaccounted for period of time and both of them satisfied themselves.

On some occasions, he especially asks that she come over fully dressed for school with her school bag so as to re-create their early encounters. All what his wife lacked, Fati had it en masse.

His wife had boobs that barely filled his palm, her ass was barely average sized and her sexual activity was totally nothing to write home about sometimes he wondered if she ever got horny without any outside provocation.

Fati on the other hand had a magnificent backside, she never needed any form of catwalk before her ass jiggled as she walked past. Her boobs were very big and nicely shaped, she had very dark areolas that stood out against her fair complexion and her nipples stood in the midst of everything like a lone tree on an Island.

After one of their sexcapades at Mr Afolabis’ place, he lay on his bed, hand behind his head catching his breath and watching as Fatimah ass jiggled as she walked towards the standing mirror. She caught his gaze through the mirror and turned around so fast that her boobs wrestled each other in confusion, with a charming smile on her face, she asked,

“What?” before turning back to bend and pick up her pants. In that bent over position, her pussy came into the scene, it looked so cute, it was damp for sure.

Fati wore her pants over it nevertheless and turned around to see a tent in Mr Afolabi’s briefs. She gave a shy smile before walking towards the bed. He knew what was coming next as she pulled down his briefs and brought his erect dick into view.

Pre cum crawled out of his slit, she licked it off before she swallowed the dick cap and teased it with her tongue. Loving the expression she saw on his face, she pushed her pants to the side and straddled Mr Afolabi.

He wished there and then in his heart that he had met Fati and married her instead of his wife not caring what the people would say, Fati had all the qualities he wanted in a woman and his wife had none of it.

Fati rode the thoughts out of him as he was soon struggling to grab onto her boobs as she rode him like a horse.

All these scenes played in Fatis’ head as their bus sped on and on, traffic was light and it seemed there was no bump or potholes on the road.

She squeezed her thighs together, her pussy lips slid over one another, she was wet, her pussy would definitely not be the end of her life. She made to sneak one finger inside her gown to deal with the itch she felt in her pussy but when she wanted to check around to see if people were not looking she came in contact once again with her mother’s cold face her pussy dried up instantly and she lost her urge to finger herself silly.

Written by Reezy Sama


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