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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E14] (18+)
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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E14] (18+)

How could you?! How the hell did you let those files leak into the hands of a student for that matter?! Are you trying to ruin me?! Mrs Benji yelled at Mr Afolabi at their meeting room In a local hotel.

He kept trying to explain that he had no idea how Fati got the files but he knew he was guilty of being careless, he should have realised that she went through his phone when he was unable to find the recording of the sex he had with Fati but at that time she had no phone and he just never reasoned that she went through his device and cleared the video.

That girl will blackmail me now, she would tell the whole class about me, I would lose my respect and dignity in front of all the students I have chastised and told to live a life of piety!

Mr Afolabi smirked, as soon as the smile appeared on his face, Mrs Benji’s hit slap wiped it off.

“See, Fati is not like that, she’s the most secretive girl ever, I have been fucking her for a while now and no one knows, except John who caught us in the act and I know she fucks him too now that why I gave her access to my office,” Mr Afolabi said in a calm tone hoping to calm Mrs Benji who looked quite shocked at the reveal.

Seeing that the woman is a bit convinced, he quickly added in

“See, if I ask her why happened, I’m sure she will probably want to fuck you self, now I don’t know if you do girls or if she does, but I’m sure she might want to try it out, she’s a very wild open-minded girl.”

Mrs Benji’s mouth opened in shock, she couldn’t believe her ears, she had a student that was that wild? When she got home she went to her closet and brought out a box, it contained varieties of dildos a strap on and a vibrator.

It’s been quite long that she used any of these but it looks like they would be seeing some action soon. She closed her box and returned it to her closet. How would she approach her student and ask if she was interested in lesbian sex? What if Fati was not interested in women at all? She thought but she was confident of the information she had received from Mr Afolabi that Fati was a wild and open-minded girl.


It was a busy day for Fati, she was trying to draw a diagram of a rabbit in her biology note but what she kept coming up with looks more like a circle with ears than it did of a rabbit.

She kept erasing and re-drawing, getting the same result and her frustrations grew.

“WHO IS FATIMA?” she heard and looked up to see a tiny looking girl in front of the class making enquiries about her, she obviously was in a junior class.

“What happened?” Fatima boomed from her seat before the now scared girl came closer and managed to whisper

“Mrs Benji said you should see her in her office” Fati stood up immediately eager to find out the reason why the English teacher had sent for her.

Mrs Benji invited her in on the first knock and offered her a seat then the dialogue followed:

Mrs Benji: What are you going to do with the pictures and videos?
Fati: Nothing
Mrs Benji: Will you delete them then?
Fati: No
Mrs Benji: You just said you won’t use them for anything so, why can’t you delete them, why do you want to hold on to them?
Fati: Errmm…. Ermmm…. I like them, I use them to masturbate sometimes.
Mrs Benji: Really? You find them hot? Are you interested in girls?
Fati: I have not done anything with a girl before but I have watched videos and I want to try it out too.
Mrs Benji: Why haven’t you tried it out then?
Fati: Where will I find a girl that is interested in having sex with a girl?
Mrs Benji: (smiles) since you are unable to find a girl, will you fuck a woman then?
Fati: (nods head affirmatively)
Mrs Benji: Alright dear, come to my place on Saturday and let’s do it, you can return to your class now.

Fati stood up, was about to leave what was a direct business meeting, when she got to the door she turned back to add,

“Mrs Benji, I would bring John too, he won’t tell anybody,” she said with pitiful eyes.

“Alright, but nobody must find out about this, you hear me?” She said quietly.

Fati wanted to spring to class, she wanted to jump, she wanted to run but she kept calm and quietly walked, joy-filled her to the brim.

She had been contemplating how she would get Mrs Benji to fuck her and the woman just presented it to her on a platter.

On their way home, she whispered into John’s ear that they would she will be going over to Mrs Benji’s place by the weekend to have sex and he should keep it a secret.

You have to prepare, from now till the weekend, no sex, no maturation, you have to keep your tank full so you can come many times before you lose your strength on Saturday.

Fati got home and shaved the stubs that had started growing on her pussy mound and fought a long battle with herself from touching herself. She wanted to keep it all till Saturday, she made herself unavailable to Theo and Tony.

Saturday finally came and since Mrs Benji had personally spoken to Iya Fati about some issues she was having with English and wanted to tutor her, she was the one that made sure Fati woke early enough and left home by 8 am. Fati and John met at Mrs Benji’s gate with their school bag strapped to their back like they had really come to study.

When they got into the sitting room, they were amazed at what they saw on the centre table, there were dildos of different sizes and vibrators, the handcuffs were what drew Fati’s attention the most, she had seen what it was used for in porn and knew what was coming for her.

Mrs Benji reappeared in a sexy night-black lacy lingerie that made John Drool. The boobs were much bigger than he had imagined, they sagged a bit but it just made it look cuter. The pantie had an opening that showed her pussy lips.

He stood there, mouth dry and eyes dilated at the person coming towards him. This definitely is not the woman that preaches piety and abstinence till marriage in class, he thought to himself. Fati had escaped her gown and was left only in bras and panties as she sat on the chair expecting the next line of action.

Mrs Benji served them fruit salad and all three ate in silence. After some 15 mins rest, Mrs Benji spoke,

“Hope we all know why we are here? Therefore, discard all acts of shyness and respect till we finish here”. Fati, I want to see your tenacity, she said as she held out the cuffs, Fati looked on, not scared but anxious. Her legs and arms were outstretched and she was totally spread like a kite on a one-seater chair.

Mrs Benji switched on her vibrator, Fati could hear the hum it was emitting, her panties were shifted out of the way and it was inserted into her pussy then the panties returned to its natural position. It didn’t take long at all for Fati to start feeling all her nerves running riot starting from the ones in her pussy.

Her hands and legs were totally restricted and she could not get hold of the vibrator to give herself some rest or even touch herself, she was exposed to a level of pleasure she was not used to, her ass kept grinding itself into the chair all too excited from the pleasure.

In the background, John and Mrs Benji were naked already and he was on the couch, sitting with his legs thrown apart as she knelt in between making his dick disappear and reappear from her hot mouth. Even though Fati had sucked him a good number of times, he could not deny the fact that Mrs Benji had more experience and was better at doing this.

He soon forgot that the woman was his teacher in school as he grabbed her head with both hands and tried to control the pace of how he was sucked but Mrs Benji’s left hand on his shaft and her experience made sure she continued to dictate the tempo.

John’s breath was shallow now, every time he was close to an orgasm, Mrs Benji reduces the intensity and he has to start building orgasm from level zero again. Fati was screaming and wailing from the pleasure of the vibrator now not caring who heard her but Mrs Benji and John were less interested in that, they were settling their own problems.

John could not take it anymore and started thrusting his hips. Either Mrs Benji wanted that or she was weak to it, he had no idea but she didn’t resist him jamming his dick far up her throat a sensation he enjoyed as her oesophagus constricted around his dick with every of his intrusion. He soon realised that control was in his hands now and increased his pace feeling a soul-crushing orgasm approaching.

He came like an animal pushing the whole of his dick into her mouth and dumping a large amount of semen into her throat and some managed to escape and make a mess of her cleavage. By the time John came down from his high and looked at Fati, it was evident that her entire pants were damp, even the chair she sat on had now become soaked but she was no longer reacting to the vibrator, she had passed out.

Mrs Benji stepped in and extracted the now shiny and slippery vibrator from her. Then she returned to kissing John, making sure he swallowed the residual of his cum in her mouth. Her tongue danced and invaded the deepest parts of his mouth, in a vicious embrace, she was very well turned on now. She lay on the couch with one leg on it and one on the floor, that was all the invite John needed before he dived in head first into her pussy.

He had learned the art from Fati but now he hoped he was good enough to impress Mrs Benji. He ate and licked it all, letting his tongue into even the most obscure inner parts of her pussy making the woman toss and turn.

He knew he was getting to her as began to start making futile attempts to escape and at the same time present her pussy more to him. He held her legs apart in a firm grip and continued to work wonders with his lips and tongue making her cry out in pleasure trying to hold onto anything for support but only John’s head was available to her and she held and pressed it down.

She continued to cry out, her student was taking her on a perilous pleasure journey but her cries were soon shut out by Fati who occupied her mouth in a razz frenzy kiss grabbing both of her boobs and squeezing them. She pressed them against each other, tweaked the nipples, rolled the nipples against her thumb and index finger, everything she had wanted to do since the very first time she found her picture on Mr Afolabi’s phone.

She didn’t break their kiss, enjoying how she gasped and moaned into her mouth. When John would stop eating Mrs Benji’s pussy, half of his face was already covered in her juice, she had squirted a fountain.

Mrs Benji and Fati looked at him, amused and like on a cue both went to him to lick the cum off his face. As they did, they kissed themselves and tribed, swapping the juices as they kissed each other. John was hard at this point and since he has had Fati’s pussy all his life, he wanted that of Mrs Benji for a change and boldly, he stood up and positioned her on all fours, not minding the age gap of the fact that she would teach him in class in the next few days.

She was wet already and his dick had no problem sliding in. John was astonished, he had thought that her pussy would be loose but the lips grabbed his dick firm like a grip. He almost had a hard time sliding out and sliding back in.

Fati manoeuvred her way and lay on her back and directly lay under Mrs Benji giving both of them the opportunity to kiss and get fucked by John, who was now switching between both pussies that were in front of him. It was hard labour, they were both very tight but he wouldn’t be the loser here. He alternated his thrusts from fast to slow anytime he felt too close to a release to delay his own ejaculation but he was soon spraying his seed on Mrs Benji’s back and he pulled out only to watch the ladies kiss and Mrs Benji initiated a fuck, rubbing her pussy on Fati’s pussy.

He had thought about how does lesbian sex pleasure women but now he fully understands. Both women were moaning and even Fati was rotating her waist to match Mrs Benji’s movements.

When she got off, Fati gave a sad moan, but it was only a change in position, Mrs Benji scissored her, both women heads faced opposite sides, one leg on the boob part of the other lady and the other leg behind. They rubbed mounds with mounds harder now and howled like sex-craved Animals, Fati Especially.

She had wanted it with a female and now she’s having it, it’s the sweetest thing to ever happen. Both of them were releasing their juices and ultimately fell apart trying to catch their breath.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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