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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E13] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E13] (18+)

A brand new phone in the hands of Fatima with permission for use from her mother was like putting a gun in a rogue’s hands. She used the device to all of its advantages.

She and Tony could now hook up even on days that he wasn’t purchasing goods, all he needed to do was to put a call through, same goes for Mr Afolabi who arranges Saturday meetings for them at a short-time hotel and also, Theo, he doesn’t need to play music for long periods of time, for her to show up for their nightly fuck, all he had to do was flash and she flashes back to confirm she’d be there.

She had taken John far up in the sex world and the boy had an affinity to her pussy juice, he just would not stop eating her pussy at any given opportunity.

She completely stopped wearing panties and bra to school because before a school day runs out, John must have taken every opportunity he gets to stick a finger and sometimes two up her pussy and Mr Folabi too must have a thorough smooch of her assets.

While she gleefully enjoyed all the pleasures from home and school, there was something she wanted more than anything and that was Mrs Benji. Ever since she saw her nudes on Mr Afolabi’s phone, she had been unable to erase them from her memory.

She had wanted a girl on girl pleasure for a long time but there was nobody to do it with. Every time the woman comes into class and teaches English in her lousy manner and ends the class with a long sermon about purity, piety and abstinence till marriage, her nudes and videos replayed in Fatima’s head.

She wondered how easy it was for Mrs Benji to play the saint and the sinner for so long without being caught. Fatimah knew that under those unattractive gowns she wore every day there were solid feminine assets any bloody man would kill for and she wanted to check Mrs Benji but, how does she go about it? That was a question she could not provide an answer to.

On one of her visits to the hotel she and Mr Afolabi meets, she successfully transferred all nude pictures and videos of Mrs Benji that she could find and cleared the traces off Mr Afolabi’s phone so as to not raise suspicions. Late at night when she’s not having sex with Theo, she scrolls through Mrs Benji’s pictures and videos, ogling at them and hoping she could have just one chance to fuck or be fucked by her.

Ever since the first time she cleaned the board in the maths class, Fatimah cemented her place as the official board cleaner for Maths class and gained some sort of popularity amongst her male classmates for it.

The whole class with Mr Afolabi included always pay full attention to Fatimah’s backside anytime she takes on the responsibility to clean the board and she always made sure to take her time to do the job. A couple of times, her gown flies up and they catch a glimpse of her panties and a few other times she was bare but soon they were seeing barer than they saw panties.

On a particular day, they were taking the English class and Fati was bored and hot at the same time. She could not get her eyes off the chest region of Mrs Benji and said silent prayers that the upper buttons gave way and she saw her boobs in flesh.

She was kept in consolation by John who rubbed his palm over her bare, smooth inner thighs. Fati knew what was coming next and she shivered at the thought of what or where John would do or put his hands next.

Mrs Benji’s presence was making the whole scenario worse, she wanted that woman so bad and the way John was scribbling on her inner thighs in Mrs Benji’s class at the risk of getting caught made her pussy water like never before, she was pretty sure the girls sitting right in front of her seat could hear whimpering but she couldn’t help matters of course.

John, liking how Fati was vibrating on a spot intensified his scribbling and always made sure to skip Fati’s pussy as he slid his finger over her clit every now and then

Mrs Benji had gone deep in her sermons about how girls will fall short of the glory of God If they commit sins like fornication instead of waiting for the night of their marriage before having sex. The entire setting was wrong for Fatimah, she wanted to see the Whore Mrs Benji and not this nun in front of her and the sermon did little to scare Fatimah about the wrath of God.

If something thick and hard does not make its way into her pussy as soon as possible she might lose her senses. “Meet me in Mr Afolabi’s Office” she whispered to John as she got up and quickly excused herself from the class. John got up moments later and excused himself too from the class.

“knock-knock” and Fatimah opened the door before John could knock for the third time and he slid onto the office wondering how Fati had access to it at first but when he remembered the means by which he had lost his virginity, things became clearer to him.

Fati unzipped and jumped out of her uniform before trapping John’s lips in her and pushing till he crashed into a chair. He needed not much motivation, she wasn’t in the mood to have her pussy ate, she wanted it fucked, fucked hard.

She stroked his dick twice before slotting it o her pussy as she straddled him and started to ride him like a depraved woman.

John had not seen Fati in that mode before and he held firmly onto her boobs for support and she continued to ride him as she was very close now and at the brink, her last slam was however stopped halfway by John who moved upwards and pumped into her. She could tell he was close too so she understood his newfound offensive act.

She slammed downwards and he slammed upwards both their crotches jamming halfway in a frantic search of orgasm. John squeezed harder on her swelling boobs making her face go hot and eyes turn from the pain and the pleasure hit just moments after as he shot his hot sperm far up her pussy making her whimper uncontrollably as she buried her head in his shoulders and muffled a scream into it and orgasmed violently shaking like a fish out of water.

What In the world are you both doing? Jesus Christ! Do you know how many crimes in one you’ve committed? You were having premarital sex in school, in a teacher’s office! That is a sin against man and God. I know God would punish you later but I will make sure you are punished right here and now.

Mrs Benji continued in a relatively low tone but kept a straight face and John was already shivering not knowing how he would get out of this trouble but Fati just sat there on his crotch, unfazed by the threats of Mrs Benji.

When she eventually got up, she gave John a deep kiss, not minding Mrs Benji’s presence in the office. John tried to resist the kiss but had no other choice than to let go and let Fati have her way, he thought she wouldn’t do this if she didn’t have a plan up her sleeve.

She finally got off John still not minding Mrs Benji’s presence and went to her uniform pile. Are you deaf? Mrs Benji hollered, still in a low tone at Fati who was now putting on her uniform.

Fati dressed in total silence and when she was done, she took her out, worked on it for a split second before turning the screen to Mrs Benji. She opened her mouth to talk but the words just stuck in her throat.

They just wouldn’t come out, she was taken by total surprise, how did she come by this video? Mrs Benji wondered in her head. “If you still feel like reporting, please do, the punishment would go-round, I can assure you of that” Fatimah said with an air of confidence and finality as she sidestepped Mrs Benji and walked out of the office with John in tow.

John hassled after Fati on their way back to class, still surprised that they had just left a threatening Mrs Benji speechless and Fati was so confident.

“What did you show her? Are we not in trouble?” he asked as he tried to match her pace. Don’t worry John, I have everything under control, just prepare for the next line of action Fati said, still feeling very confident. “Prepare? Prepare for what?” John asked, confused but was more shocked and confused when Fati said,

“Prepare to fuck me and Mrs Benji together”. She kept on walking towards the class not minding that John was stuck to a spot. John stood there and wondered, how would Fati pull this one-off? He reminisced about them and the sexual encounter when he caught her with Mr Afolabi, then remembered how they had both done a lot of lewd things in the class even when their classmates and teachers were there.

If anyone can organise a sex session with Nunish Mrs Benji then, it would be Fatimah he concluded and waded into the class some mins after Fatimah had gone in. The girls in front of the seat he shared with Fatimah gave him knowing looms but, he couldn’t care less, he was anxious to know what the coming days would hold.

Even though Mrs Benji didn’t look attractive to him, he was anxious to get in bed with her and see how the preacher would act under the influence of a dick. Would she be conservative and take his dick with pity or would she go wild like a hoe? He wondered what size her boobs would be, he had never noticed them in her long flowing gowns but now, he wanted to.

He hoped in his mind that Fatimah would organise the sex quickly and he could have comprehensive answers to the 1000 questions running through his mind.

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