May 27, 2022

Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E12] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E12] (18+)

Fatimah started to clean the board from the lower parts where she had no trouble with and when that part was done, she looked up, here’s where her trouble would start she thought to herself as she crouched a bit and jumped to clean the higher parts of the board. A resounding YEEEE!

That was echoed by both male and female classmates made Fati break her resolve and look back at what the noise was about because she had just successfully cleaned the region she jumped for. She was amazed, they were not mocking her, the glint in their eyes, especially the guys, most especially, John and Mr Afolabi, they were all staring at her gigantic ass it juggled when she jumped and landed.

They were all starstruck like she had them under a spell or in a trance.

Fatimah felt so excited and proud to have so much control over the entire class and she repeated her jumps countless times, no maths today, just ass! She thought and smiled to herself. On an occasion, she dropped the duster and bent to pick it making sure her ass squarely faced Mr Afolabi. 

For her last act, she jumped really high and not only did her ass jump, but her gown also did and her pink lace panties were on full display to the entire class for some seconds. She walked back to her seat triumphantly and sat down like a Queen. She squeezed it for a while, it was as hard as wood, she was a little surprised that John took her hand and put it on his dick as soon as she sat back down, she smiled, she finally had him in her palms too.

Once the lecture was over, Mr Afolabi asked that Fatimah help him carry notes to his office, a move Fatimah found highly suspicious but she didn’t protest.

“My wife is travelling with the kids to go and see her mother on Friday, you can come to my place on Saturday, we will have enough time for ourselves and this time, it’s on the bed,” Mr Afolabi said as soon As they got to his office. Now Fatimah decoded the reason why he had laughed at the assembly and why he had asked her to come clean the board.

His wife was travelling and he was overjoyed that he’s going to fuck Fatimah again, he only gave her the odd job to reminisce his brain about what he’d been missing. 

She just stood there and laughed sheepishly, she had missed Mr Afolabi’s fat dick but she wouldn’t admit it. I will be in the shop on Saturday o, where will I tell Iya Fati I’m going? Fatimah asked, and Mr Afolabi asked her not to worry that he would call her mother before Saturday.

Fatimah was happy that he was doing everything in his power to make sure he gets to fuck her. It was so amusing that she had control over a grown married man, as she turned to leave, Mr Afolabi grabbed her from behind and pressed her into himself, she didn’t struggle, she just let him be.

He glided his hands all the way up from her hips till he got to her boobs and gave them a firm squeeze. Fati’s mouth slightly opened as she felt heat generate instantly around in her pussy region, it had watered a little in the morning when she talked to Theo but now, her pussy was shedding real tears and she knew for sure her panties is a damp mess at the moment. 

Mr Afolabi unzipped her gown from behind to gain more access, it had been a while that Fati had surrendered herself to him this way and he couldn’t let the opportunity slip by him. He didn’t unclasp her bra knowing school day wasn’t over yet and they only had a limited time so instead, he pushed her bra cups down to reveal her very chocolate nipples that stood rock hard proudly on her melon-sized boobs.

He held both between his index and thumb fingers as he punched them, making Fati eyes turn. Fatimah didn’t complain when one of his hands left her boobs and made way to her pussy region but the sharp pain that she felt when one of his fingers penetrated her brought her back to life as she quickly held him by the wrist with a start.

Her pussy was still sore from the pounding she had received from Tony. 

The Knock, knock, knock sound that came from Mr Afolabi’s office door interrupted Fati from explaining to Mr Afolabi that the penetration hurtled her. She quickly started to put herself in order and He scurried to his seat adjusting his shirt on the way.

Now straightened up, She opened the door only to come face to face with the English teacher. She greeted her and let her in before hurrying out of Mr Afolabi’s office. 

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