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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E11] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E11] (18+)

Everything seemed so different ever since she had sex with Tony. There was this aura of happiness she felt all around her. She did not only have her dream of being fucked on a bed fulfilled but she was also fucked by a very handsome guy, a guy that she was sure most ladies in the street ogle at. 

She couldn’t wait for the next time he’ll make a purchase from their shop so she could run the home delivery knowing they were bound to have sex again and this time it wouldn’t be one rounder.

She would get into trouble for Tony’s dick and more so, Iya Fati trusts him so, it’ll be easy for her to cook up a story to cover up why she returned home late.

Fati… Fati, Theo whispered as he walked up to her quickly,

“Wetin happen yesterday? I no see you na”

“No vex jare, I sleep go, I too tire,” she said in all honesty feeling her pussy shed some juice as she remembered how it felt when Tony penetrated her. His dick felt so cold like something that was brought out of a deep freezer as it penetrated her, just remembering it gave her goosebumps.

“Eiya, Iya Fati they give you plenty work for shop, shey make I stay outside this night abi you go kuku rest so we go do tomorrow” Theo suggested to Fati who didn’t give a definitive answer, she was too lost in the thoughts of her sexual encounter with Tony.

She said a quick goodbye and briskly walked to school.

She was early today, assembly had just started, she hated this part of school life the most. She was never interested in the numerous songs or chants, she had no friend to side-talk with and standing for a long period always made her legs ache.

Mr Afolabi stepped on the podium to announce the latest developments in school to the students, Fatimah loved this very much not because Mr Afolabi was making the announcement but because the announcement meant that they would soon be marching away from the assembly ground.

As Fati’s mind wandered aimlessly, she caught Mr Afolabi’s glare and for a very brief moment, he held her gaze in his and gave a wide grin as if there was a joke written on her face. Fatimah took a minute to check if something was amiss with her and when she was sure she was on point, she wondered my Mr Afolabi had looked at her and laughed.

She wondered if she had done something wrong but didn’t ponder about it much, Mr Afolabi would only fuck and not flog her and she was always ready for a dick so, there’s nothing to fear. 


The English teacher with her forever annoying, noise-making Okrika shoes would not leave the class today. She had finished the time allotted to her period and now had started to wade into the period allotted to Mr Afolabi’s Mathematics class.

She would scream about how conjunctions are used to join sentences like a Pastor who caught teenagers having sex and from there the lecture took a turn to how girls should beware of boys and not give themselves away cheaply, how they should make sure to close their legs and wait till the right time which is the wedding night.

Fatimah sat at the back of the class, her legs thrown in opposite directions hating the English teacher more than she hated her shoes.

Mr Afolabi should quickly come and send this old megaphone-esque woman out of the class”. Some of you girls here have already started eating the forbidden fruit, you are no longer virgins” the English teacher rattled on.

John looked at Fati who gave him a very cold stare that made him quickly avert his gaze.

“As if the bastard didn’t enjoy it, mtchew” Fati said in a whisper loud enough for John to hear before she gave a cold hiss. 

She pulled her school gown a little higher on her thighs,

“Na konji go kill you Las Las” she coldly said with a wicked laugh. John stared at the thick, ripe, fresh thighs that Fatimah uncovered and salivated. He couldn’t control one part of his body now and he did his best to hide his growing erection but Fatimah saw it anyways and laughed more.

“Person wey dem give free jollof, wey no chop, na hunger go kill am” she said in a snicker, loving how she was making things hard for John. Ever since he had turned down her request, she had made sure to torment him with her body.

She had hoped he wouldn’t be so stubborn but he was and she just enjoyed having power.

“ALL STAND AND GREET!” and they all immediately sprang to their feet to welcome Mr Afolabi to their class, shutting the English teacher up. It seems everyone was tired of her lectures already.

Mr Afolabi and the English teacher exchanged greetings and conversed for a little bit but Fati saw something between them, she couldn’t quite figure it out but she was sure there was something more than being colleagues at work between them.

“Fatimah! Come and clean the board” Mr Afolabi said as he went to take a seat on the Teacher’s Seat.

Fatimah was totally caught off guard, she had never been asked to clean the board by anybody or teacher before and the main reason is because of the way she’s built. Fati is thick and endowed with boobs and ass girls older than her would kill for and if Fati should jump, her body and assets jump with her.

The board was way taller than her and tall guys are always the ones being called upon to clean it and it was always faster that way so, why did Mr Afolabi call her for this kind of duty? Was he trying to embarrass her or punish her for something? She thought as she made her way to pick the duster from the table.

Fatimah got to the board and made a resolve to not look back at her hateful classmates till she finished cleaning the board, they can laugh at her to their heart’s content till she’s done.

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