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August 3, 2021

Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E10] (18+)
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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E10] (18+)

She handed the wallet to him and he counted some freshly minted notes and handed them to her then added a few extra for, she thanked him and was about to leave when he asked her to wait for a bit. He started to engage her in small talk and soon started to tease her of her boyfriends that do disturb her in school, she smiled shyly and told her sincerely about how she had no friends in school as the boys thought she was just a fat fart.

Tony held her face up and asked her not to tell her schoolmates that they are too young to understand what they had he then pecked her on the cheek, goosebumps instantly filled her body and she flooded her pants, Tony pecked her??!!

Is this real or was she dreaming? Mr Handsome Tony pecked her.

At this point she concluded the tap from the other day was a message and this peck was to buttress it, as Tony was withdrawing, she launched herself at him and planted a full kiss on his lips. They were so soft and delicious, she chewed them gently not wanting to hurt Tony in any way.

She pressed into him, running her fingers through his hair. His tongue danced in her mouth wrestling for supremacy with hers. Tony won the kissing contest, he was such a skilful kisser and she really enjoyed that, when they finally disentangled, he asked if Fatimah was going to leave yet, she was shocked, won’t he fuck her after leading her this far?

She was all turned on already. See, I know you want us to continue but I don’t want to hurt you, my dick is for bigger girls. I don’t think you’re mature enough to take it, Tony said bluntly, hurting Fati’s feelings.

“I don’t know if you heard a rumour some time ago about a girl that was fucked by three grown men in their room”, Fatimah asked, Tony nodded affirmatively confirming he heard of the rumour,

“Well, I’m the girl”, Fatimah said lying. At least of all the pain, the matter caused her, if it could help her secure Tony’s dick, she wouldn’t mind. If I could take three men dick, what’s your dick that I won’t be able to handle, Fatimah said oozing confidence, she stood from the couch and headed for the bedroom, her dreams of getting fucked on a bed would be accomplished today, she won’t lose this opportunity.

Tony stood there transfixed for a while before going in to join Fatimah on the bed, her gown was already off, all she had once was her tube and biker shorts. He quickly took off his boxers and strode her launching into her for another gout of jisss but this time he grabbed her giant size boobs and fondled to his heart’s content, Fatimah screamed wildly, her moans were loud and tiny quickly connected his phone’s Bluetooth to the sound system, Fatimah’s cries were soon drowned by loud music.

He sucked on her boobs like he hoped they would produce milk, Fatimah enjoyed every bit of the onslaught and when he started to pull her biker shorts down, her heart jumped, her dream was moments from coming true. When Tony’s dick head popped into her pussy, she immediately saw stars, she felt very full, it was big, her mouth opened to scream but produced no sound at all, he was only able to fit half of his entire length in her pussy, her pussy was hot and somehow pepperish.

She fought hard to hold back her tears not wanting to justify Tony’s claims that she wouldn’t be able to handle his dick. He started to slowly fuck her, her moans no matter how loud didn’t make it past Tony’s ears as the music drowned everything. When Tony started to slam down into her, she wailed, she enjoyed how it felt and loved it but, it felt like Tony was hitting her navel, she cried & shrieked and she kept cumming while Tony pounded away at her sorry pussy.

When he grabbed her head and started to jerk, she knew it would be over soon, Tony pulled out and splashed cum all over her pussy then dived in headfirst to lick up what was a mixture of his cum her hers from her pussy. His tongue was like ice and it soothed her flaming pussy. When he was done, he left for the parlour and brought some more money for Fatimah. She lay on the bed panting for some more time before she finally dragged herself up and dressed up.

She limped all the way back to shop, Iya Fati and her friend were still very much engrossed in their discussion. She sat in a secluded area and pulled her gown up hoping air finds its way into her privates, her whole genital system was hot, Tony had fucked her to hell.

When she got home, she took a cold shower and made sure to supply lots of water to her pussy. The place still felt hot, she slept naked. Theo played and changed all songs to no avail, Fatimah was a no show that night.

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