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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E09] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E09] (18+)

Fatimah was able to escape that night due to Theo’s quick wit.

He simply told her he slept, while he was sleeping on the bench and he mistakenly rolled off it which led to the bench breaking and making a loud bang. He said he hadn’t seen Fatimah that night cause he had slept for quite long, Fatimah who closely followed the convo between her mother and Theo put herself in order and majestically walked out of the bathroom like nothing was amiss.

She feigned surprise seeing her mother talking to Theo, then followed up on the lie he had made up, saying she went to use the toilet and Theo was deep in his sleep when she passed him. Iya Fati heaved a sigh of relief and led the way back to the room and fatty followed her some paces back.

She twerked her huge backside for Theo to show her happiness and gratitude, he had just saved her again, he quickly closed the gap between them and grabbed each half of her thick bubbly ass in his hands and she quickly ran away from him laughing to herself. That night opened a new gateway for Fatty, she totally cut Mr Folabi off and the best he could get now was to spank her ass when no one was looking and on two different occasions, he pushed her into the wall and squeezed her breasts through her uniform and bra.

It greatly turned her on seeing how hungry he was for her and how rough he had squeezed her butt then, she would never ever let him fuck her on the floor in class again, it’s either his bed or nothing, she wanted so bad to be fucked on his bed. She would have suggested a hotel but if she is seen in a hotel and Iya Fati finds out, she’d be dead before she’s able to open her mouth and make up an excuse.

The key to her pussy now was in the hands of Theo and he opens it every night, weekdays and weekend, she was no longer sex-starved. Every night she’s either grabbing onto the kitchen’s low fence or her ankles, receiving Theo’s thick dick from the back or her back is on the bathroom wall and her legs tangled behind Theo’s back just a little above his waist as he fucks her into the wall.

Both of them would wait for darkness to thicken and songs from Theo’s phone would be the signal, once he starts to change songs rapidly, it meant the Coast is clear and she would sneak out as quietly and swiftly as possible. She’d have only her wrapper on, nothing underneath, it was always a quick and a bit rough fuck and three rounds are the highest they could go in order not to get caught.

Fatimah had developed the ability to have sex and not scream out loud noting that it would only give her away and cause problems. Though she has an affinity for screaming and moaning loud at every thrust she receives she just quietly gasps and speaks gibberish, enjoying her fucks and Theo fucks her well. 

It became a custom for Fatty to always help uncle Tony take home the items he purchased and uncle Toby would always tip her on every occasion.

On a special occasion, he called Iya Fati and told her the things he needed and asked that Fatimah bring them to his place, she was more than happy to carry out the task.

His place was beautiful and tidy, he was good-looking and she’d get tipped too so why not. When she got to his place, the parlour was empty, she peeked Into the room too and found no one, she took the items to the kitchen and started to arrange in the cabinets, when she was done, she returned to the parlour and sat down waiting for Tony to show.

After sitting for what seemed like a long period of time, a cool palm tapped her from the back, lo and behold, it was Tony, he was fully naked safe for the towel that wrapped across his public region.

He had just taken his bath and his scent was almost angelic. He looked cuter with his hair in disarray, she traced the hair on his chest straight down to his navel where the towel started, looking some inches down, his dick print, it was obvious, he had a huge dick, she immediately choked on her saliva and Tony has to rush to the kitchen to get her water.

She had never been that close to him before, he was half nude, she wished she could pull his towel and swallow his dick right there and then after he gave her water, he paid for his provisions and tipped her like always but today he tapped her back, just two few inches above her ass.

Was this a sign? Is he interested in me? Was it a mistake? Did he intentionally tap me? Would he make a move? Should I make a move? All these were questions Fatimah asked herself in her head on her way back to shop and that night as she was suspended on the bathroom wall with her legs firmly wrapped around Theo and her hands around his neck all she thought of was Tony.

Every time Theo penetrated her, she saw Tony’s face. She wished so bad that he was the one fucking her, even if it was just once. 


Over a week later, and life had gone on as it normally would, she was returning from an errand and she sighted Iya Fati discussing with her friend in the shop, she grew a smile almost immediately, once Iya Fati is engaged in these talks with her friends, nothing else always mattered and she always had the opportunity to sneak away for about 30mins to an hour. Should she rush home to Theo or visit her CD customer?

She doubted the availability of either of them but was willing to wing it.

“Take these things to Tony’s place,” Iya Fati said as soon as she got into the shop, she was happy and conflicted at the same time, happy because she liked going to Tony’s place and the top that awaited her but conflicted because she was unable to decode what Tony’s tap from their last meeting meant.

She got there and met him watching cable in the parlour, he had only his shorts on. After exchanging pleasantries, she took the provisions to the kitchen and arranged them like she always does and came to the parlour to take payment.

Tony requested that she collect his wallet for him from the bedroom, she gingerly walked towards the bedroom. She thought in her head, is he going to rape me? She had heard numerous stories about girls getting sent to bring something from a room and getting assaulted thereafter, when she realised he didn’t follow her, she concluded in her mind that he just didn’t want to leave his program.

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