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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E08] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E08] (18+)

Sadness was well written on her face and she greeted Iya Fati grumpily, she was unbothered by Fatimah’s mood and just gave her a long list of chores she was to take care of while she attended to her customers. Fatimah sleeps on the parlour couch and Iya Fati on the bed in the bedroom.

She kept tossing and turning all night, moping, she was so horny and had no means of relief, the fear of Iya Fati catching her whilst she touched herself shut off all her thoughts of using the remote on herself again. She stared at it on the Centre table and she just wouldn’t use it, Iya Fati had threatened to send her off to her aunt’s place in a rural area if she was ever caught in any sexcapade again.

Iya Fati is not one to bluff and Fati definitely didn’t want to leave the suburbs for a rural area where she’ll have to fetch water from a well or stream and cook with charcoal or wood, the mere thought of life over there was agonizing and she wondered how the people over there survived. She shut her eyes tight, placed her over her panties and closed her thighs on it, she placed her other palm over her mouth knowing she was a screamer and really had little control over her incessant outbursts.

She gently massaged her clit through her pant and the area started to feel hot, she used her thumb to push her clit in for what seemed like forever and did her very best to not to scream, the devil in her made her pinch and tweak clit and she screamed Haaaaaaa in pleasure as her pant got damp.

The night made her scream audible, she was covered in sweat from the little activity she just carried out, she soon heard Iya Fati climbing out of bed and walking towards the parlour. 

The development made her terrified, had Iya Fati found out about what she did? What would her fate be now? Her urges have finally ended her, now she would be going to live with her aunt in a village. Fatimah expected the worst only to be jerked to life by

“Why did you shout” she opened her eyes to see a half-awake Iya Fati in front of her, noticing that Iya Fati was too gone to have known what just happened she quickly replied with

“errm errm, I had a nightmare, it was scary, I wanted to….” mtchew na you know Yeye dream wey you dey dream upandan, don’t use your useless noise to wake me again, you no get wey you wan do tomorrow na him they make you dream Yeye dream Iya Fatimah said, pissed as she walked back to the room to continue her sleep.

Fatimah was relieved, that was a close shave, she quietly promised herself to never touch herself when Iya Fati was close by again to avoid stories that touch. Some pop song started to play from the backyard, obviously from a phone, annoying Fatimah the more. Who in the world has no room or has no interest in sleeping that would be playing music by 2:30 am??!

That day already started on a wrong foot for her, she woke In a terrible mood, she just wanted the day to quickly end so she that Monday would come she would have an evening session with Mr Folabi, all bets are off now, she doesn’t care if she would her control over him or he would see and use her as his sex toy henceforth she just wanted him and her alone and she had plans to ride life out of him.

From dawn till dusk, all that played in her head was the different positions she would assume tomorrow fucking Mr Folabi, she hoped John would be available too so they can fuck her together again, maybe she would even try out anal sex and see if she could get them to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time or have both of their dicks in her pussy at once. The thoughts looked painful enough to her but she still wanted to try them out, those that did it on TV are humans too and they didn’t die from it, why should her own case be any different. 

Monday finally came, Fatimah reshaved her little stubs of hair in her pussy, she wanted that place perfect for the mood, there’s going to be a very serious genital slamming excercise and only the strong would survive. She skipped pants as she wore her uniform over her bra, her ass juggler wildly drawing attention as she walked her way to school. She enjoyed the way she was turning heads and drawing whistles out of the mouth of grown men.

She was so happy to have influence over men way ahead of her in age, she wished one of them was bold enough to come to grope her ass or even her boobs, the thought of this alone made her nipples garden and remembering the evening made her almost jump for joy but she was not willing to as that would show the whole world she was bare underneath her school gown.

Assembly seemed longer that day, Fatimah was just restless hoping it would end soon and lessons would start and end quickly soon, evening is the only thing her mind was on. As the first period drew towards an end, all the students stood up

“Goooood morning ma, you’re welcome amen” greeting Iya Fati. Fatimah was shocked and scared at the same time, what could have brought Iya Fati to school on an early Monday morning, had she found some dirt on her? When she went out with Mr Folabi, Fatimah fears increased, had she found out Mr Folabi was fucking her? She was now more restless than she was in the morning, her palms glistened with perspiration, her classmates threw glances at her, wondering what trouble or crime she had committed this time around.

Iya Fati and Mr Folabi finally came back in,

“Fatimah, once school closes today, you can go home, your mum has cancelled your extra lessons” the news would have brought her joy weeks ago but now it brought her despair, she wanted to protest but who was she to question Iya Fati? “Don’t come home late o” Iya Fati added.

She wept in her heart, what the hell was happening to her? She had prepared for nothing again, she was horny and needed relief and all her opportunities have now been taken away. Fatimah just looked on and on as most of the lectures passed her by, she carefully glanced around the class, everyone was busy writing their notes, she looked beside her, John was writing too, he looked so peaceful.

Fati didn’t care, she needed him, she grabbed his hand, he looked at her but when she placed his palm on her inner thighs, he understood what she wanted and rubbed her thighs as he continued to write but Fatimah wanted more than that, she shifted his hand to her pubis, it was smooth-shaven and soon as she put his finger on her pussy lips he quickly pulled away like It was on fire. John fired an angry look at Fati and whispered, “what if they catch us?” and carried on writing his note.

Fatimah’s look could have killed John but he didn’t care, he didn’t want any trouble.

“Excuse me, sir, I want to use the toilet” Fatimah took permission and left the class for the toilet. Once in, she bolted the door and raised her gown, the floor tiles were really cold on her bare ass as she sat on it, she immediately pushed two fingers in her pussy, it didn’t take long at all for her to get wet, she started to finger fuck herself fast.

It didn’t fill up her pussy like a real dick but it would do for now. She came quicker than expected and it was weak, it sated her for a while but she didn’t enjoy it much. 

For the rest of the school day, she didn’t talk to anyone and was the first to make her way home once school closed for the day.

Everything just displeased her she would later find out that evening that Iya Fati cancelled her lessons because market has been booming and she needed an extra pair of hands in shop which meant more work and also lesser time for her and it annoyed her the more.

Fatimah grumpily attended to customers that came her way and the only time she smiled was when a really cute customer joked that she looked very beautiful to have such an angry face.  she would later know him as Uncle Tony and he had come to do some shopping, he bought quite a lot of provisions and Iya Fati asked Fatimah to help him take some of the goods home. She happily did, it was a means of escape from her work at the shop and walking with this real talk, a bit fair, well-toned and muscular guy made her have butterflies in her tummy, it didn’t take long for her to start imagining how or what his cock would look like and how good how would be on the bed.

He kept asking her if the load wasn’t too much for her as they walked making her blush. His place was very cool, a two-bedroom apartment, well furnished, it looked like he lived alone as there was no trace that said otherwise. They took the provisions to the kitchen, his kitchen was well furnished and it sparkled making Fatimah fall in love with his apartment more. She helped him arrange the provisions in his cabinet and when she was about to leave he asked her to wait for him in the living room.

The rug was so soft, the sound system was nicely arranged, a gigantic TV, air conditioner and well-fashioned chiller in one angle, flowers here and there, Fatimah wished this was her house.

“Fatimah”, Tony called out what Fatimah saw when she turned around made her head turn, he had changed to singlets and boxer shorts, the singlet hugged his body and his broad chest and abs were very evident, looking south, his boxer was free but the length of his dick print alone made her pussy cry, he wasn’t even hard and he was that long. Fatimah wished there and he pushed her into the couch and fucked her with no mercy but he just handed her three five hundred naira notes and thanked her for her help.

Nevertheless, she was her mood was lightened, 1.5k is no small money and she imagined all she could buy with her money as she returned to shop. When dusk came again, the devil in Fatimah started to rear its head, her pussy itched and she knew the little time she had bought herself earlier is now up.

She kept changing positions hoping to fall asleep all to no avail then again, someone for no reason started to play pop music in the backyard, that same person again?! Fatimah has had enough already and wanted to give the person a piece of her mind, if the person didn’t want to sleep he/she should at least let the rest of them try. 

She quietly made her way out of the house not wanting to wake her mother, getting to the backyard, she saw a shirtless Theo lying on a bench working on his phone that was also his music device, her initial anger dissipated knowing that she owed Theo.

“Theo, you dey Enjoy o, wetin you they do outside by this time?” she asked Theo who explained that the heat was too much and he was just out to get some fresh air. Fatimah understood and wanted to go back in when an idea struck her, she bit her lower lip and headed towards the bend Theo lay on, he was naked, safe for his boxers. Theo caught her in the act and didn’t snitch on her, she owed him and she wanted to pay him.

She sat astride him, shocked Theo wanted to get up but she placed both palms on his bare chest, softly pushing him back till he was reclined on the bench. He tried to talk, she placed her index finger across his lips, shushing him.

Shey you don’t want to fuck me? She asked Theo who just lay there frozen, she crushed her lips on his as they both started to eat each other’s lips to their heart’s content. Theo grabbed chunks of Fati’s fat ass in each hand as she ground into him while they continued to kiss fervently.

Theo had wanted to have a go at Fati since the day she was caught masturbating but he didn’t want problems from both his mother and hers so he had shunned that thought and now, his dream came through.

Fatimah quickly discarded her wrapper like it was on fire, she pulled Theo’s band and freed his penis, she couldn’t see what it looked like because it was very dark but running her hands on it she knew veins were well etched into it, she carefully slid it into her pussy and wept into Theo’s mouth, she didn’t want to let go of the kiss, she would make noise and put them both in trouble.

Once the dick fully penetrated her pussy, floodgates opened, her juices flowed freely and she didn’t waste time before she started to ride Theo like a horse. Fatimah was taking out all her frustrations on Theo’s dick, she rode him so fast that he had to hold her waist and control her movements.

They both sweated and their crotches made slurpy slap sounds, when Fati started to get tired, Theo asked her to get down and lie on the bench. He raised her legs and slipped his dick into her open unprotected pussy, Fati covered her mouth with both palms knowing what would come next.

Theo started to slam into her like a mad man making her boobs jumpy up and down her chest. Her juices flowed into her asshole, tears flowed freely from her eyes. She was enjoying the sex so much she actually cried real tears. She was getting close to the orgasm she had been searching for all week long and Theo released a three in 2-sec hard thrust, she tightened her palm over her mouth as everywhere suddenly went shades darker than before, Theo’s hot Sperm hit her womb and hers made a total mess of the bench.

He lay atop her as they both tried to catch their breath. Kkpraa… the bench gave way and they both landed on the floor. The noise was very loud, Fati quickly pushed Theo off her, grabbed her wrapper and made for the toilet.

“WHO IS THERE?!” She heard Iya Fati’s voice coming from the passage.

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