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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E06] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E06] (18+)

She was so tired, walking home was so tedious, the sun had started to go down but she still was sweating profusely but with all these, she had a big smile plastered on her face. She felt so happy, she had sex with John, the cutest boy in the whole class if not even the whole school.

John was wanted by all girls in the class, even seniors wanted to lay hands on him and she had tasted him first. The only problem now was she liked his dick now and wanted more, there’s a lot of things she wanted to do with him, a lot of things she wanted to teach him. Another matter that brought joy to her mind was the fact that she had Mr Afolabi around her finger.

She controlled him like a baby and it amused her to see how weak the man really was under her sexuality.

What made her happy the most was that she had fulfilled one of her biggest fantasies, getting fucked by two people. She had cum over and over again riding each of John and Mr Afolabi’s dick one after the other. Walking home now she felt some pains around her hips, she had worked them real hard, her pussy felt sore too but she was happy about all these.

Iya Fati wasn’t home when she got in, she undressed and took a pail of water to the bathroom, she needed to wash off the sweat and her privates. Once in the bathroom, she pulled the door close relieved her body of her towel which she hung on a nail, she took some time to stare down at her boobs, they were so big and full, they looked so ripe too, her nipples stood taut on them, her boobs despite their size hung firmly to her chest like they were glued to it.

She took her bailer and poured some water on herself, the coolness of the water made her shiver, her nipples came alive again as they went hard. Looking at them, she had this strong tempting interest in playing with them and she did, she pinched it and moaned, the pain and pleasure mixed so well and run straight into her brain.

The scenes of John sucking her boobs while Mr Folabi pounded her from behind played in her head once again, she was two inches from running mad when he bit her nipple but then she held his head on that boob feeding more of the fleshy mound into his mouth and encouraging him to bite her nipple again and again.

He did and she continued to trash up and down the floor, she came uncontrollably providing more lubrication for Mr Afolabi’s dick to slide in and out of her pussy with more smoothness and he also raised her legs and increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts making funny slurpy sounds.

Fatimah wailed as both teacher and seatmate enjoyed her body, her outstretched hand soon found John’s dick, it was erect, she wanted to give him some pleasure too, she started to jerk him off but it was dry and the movement wasn’t slick, she tilted her head and poured a copious amount of saliva into her palm, she grabbed John’s dick with it and smeared it all over, she started to jerk him.

John wanted to moan but Fatimah held his head on her boobs not wanting him to stop the good work he was doing on them, the saliva soon started to dry up, frustrating Fatimah’s bid to make John cum, this time got up a bit and put her hand down her pussy to get juices escaping her pussy as Mr Folabi fucked her. When she had enough she lay back and started to jerk John with renewed vigour, she enjoyed how he whimpered on her boobs due to his inability to moan openly.

All these scenes continued to play in her head as she poured more water on herself and rubbed on her clit gently after all that orgasms she’d had earlier she still wanted one more, just one for the night. The door opened with a start. 

Theo just stood transfixed with eyes and mouth wide opened, Fatimah was also rooted in a spot, her fingers still in her pussy, she was in so much shock, how could she have not locked the bathroom door???? Now she had been caught fingering pussy in the bathroom again by one of those that caught her the first time. Iya Fati would be home soon and would rain hell on her once again.

She slowly removed her finger from her pussy trying not to wince and she did but she did, her body totally betrayed her, she winced and moaned as she pulled her fingers out and a visible thick Strand of cum connected her pussy entrance with her fingers. She had to swirl her fingers quickly to discard it. It was so awkward, she was totally caught cum-handed, she wore on a wry mischievous smile as she pulled the door close on Theo who still stood there like a Greek statue.

The rest of the bath was slow, her want for an orgasm had disappeared, she kept on praying in her mind that Theo would tell his mother or her own mother what he had seen, she would do anything he asks to keep what he witnessed a secret, she was not ready to go through another bout of punishment from Iya Fati who had promised to send her to one of her sisters if she ever misbehaved again.

By the time she came out of the bathroom, Theo was gone, increasing her fear. She had hoped to plead and make some kind of deal with him and now he was nowhere to be found. The thought that he had gone to tell his mother about what he saw frightened her a lot. She quickly went in and dressed up. Iya Fati finally returned and everything was normal, Fatimah kept looking at the door hoping Theo and Mama Landlady wouldn’t come in and report her immorality to her mum.

Bedtime came and still, they didn’t come, she said silent prayers for Theo as she slept. Life continued, Theo never said anything and she admired him for that, he saved her life without him even knowing it. She made sure to always properly bolt the bathroom door whether she was up to any naughty antics or not 

Customer, Customer!!! The words came again and again, Fatimah recognised the voice but couldn’t match it to a face in her memory, she looked back and it was truly her an old friend of hers, her movie supplier.

She smiled and turned around.

“You no they come buy film here again, wetin happen, you done get another customer?” Kingsley asked as he walked towards her, they met and continued to walk down the street. Fatimah was on an errand for Iya Fati, she explained what happened the last time she bought a movie from Kingsley and what she went through, not leaving out the fact that she was caught masturbating.

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