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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E05] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E05] (18+)

He watched her slowly sandwich his dick between his and her damp panties, the wetness from the panties on his dick was so cold it sent jolts of electricity up and down his spine, his dick seemed to get harder as Fatimah continued her sultry play.

She whined her waist rubbing her wetness on his dick while this was going on she sucked on his taut nipples refusing him to touch her. Her crotch and his crotch had some scalding hotness between them, she whined her waist faster and harder as she got more and more turned on.

She stopped abruptly, unable to continue with her tease, she put her left hand down and grabbed the dick and swiftly, with her other hand, she shifted her panty and plugged Mr Folabi’s dick in.

She had missed 5 days of sex and it felt like a year, she lost her breath as the dicked gradually slipped deeper and deeper following her wetness to the depths of her pussy. She felt full, her knees felt weak, she felt her own juices running out of her pussy into her thighs, she gradually lifted her ass up and landed it back with a thud, the impact sent fire into her brain, yes, yes that’s what she wanted.

She kept at it riding Mr Folabi like a wild bull, his back was getting bruised on the cold cement floor but he was getting daylight fucked out of him. Nothing good comes easy, he held her onto her ass as he thrust his hips too, building a rhythm with her, slapping skin, moans and groans were the only language they both spoke to each other until the door burst open and John walked in. 

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Mr Folabi growled at John turning his head upside down, John had his face glued to the floor, what was he to do now?

He didn’t like trouble and had no plans to get into one but he had forgotten his assignment note under the desk and that was the reason he came back and he would be punished if he didn’t submit the assignment and now he caught his teacher fucking his seatmate.

He never imagined that he would be getting into trouble while trying to evade one, he was scared and close to tears. John is my friend Mr Folabi, don’t punish him, you can’t punish him, he’s the only friend I have in class.

“If I don’t do something, your friend would leak our secret and we would be in trouble, ” Mr Folabi affirmed.

I promise I won’t tell anyone, sir, I just want to take my note, John said shivering, almost close to tears but Mr Folabi wasn’t convinced. Well, I’m sure John won’t like to get in trouble, he can’t leak this secret if he’s also involved Fatimah said drawing a curious look from Mr Folabi.

See, I know our classmates have told you I am a bad girl and all, they weren’t lying, I am a bad girl and I don’t care what they all think but then I can’t let you put me in trouble and the only way we are all leaving here in peace is, take off your clothes and come here.

She continued to Ride Mr Folabi gently enjoying the slow strokes as she watched John quietly undress, he was really handsome, he even has six packs, she had never seen it in real life before, only in movies, her urge to fuck him tripled and soon he was in front of her with his hands covering his naked semi-hard dick.

She was amused by his shyness and gently beat his hands off his crotch.

“I have not done it before,” he whispered, trying to hide his shame. Fatimah was more amused, could this boy be more unbelievable right now? All this cuteness and he’s a virgin? She didn’t brood much on it, she was glad to be the one taking his virginity away, she swallowed his dick in one swoop making John eyes close in pleasure.

Mr Afolabi started to fire hit shots into her pussy from under seeing that her attention was divided between him and John. She was getting it real hot from under as Mr Folabi gathered all his frustrations into his hips, he’s been controlled by his student because of sex, he’s sharing that student with another student right now all these would probably not happen if he didn’t have such an ice-cold fish as wife at home.

She always denied him sex and on the few occasions, they had sex it was always in the missionary position and she never went over two rounds.

He grabbed her ass and fired harder grunting. Fatimah’s juices were everywhere, she sucked John ever carefully trying to keep him from cumming, once Mr Folabi started to jerk and released his semen she quickly climbed off him and asked John to lie down.

She straddled him as soon and his back was on the floor, she lowered her boobs into his mouth letting him suck her huge melons, she grabbed his turgid dick and planted it in her, she started to ride him slowly at first, wanting him to get acquainted with pussy and soon started to go wild on him slapping her ass down his dick, he lost his breath in no time and started to jerk and with one final jerk up, he came in her pussy.

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