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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E03] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E03] (18+)

She slipped two fingers in her pussy, it had been so long that she did that and she almost forgot what sweet sensation she got from fingering herself.

Mr Afolabi continued to roll her boobs on her chest and play with her nipples, they were too significant to be ignored, they protruded from her very dark areolas like flagpoles. He flickered them as he nibbled her ears. Fatimah had looked forward to the first time she would have real sex, she never imagined it would be from her number one enemy.

When he kissed the nape of her neck, she almost jumped, there was something with that particular area, it tickled her, it sent a shock to her spine and every part of her body, it made her pussy water with excitement and it made her arch her back every time Mr Afolabi massaged or kissed her there.

She was screaming more audibly now unable to keep it in any longer, he replaced her finger with his, one of his fingers felt like two of hers and when he added the second finger she cried in pleasure, he dug deeper, faster and harder than she had ever done, his fingers were very rough compared to hers and his aggressiveness had her screaming gibberish.

She felt paralyzed there, riding her first orgasm in months. Mr Afolabi seeing that she was ready asked her to get up and she shot up immediately, he led her to their favourite desk where he had on more than one occasion whipped her bubbly ass.

He unbuckled his trousers and dropped it with his briefs, an angry 7-inch erect dick sprang out, Fatimah wanted to touch it, she wanted to suck it like she had seen the pornstars in her disc do but she was too scared to make a move, she didn’t want to make Mr Folabi end this session abruptly, so far, it had been their best evening session.

He turned her to face the desk and bent her over it,
“Hold the desk,” he said and she quickly grabbed onto it, squashing her boobs on it like the good old days just that she was naked this time around, not pinned to the table by boys and not waiting to get flogged.

She felt Mr Folabi’s hand grip her neck as his dick loitered around her pussy, he was soaking his dick in her wetness wanting to lubricate it before penetration.

Her body tingled, streams of cum rolled down her inner thighs, when she felt him at her entrance she knew it was time, the moment she had been waiting for, she tried to bring her legs together but he stopped her, as he pushed harder with more intent.

POP! that sound came back again as he entered her, she screamed in pleasure, both maintained that position like statues for a moment as he watched her cry subside then he started to hit it slowly, knowing it was her first time, he didn’t want to be too hard on her so she could enjoy it.

After a while of slow strokes, that part of Fatimah that her mother had put in limbo came back to life, every single scene of porn she had watched played in her head, they didn’t take dicks like a baby like this, they took it like the whores they were and she definitely wanted to do it like them.

She let go of the desk and held each half of her ass cheeks in her hands, parting them to reveal her asshole and pussy, she started throwing her ass back to meet Mr Afolabi’s thrusts, he was happy with that development and he increased his own tempo too. He gave it to her hard and strong. She was his bitch, Fatimah screamed on the top of her voice not caring if anyone would hear her.

Something burst within her and juices rushed down her pussy, she crashed into the table trying to catch her breath, Mr Folabi held onto both of her shoulder blades as he continued to pump his dick into her pussy.

After a while of some devastating shots, he quickly pulled out and held his dick in his hand as he pumped it furiously, he groaned as jets of sperm flew out of his dick to the floor, the face he made looked very funny to Fatimah.

“Don’t worry, this is the only way I will be flogging you now”, he said slapping her bare ass and started to dress up,

Fatimah followed suit wearing her pant and her uniform, she felt all weak and hazy as she dragged herself home, the second day was the weekend so there wouldn’t be any lesson, she needed to rest and she looked forward to next week’s lesson.

That was her very first time or looking forward to anything that involved a teacher. Mr Afolabi’s dick was so good, she enjoyed the sex so much and forgave him for all the times he had flogged her mercilessly.

She met her mother home, her heart leapt into her mouth, she feared that she could see through her and she had knowledge of the sex she just had.

Iya Fati looked at her sternly, something looked odd on her,
“What happened?” she asked.
“Mr Afolabi beat me,” Fatimah said not even thinking it through, it just came out of her mouth,
“That’s good, he should keep beating you,” She said and continued her chore. Fatimah sighed in relief.

“Only if you had known how he beat me, I hope he doesn’t stop,” Fatimah thought as she went into the room and changed out of her uniform, she fetched a bucket of water and took a shower after which she went to sleep.

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