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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E01] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E01] (18+)

Fatty Bumbum! What’s her name? Fatty Bumbum!!!

The whole class shouted gleefully much to Fatimah’s disgust. Everything seems to always go against her. She had got the whole assignment wrong, only she got it wrong out of a class of 41 students and the teacher employed her mates in making jest of her, which is an irrevocable bottom barrel behaviour.

He probably thinks making jest of her would let her get it the next time.
Dumb, Dumb, Mr Folabi, Fatimah no longer cared about the jeers, she just wanted both teachers and students to get over with it so she could sit and continue with her snacks that were under her desk.

Fatimah had no seat partner so, no one would rat her out. She’ll just sit down and enjoy her snacks. Olodo! come and take your note! Mr Folabi called out. She rushed out and stumbled into the desk, her massive weight toppling it over and spilling the contents.
(A plate of Wanke, 2 pieces of meat, 1 fish, spaghetti), egg rolls, puff puff, La Casera and chocolates rented spaces on the floor. The whole class was stunned, the only question on everybody’s mind was,

“Was Fatimah really going to finish all these alone?” Looking at the culprit, it seemed really possible that she was well capable of finishing every bit of what was on the floor.

Fatimah dragged her heavy body up, she was surely in soup now, first, she just got zero out of ten assignment questions and now she had revealed her stash of half-eaten food and snacks to the whole class and Mr Folabi, that Mr Folabi that hates her so much.

Come out here! He roared confirming her fears, lie on that table. Fatimah willingly did as asked, she and this Table were close, she had laid on it severally to be lashed. Mr Folabi called on two boys to help him pin her down the table. Her hands stretched over her head was held down, and legs were held together and pinned on the tables, her lips kissed it and her boobs were squashed into it.

No escape for her as Mr Folabi targeted her big ass with his cane. She struggled with each landing of the whip ask her skirt kept leaping up revealing her blue cotton panties which threw the whole class into another roar of laughter. They let her go after she had taken 12 lashes of the cane.

She limped and cried quietly on her way back to her seat where she packed her junk and returned them to her desk.

Fatimah was a fair-complexioned girl, she was not too fat, just a bit too plumpy with well-rounded melon-sized boobs that were well too big for her age, her ass was a magnificent one, it jiggled with every step she took no matter how slight.

Having all these bodily endowments at a young age, Fatimah lacked intelligence and the only thing nice on her face was her dimples that grabbed every opportunity to show themselves off. The name Fatty Bumbum as she was mostly called by her friends was not because she was fat, it actually was a combo of the name her mother called her when she visited the school.

Her mother calls her “Fati” and one valentine period when the whole class was picking partners they would swap gifts with for Valentine and only Fatimah was left with no partner, someone shouted nobody picked Fatimah!
Another person felt like a genius and yelled “who will pick Fatty Bumbum?”. A laughter competition immediately ensued and ever since then, the name stuck like glue. Fatimah had no friend in class, she doesn’t talk much to anyone, she was not a bright student and she was less bothered.

She hated school, her size made her feel older than her mates and she feels like an odd one out.

She was a food lover and never bothered about her classmates, as long as she had something to eat, the whole world could crumble for its own sake.

“Oga, good afternoon, I wan buy Korean film, Kang chi” Fatty said. The guy brought out the movie she asked for but she insisted he tested it first which he did before she made payment and left with her movie.

She got home and nobody was home, she slotted the movie in and left the parlour for the room so she could undress. She came back to the parlour in her tights and, bared boobs. she loved dressing that way when she’s alone, freeing her assets that had kept captive all morning.

She quickly jumped into the chair wanting to enjoy her movie but when she looked up, it was not Kang Chi that was on. Instead, it was some delivery man that was delivering pizza to a lady. Fatimah was immediately filled to the brim with anger. What kind of day is this?! Nothing was going right, now even the movie she purchased had been mistakenly swapped out for another one.

She had to quickly return it and get her Kang Chi. She dashed into the room and got herself a long gown, as she rushed back to the parlour what was on TV stunned her. The lady that was receiving the pizza was on her knees and the delivery guy had his dick in her mouth.

She froze in the spot watching the lady hop her head and gobble the dick. When the delivery guy pulled out and pushed her into the off-white coloured tiled with her ass facing him, Fatimah slowly sat down, with her heart beating rapidly, waiting for what they would do next.

She had heard about porn before but she had never watched it and neither had she seen people fuck before. One part of her wanted to quickly remove the disc and return it while the other wanted to see it till the end. Her other mind won as she watched the delivery guy slide his dick into the lady’s pussy.

She quickly grabbed the remote control and turned the volume down because of the lady’s high pitched moans, she also bolted the door from behind to keep out intruders and also to save herself from trouble. The curtains covered the windows well, lights turned off, no one would catch her watching porn.

Watching it was seen as a bad thing and she didn’t want more trouble than the one she had already. She watched different episodes of porn on that disc, she felt really hot even though the fan was on, she sweated and later had to pull off her gown.

Her nipples were so hard and her boobs felt fuller, she felt a big patch of wetness in her tights, she pulled it off and yea, there it was, she was seeping a lot of juice. It was her first time but seeing the same thing happen to the ladies she was watching assured her she was OK.

The whole area was scalding hot as she placed her palm on it, some feeling washed through her body, through her spine, she loved that feeling. She watched the lady stick one, two, fingers in and she made to follow suit but the second finger was too painful and she just stuck to one.

She watched the lady use dildos of different sizes but she just stuck to her finger seeing she had none of what the lady used. When the pleasure got a firm grip on her, she shut her eyes tight and forced the second finger in.

She cried in distress and pleasure, the pain stung her but, she didn’t want to let go of the sweet sensation that came after it and also she didn’t want to give up on this too so it won’t look as if she’s failing at everything.

Her other hand clutched her boobs and squeezed them very tight while her two fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. Once she pushed in really deep, her whole body convulsed and it shook like she was in a trance.

As she vibrated, hot sticky juice was released on her fingers and the chair. She felt some sort of relief and her body felt light, this disc definitely won’t be returned. She lay there letting the fan cool her off, a new Fatimah was born that eventful evening.

Over the days, Fatimah secluded herself more from her schoolmates, it’s not as if they even liked her in the first place nor did they show any interest in her business.

Mr Afolabi made things worse for her always inciting her mates to mock and throw jeers at her. He never spared the whip when it came to Fatimah like he had a fetish for lashing her fat ass, the dumb thing juggled even as it was flogged.

Since she had discovered pornography, Fatimah had taken some sort of relish in pain as it always transforms to pleasure in her. On two separate occasions, she wet her pants when Mr Folabi whipped her. Maybe the floorings were not so bad after all.

She soon started to enjoy it and sometimes would just intentionally commit a crime to get flogged. In Fatimah’s brain rests tons of erotic memories, different sex styles, different types of dildoes, vibrators, restriction tools for BDSM, different sizes of dicks.

She had opened her mouth in awe when she watched a particular moment where a lady was fucked by three guys at once. One dick in her mouth, one in her asshole and one in her pussy. Three abled-bodied, huge men with well-toned body!!!

She felt a bit dizzy watching as they fucking in and out of the lady who was receiving all three dicks at once as all four of them moved in synchronization like it was some sort of choreography they had practised.

Fatimah felt like some failure, she had never gone above two fingers. She had no one to fuck her too and she so badly wanted to be fucked like these ladies, her body yearned for it. She had no way to go about it though, how would she get someone to fuck her?

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