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Kunle JJC: The Closet Freak (Part 2) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Closet Freak (Part 2) [18+]

I was hurt by her statement but I was not ready to come out of the closet, I wanted to be the closet hoe that I was and I also wanted to maintain the me that my mother raised at the same time.

It was hard and I was reaching my breaking point till I found out a finalist in charge of our tutorials was taking quite an interest in me. It started with him directing questions to me and asking me to do chores like cleaning the board and helping him with his notes when we finish with our tutorials.

I was seeing signs but I didn’t know if he liked me in any way but I hoped to get close to him. I soon asked him to teach me private tutorials.

He readily agreed to the arrangement and for the first time, I also had a boy to visit. The tutorials were nice and he was a gentleman but I wanted him to be more.

Either he was ignoring my subtle hints or he wasn’t getting them but I wanted him to know that when I push my boobs into his arms during tutorials I wanted him to grab those boobs in his palms and do as he wishes.

He doesn’t seem to be getting the point though or maybe he also just saw me as a pious Catholic girl and he didn’t want to scare me away. I have had enough of that and I knew I had to risk it. I selected a day my hostel mates were not around.

I put on a shirt but left the first few buttons open so that my cleavage showed and my rosary stuck in it.

I quickly made a little prayer hoping he wouldn’t react negatively to what I was going to do next then I dumped about 10 of those in his inbox. I waited for the message to deliver and immediately I got the signal that he had viewed them.

I deleted everything for both of us and started typing an apology. He begged me to resend the pictures before I could send my apology.

I happily resent them and that was when he finally opened up about all of the nasty things he wanted to do with me but he didn’t know my thoughts and he didn’t know how to propose his wild imagination without offending me.

Of course, I was down for whatever he wanted to do, I just wanted to get my dose of steady orgasms, I want to be thoroughly fucked. He was surprised that I was not the holy person everyone thought I was but I made him promise to keep it to himself so he could have me to himself.

In the days that followed we swapped nude pictures and videos. I haven’t had any sex in a long Tim so I was so psyched for the weekend to come that I can go to his place for tutorial and have sex too.
I put my all into preparing for the weekend, I shaved and all. The weekend came and at the tutorial, he wasn’t present.

My heart broke, I was restless all through the first two sessions we had. I continually excused myself to call him but he wasn’t picking up. I gave up, I couldn’t visit him without finding out whether he was home or not. I was close to tears so to not draw attention to myself I packed my stuff and prepared to leave.

I almost crashed into him because I was rushing out of class and it took me a bit before I regained my composure. He just smirked and went into class. I quickly followed after him. My concentration all through his lecture was on his crotch.

I had seen what was there but not physically. At this point, I started to develop cold feet.

I haven’t had sex in a long while and I worried over maybe if still know how to do it right or maybe I would have enough stamina. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself and make this guy discard me thinking I’m terrible sex.

I needed something for courage, something to make me bold but I couldn’t find any. After tutorials, I helped him with his notes as usual and we quietly walked out of school side by side.

When we got to his area he suddenly grabbed me by the waist and we walked like that. I was shy about the public display of affection but then it made me happy.

Immediately after we arrived at his place, he went into the kitchen to fix us something to eat. He wouldn’t let me help him so I had no choice but to wait for him in the room. Staying alone was boring and I got thirsty too, so I checked his fridge for something to drink. That was where I found alcohol.

Good, something to cure my cold feet because I needed to be bold for the next few minutes. I took a bottle and halved the drink in a gulp. It was cold and it hit my senses instantaneously. I started having different thoughts I wasn’t having before the drink.

I undressed, strutted my naked body to his closet, and checked through all of his clothing. I found an armless top that was way too big for me and put it on.

Cynthia is 5’5 inches and the boy she wants to fuck is 6’2 inches therefore, the top that I put on looked like a mini gown on my small body frame. My height always made me look like a child but if you take the time to assess my boobs and ass, you would understand that they cannot belong to a child.

I sat there waiting for him. He said the food would be ready soon and came to sit on the bed too, looking all over me. His eyes scanning all over my ebony skin made me feel all cold and naughty all of a sudden.

The side of my big boobs can’t be seen from the side arms of the top, the neck was also wide enough to give a clear view of my cleavage with my rosary stuck inside my cleavage.

I think he got tired of staring at my body because what I felt next was his palm sliding through my arm space over my side boobs and ending on my nipples. I had goosebumps immediately. It felt like he just flicked a switch to turn me on. My back rested on his chest as I enjoyed him squeezing my boobs, I turned to kiss him. I tried the best I could but I could not stop moaning into his mouth.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I got out of bed and went to bend over on his chair. The moment I bent, the shirt rode over my ass. Lube was not needed this time, my pussy was a mess with my wetness.

The dick slid in halfway through my pussy, and I got wetter the more. I was quietly moaning to his gentle strokes but that didn’t last long. The second his dick got familiar with my pussy walls he buried all of his cock in me in one wicked thrust.

My boobs bounced off each other inside the clothing I wore but my rosary escaped, it kept swinging back and forth as my body cracked into orgasm after orgasm. Face down looking at my phone, a call came in from my mother but I wouldn’t pick it up.

I was weeping under intense cocking. When I eventually picked up my call, he had nutted on my ass and was resting

That fine dick of his was massaging my tongue and the entrance of my throat when my mother called again. I drenched his cock in saliva before spreading it all over his dick with my palm before I took my mother’s call.

I quickly explained to her that I was in the middle of a tutorial and was very busy at the moment so I couldn’t talk much. She quickly bade me farewell and dropped the call. He looked at me and smirked as I dropped my phone. I climbed over his waist and slid his dick over my pussy lips to feel the sweet pains I felt before.

Quietly, I let out a sonorous moan as I slid the dick inside my pussy, it was time for round 2.

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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