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Kunle JJC: The Closet Freak (Part 1) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: The Closet Freak (Part 1) [18+]

Most of my days are spent under my strict mother’s watchful eyes and my nights are spent in the confines of my room in my cosy bed. That’s the only life available to a girl like me whose mother is overprotective and strict.

A typical Catholic girl, the virgin Mary was the role model my mother picked for me to emulate. Her greatest dream would be to lead me down the aisle in a white wedding gown and deliver me to my husband as chaste and untapped as possible.

I guess my opinion didn’t matter to mum or she just didn’t see a reason why I should have one.

My mum did everything right to set me on the path she wanted me to tread but made the deadly mistake of enrolling me in a public secondary school. Cynthia began secondary school as a chaste and very religious girl but finished as a closet hoe.

After my first year in secondary school, I realized I was more drawn to the naughty girls sitting at the back of the class. The stories they told were enticing and fascinating, so I started to practice on my own albeit covertly. Before the end of my second year, I had begged one of the final-year students to take my virginity.

I was that desperate for sex. It happened in the school compound. School work was over for the day but the finalists had to stay behind for practicals. We picked that moment for our shenanigans. Whilst his mates were hard at work in one of the laboratories he was hard at work deep inside my virgin tight pussy.

My back on the hard cold tiles, my palms across my lips, skirt discarded, panties trapped on one of my thighs and knees almost touching my boobs. I was wet enough from the foreplay but he still brought lube and the way his fingers smeared lube all over my pussy was sending. I could feel my spirit exiting my body.

I think he used too much lube on his dick because he had quite a hard time holding it in his hand after.

When his dick pushed my pussy apart, it stung like hell but I had braced myself already anticipating the pain that was to come from losing my virginity.

I felt hot all over but when we found a rhythm I was able to summon enough courage to lock my legs around his waist like my friends had told me they do when the dick is hitting all the right angles.

I could feel the sensation crawl all over my body, my toes curled, and I vibrated on that floor like I was suffering from an epilepsy seizure.

So, that was what an orgasm felt like. I finally understood what those girls meant when they said sex is sweet. I wanted to feel that orgasm as many times as I could.

Beads of sweat ran off his face and ended on mine, sex is a lot of hard work. Thoughts of my mother and the sin I was committing ran across my mind but when his tongue ran over my nipple, everything went foggy in my head again and I was lying there running my hand through his hair begging him for more.

I orgasmed again and witnessed a guy orgasm for the first time. He had his dick in his hand and was stroking it fast till he started to seize as I had done.

I saw his seed fly out of his dick. He zipped himself up and left when he finished.

The saying that losing one’s virginity would permit one to see blood and all was a myth to me cause I didn’t see any. But when I came home on the third day my mum called my attention to one of my panties that were stained with blood.

She was really mad at me for my poor hygiene asking whether I didn’t use my menstrual pad and all. I knew I had my cycle done already and the blood was from me losing my virginity but would I tell my mom that?

Hell no. My new-found self is my dream, I wanted to experience more orgasms, I wanted to try things out, I wanted to taste dicks but I was still under my mom so I had no choice but to refrain from my newfound self as much as I could.

When I graduated, my mother was happy, her pious daughter was going higher in the world. Of course, I was pious. I never missed church, you’d never catch me without my rosary but I also was having secret sex.

I had become a pro before graduation and I could do many sex styles with ease. Only I and the person fucking me knew that though, I was a virgin to my mother and an example to the daughters of our neighbours. I would sit like the good girl my mother wanted me to be and watch her brag to her friends about how no boy had ever seen my undies talk more about my privates.

It was always incredibly funny when she did that and I enjoyed it. If only she knew what her daughter had sampled. Life moved on fast and I had to go to the university, away from my mother and her watchful eyes.

This was the golden opportunity I had been waiting for, FREEDOM to think and do with myself as I wish. I have been living my life for my mother all this while and now it’s time for me to live for myself. I looked forward to the experience of living alone and looking after myself like a grown-up.

I have seen my friends having boyfriends and sleeping over at their place, I wanted to do all those things too.

Things didn’t go as I envisioned them because, from the onset, everybody saw me as a religious catholic girl. It struck me out and set me aside. The naughty boys that I had dreams of didn’t even look my way.

It was very frustrating because I couldn’t even warm my way into their space at all. It was not a nice feeling. I live in the hostel with my friends and at night watch them dress up and go out with their boyfriends and return the following day.
Sometimes, men come in cars to pick up girls from my hostel. I spent so many nights alone and frustrated. On one occasion I asked my friend if I could tag along, and she told me she wasn’t going for fellowship. I felt so pained

Written by Reezy Sama

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