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Kunle JJC: The Birthday Bash-In II (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Birthday Bash-In II (18+)

It was fun all around especially for Jumoke who watched her neighbours play this slutty game. When it got to her turn she did not hesitate, she had been trying to keep Jummy under the wraps so her neighbours do not tag her a slut but after seeing how they had shamelessly locked lips for fun she knew Jummy would fit in just perfectly at this party and this Friday night may not go wasted after all.

The blindfold was tied firmly by Oscar, she was anxious to get the kisses and make her guesses.

The first set of lips that crushed hers were really soft, she tried to picture which of her neighbours this was, she felt a palm briefly squeeze her boob, she almost moaned into her kisser’s mouth then the person stopped.

Another set of lips collided with Jumoke’s lips. This one was rougher than the first one and the kiss had some strength to it. It definitely was a guy but, which of the guys was it? Jumoke thought as she was relieved of the blindfold. Jumoke guessed her kissers were Femi and Tomiwa.

The entire party entered a bout of laughter, she had guessed wrong, her kissers in fact were Oscar and Jude. Jumoke was awed, how was Folake OK with her boyfriend making out with another lady at her own birthday party.

It all hyped Jumoke more and she felt more relaxed to bring Jummy out. After the kiss and tell, they put on the music for another round of dance and Jummy made sure she enjoyed herself.

Well sandwiched between Femi and Tomiwa, they touched and groped her body, she enjoyed it and it turned her on but they were not the type of guys she liked.

Jude and Folake danced and made, Balikis and Banke grind their bodies into Oscar, drinks flowed, the party was more fun than Jummy had expected it to be. They took another break and Folake suggested that they played Truth or Dare to round off the party.

Everyone readily agreed, Jummy feared that they would want to pry into her private life with this game so she made a resolve to only pick DARE. Everyone had their turn and Jummy picked dare. She was dared to give Folake a kiss.

That was not a problem, she was no stranger to a girl on girl and she gave Folake a kiss that made everyone in the room get jealous.

Banke picked a dare too and gave Femi a lap dance. A couple of truths followed and Balikis was dared to breastfeed anybody in the room. Before the whole room could blink, she had pounced on Tomiwa and pushed one of her round boobs into his mouth.

She even grabbed the back of his head as though he was her baby and grind her ass into his crotch. The whole room cheered on wildly till the dare was over. It was Jummy turn once more and this time, she was dared to act out how a doggie style is done.

She pulled her gown up her waist exposing her black lacy panties, got on all fours, ass in the air, back arched and her face almost brushing the rug.

She seductively twisted and whined her waist as she moaned. Femi jumped in behind her and quickly found space to connect with her behind. He held her waist and hit his crotch on her ass as though he was making love to her.

It was a wild sight to behold as Jummy grind her ass wickedly into Femi’s crotch and the room cheered them on.

When Jummy finished her dare, her neighbours gave her a round of applause and the celebrant and her boyfriend declared that they would be retiring to their bedroom. The guests were left to finish the drink and cake and do whatever it is they found fun.

She was already high and horny now but the guy she wanted, Oscar was serenading Banke alongside Femi, Balikis and Tomiwa were already making out and her hand was already inside his trousers. She took that as a clue to go to her own room now, it was past midnight already.

Once in her apartment, she dragged herself to the bathroom hoping to wash Sweat off her body. She took a long cool shower and stepped out to the bedroom where she got a shock that sent her running back into the bathroom.

Oscar was there sitting on her chair, she did not hear the door open and she had come in stark naked. What did Oscar want? She found something to wear to cover up in the bathroom before returning to the bedroom.

She came back to the room and asked what Oscar wanted. He explained that he had misplaced the key and there was nowhere else he could sleep. Jummy almost laughed at his excuse, she knew he just wanted to crash her place for fuck but it was OK, she would also play hard to get even though she wanted to fuck him.

She started to make a fuss telling him to go back out and sleep in the lobby or in the celebrant’s sitting room. Oscar was alarmed and he pleaded that she keeps her voice low so that the other neighbours don’t know what is happening.

She took her key and locked her door behind, she told Oscar the only way it was going to work is if he sleeps on the bed and she sleeps on the floor, Oscar pleaded that they either slept together on the bed or she sleeps on the bed and he on the floor.

After making poor Oscar plead for some ten minutes she agreed that they both slept on the bed. They put the lights out and both slept. She lay there quietly hoping that she had not scared Oscar too much, she wanted him to fuck her.

She concluded in her mind that if nothing happens in an hour she would swallow her pride and initiate the sex.

Just knowing he is barely a dare away from her makes her pussy water, all that grinding with Femi at the party, Balikis breastfeeding Tomiwa and all also put her in a real horny state. She wondered what her other neighbours were up to in their rooms now.

When his palm first brushed her shoulder blade, she felt it was a mistake but his thumb was rubbing the back of her neck then she knew Oscar was starting it. She sighed so that he would know she was responding.

He rubbed her hair and grabbed her boob from behind, her nipple, hard, pricked his palm. She was naked, Oscar beamed a smile in the darkness as she blessed him with a deeper sigh. She grabbed Oscar’s palm and squeezed her boob with it, she wanted it.

Her breasts are so soft and she loved how he squeezed them with no mercy, it made her wet the more. She turned to face him and pressed a kiss on his lips, he rolled her on her back to continue the kiss with his palms still squeezing her breasts. He enjoyed how she gasped.

He started to place short pecks all over her face then down her neck. When he got to her chest region, Jummy already had her palms cradling his head.

As he poked her nipple with his tongue, she tightened her grip over his head and moaned out loud for the first time since they started touching each other.

Understanding that her boobs are her weak points, Oscar spent more time on both making sure to suck, fondle and tease her nipples. He enjoyed how she grabbed his head from time to time and how she locked her legs together trying to hold another wave of orgasm.

When Jummy could not take it anymore she rolled Oscar on his back and quickly helped him out of his shorts. His dick was not too long but it was fat and the cap already had loads of pre cum on it. She quickly locked it all up not wanting it to waste.

Oscar was the one grabbing his own head now, his dick felt warm and cold in Jimmy’s mouth. It was a wild sensation that he could not explain. He struggled to breathe and Jummy would not let him touch her as she continued to torture his dick with her tongue.

When she eventually looked up she felt pity for Oscar who was now sweating under the AC. She smiled at him as he tried to catch his breath, and as soon as he did, she covered his face with her pussy and continued to suck on his dick.

The 69 was sweet for Oscar he had all the freedom to caress and spank Jummy’s magnificent ass.

Jummy however was blowing his dick like no girl had ever done so he parted her pussy and pushed in two fingers. Jummy held froze, held his dick and moaned, Oscar loved that they were on level now, he ate and fingered her pussy and she sucked him real hard till they both tired out.

Jummy lay on her back, trying to catch her own breath but Oscar was just starting now. He pushed his dick in her pussy, it pushed her pussy walls apart no matter how hard they tried to close up on it.

Her pussy was wet enough to allow Oscar’s dick easily slide in and out. Jummy enjoyed the fuck, his dick hit every part of her pussy wall and he really took his time slowly thrusting in and out of Jummy enjoying the seductive expression on her face, how her thin voice moaned his name and how her perky boobs bounced all around her chest.

She soon turned over for him assuming the doggie position, Oscar did not waste time before grabbing her waist and and pushing his dick into her.

She grinds her ass into Oscar’s dick as he pumps her from behind. She was bringing the doggie style she had acted earlier alive. His dick felt so much bigger in her in this angle and she enjoyed how he held her wrists on her back and fucked her from the back.

Oscar spanked her ass loving how soft it felt under his touch, his thrusts made her ass vibrate too. When he felt his cum was on the way it was too late to pull out so he went all the way in and dumped his semen in Jummy.

They both lay on the bed panting, Jummy felt his cum drooling out of her pussy, she was not worried, there are Morning after pills in her drawer.


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