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Kunle JJC: The Bachelor (Part 1) 18+

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Kunle JJC: The Bachelor (Part 1) 18+

The scene unwraps upon a man in his early or mid-thirties in the kitchen trying to fix a meal. 

Midway through the process, his attention was diverted to his ringing phone. He quickly hops out of the kitchen to his room. 

“Hmmm… Hello… Joy…(silence)… Oh… You won’t be able to make it? Alright… No, I’m not angry… It’s alright dear… Take care… Sure, I’ll be fine too” (call ends). 

He drops his phone on his neatly made bed before falling in, he sighs in disappointment. He finally gets back up and lets his shorts fall to the floor. Standing in front of a man-sized mirror, his 7 inches dick also faced its reflection.

I am Daniel, you can call me Dan, I am a 32-year-old bachelor and you just read a little about me. I have just been left hanging by a booty call. She was supposed to come over and we were supposed to have numerous sexual encounters over the weekend. 

It wasn’t to be anyways, I don chop breakfast and now I’m left with a kitchen of diverse foods I won’t be able to finish on my own and a dick that seriously needs cum to be exorcised from it. This is one of the ills of being a bachelor. 

Now, which of these girls can I quickly sub in to replace Joy? Joy just did me Amaka because we planned this all week. 

Ahhhh… I remember this small girl in my area. Her name is Simbi. A young slender Yoruba girl, endowed with big boobs, perhaps too big for her slender shape. 

Her boobs stood firm and proud, drawing a fairly big circle on her chest and giving her bra a tough job to do. The girl isn’t that blessed in the ass aspect but hell, she has one of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen. Her face wasn’t as pretty as the rest of her banging body. 

She had a look very chaste and innocent you would think we were an angel. I thought so too till I heard a couple of her stories. 

Do you want to hear? Lol… Alright, let’s do small amebo while I text Grace to see if she is available.

Simbi is the adopted daughter of a woman down the street I live. Most of us didn’t know this from the onset as the woman treated all the three kids with her equally. She was a trader and her business required her to go out of town at least 3 times a week. 

Before she leaves, she provides foodstuff for the children as being the oldest, Simbi was in charge of the home and the two other girls. The two girls were still relatively young and are students of a secondary school while Simbi who was done with secondary education, is currently an apprentice at a hairstylist shop.

To be honest, she is a very diligent and smart girl. She was also really good at making hair and her boss was always proud to show her off as one of her best apprentices. With the kind of upbringing Simbi had, she was also a good cook, and she makes different delicacies for her mates in the shop. 

Her boss also happened to like her cooking and sometimes asks her to make meals, especially for her to take home for her husband. She runs all her errands with no grumble and since the first time Simbi took a meal home for her boss’s husband, it became a habit.

One thing no one knew about Simbi was that she was a slut, her innocent face hid it so well but once she’s alone with a guy, Simbi would most likely fuck that guy. 

The first time she took a meal to her boss’s husband, it was a wrap. This is how it happened: 

She just dropped the food after gawking at the man filling her head with several fantasies of how the man could take her and use his dick on her pussy. The only thing that stopped her that day was that customers were waiting in the shop and she had to quickly return. 

There was a lesser workload the second time she was sent to take a meal to her boss’s husband. 

She set the table holding the man’s gaze, seducing him with her eyes. With her cleavage exposing her off-shoulder dress, she gave him more than a fair view of her boobs as she bent to serve his meal. It worked wonders, it always does. 

She saw her chance and pounced at the starstruck man, the only meal he would be having today is her. Simbi simply went to where the man was seated and dipped her hand in the chest region of her dress. 

When she reproduced her hand, her fresh boob came on it. The man sat there in awe lost in the sight of boobs. Simbi brought his hands to it and fed the other boob into his mouth.

He sucked her sweet and her panty was a damp mess already. Time wasn’t on her side and she had to finish what she had started as soon as she could. Whilst he sucked her boobs, Simbi unbuckled his belt and quickly fished out his dick. Without prior warning, she straddled him. 

Gown raised to waist level, panty shifted over her pussy, she gradually lowered herself on his dick flinching as inch after inch sank into her pussy. The chair rocked gently as she gently rode the dick inside her. The man just wouldn’t cum and that became a problem that gentle rocking wouldn’t solve, Simbi rode her boss’s husband’s dick like a horse forcing him to fill her pussy up with cum. 

She quickly got off him, straightened up, and run off to the shop.

After that first encounter sha, Simbi and her boss’s husband made it a routine to first fuck each other when she brings food home before he proceeds to his meal. It went on like that for weeks until one day the boss sent her to take a meal home as usual but had to also go home almost immediately to grab some stuff she left home in the morning. 

She opened the door to see Simbi clutching onto one of the chairs in the dining room while her husband was hitting her juicy pussy from behind. They were so far gone that her entrance wasn’t noticed until he pulled out and Simbi made to grab his dick to commence a blowjob. 

Oh shit!

Written by Reezy Sama

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