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Kunle JJC: The ASUU Strike Intern II (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The ASUU Strike Intern II (18+)

It was a very tense moment but Femi quickly explained himself by showing her the chat (featuring nudes) between him and Amaka to her as evidence that he wasn’t lying and he meant no harm. 

“Well, be more careful next time, this could have caused you a lot of trouble, alright. Don’t worry, I’m sure ASUU will soon call off and you’ll be back fucking your girlfriend.” She said.

You can go now, she said to a thankful Femi. He was so happy he got off so easy, he quickly dashed for the door before she changed her mind. Whatever look his colleagues had on their faces did not move him a bit, he just hopped to his seat and began to work for the day.

The moment he got home that day, he re-saved Amarachi’s contact as BOSS to avoid future mistakes. He got in on his chat with Amaka. 

Femi was really curious, he just got a text from BOSS and it simply states

“When ASUU calls off their strike…” He wondered what she meant.

Three pictures came in, his heart jumped into his mouth and his phone almost jumped out of his hands. He double-checked the contact to make sure it was his boss sending him pictures of her clad in just lace thongs and no bra.

“You won’t get this anymore, do you still want ASUU to call off?” His dick nodded twice before Femi texted a big no in reply.

The second day at work felt awkward. The way Amarachi carried herself like she hadn’t sent him nude pictures the day before really amazed him. When he got home, she sent him pictures of her fresh bald pussy. 

The pussy was a sight to behold but at the same time, he could not get his eyes off her luscious thighs. All the pics she had sent so far showed her privates and excluded her face, he understood why. When she sent an emoji with a finger crossing the lips like a clock striking 6 o clock, he duly understood that she wanted him to keep it under the wraps.

Femi was ready to take this secret to his grave. He looked at his dick, poor fella had been standing at attention all the while. He headed to the bathroom with his phone in hand. 

Not wasting time, he poured a copious amount of lotion on his palm and dick. There was no friction between both surfaces at all. His palm simply glided over his dick. Sweet sensations crawled through his dick, into his spines and supercharged his brain.

He kept his eyes on Amarachi’s pussy picture and kept envisioning his dick sliding in and out of his boss’ pussy. He tightened his hold on his cock and jerked harder. He knew he was close, soon, cum spurted out of his dick flying and crashing into the wall in front of him. He took a while and gathered his breath.

That was hot. 

“I’m bored, can you come keep me company?” Femi read and reread the text.

Before he could send his reply, another message came in, it was her home address and descriptions of how to locate the place. Femi jumped out of bed.

It’s been two weeks since he started to exchange nudes with his boss but today, he might actually get to sleep with her, he didn’t want to keep her waiting and give her a chance to change her mind. He made sure to put on one of his best underwear, he had his sweet Cologne on too.

Today, he shows his boss who the boss really is. He was impatient, there was mild traffic and couldn’t wait for the bus to get to his destination. 

He hopped like a kangaroo out of the moving bus as soon as it got close to his destination.

A very risky thing to do but Amarachi’s body was worth every risk and that body is 5 minutes away. He pressed on the doorbell, the door opened almost immediately and he was welcomed in Amarachi’s blossom as she wrapped her arms around him. He was quite sure she had no bras on, her nipples poked at his chest.

His head played a million scenes all with him having his dick penetrating his boss.

Femi, meet my friend Iffy, Iffy, meet Femi, he’s an intern at my place. Her big head came to keep my company. She explained to Femi before both ladies started to converse on topics Femi could not relate to. 

His heart crashed in his chest. This definitely wasn’t what he had pictured would happen, he should be heads or balls deep in Amarachi’s pussy by not sitting and staring at two ladies discussing stock and stocks plummeting.

It must have been the most terrible 5 hours of his entire life. These ladies must have forgotten he sat there with them, he felt hurt and his ego was more than bruised. ASUU has really damaged him, back in school, all the girls wanted to have a piece of him, he sleeps with one and she preaches the gospel to her friends who would also visit his abode to seek salvation.

Now here he was, rotting in the background with two ladies discussing his existence away. 

He finally summoned enough courage and notified Amarachi that he was leaving, she thanked him for coming and bade him farewell.

Femi stomped out of the place, she wouldn’t even escort him? Later that night, he tried to process what the hell just happened, was it not this same woman that was spamming him with her nudes unprovoked? He remembered her nudes and angrily deleted them.

A few minutes later, his DM was flooded again, this time she sent short nude clips instead of pictures. Femi was still mad at her but his dick wasn’t in on the arrangement. He viewed the videos and decided not to reply, still hurting from the incident that occurred earlier. 

When Femi woke the second day, he met a stiff boner in his shorts, an after effect of Amarachi’s sultry videos from the day before. They played in his head all through the night. He planned to ignore his boss’s texts all through the day but wondered how he would face her the next day being a Monday.

He did not open any of her messages that came in, till noon when he started to receive video call requests from her. He ignored the first five times and picked by the sixth time reasoning that since she called persistently, she might want to apologise or discuss work with him.

The moment the call connected the first image that was displayed before Femi’s eyes were his boss’s boobs. 

He had been nursing a hard on all day and it just got worse with the call. She took the camera down letting him suck in the sight of her flat belly. The camera got to her waist and stopped, three thin, shiny strings of waist beads Sat there just above her ass and pussy.

Slowly, the camera revealed her bald pussy.

His dick was almost piercing a hole through his shorts now. Amarachi parted her pussy lips with her fingers, Femi saw her slimy juices before he could take them in proper, Amarachi revealed her face and with one of the dirtiest looks Femi had seen in his entire life she whispered,

“You have one hour”, the call immediately disconnected. 

He immediately dashed for the bathroom and took a quick shower. In the next ten minutes, Femi was already boarding a bus headed for Amarachi’s place. He rang the bell to her house but didn’t wait for the door to open before buzzing himself in. It took some time for his eyes to get accustomed to the lightning in the room.

Coloured bulbs, he hated them but that’s not the issue now, where is Amarachi? He didn’t have to look around much before she called out to him. Femi found her on the bed lying on her chest, she was still mostly naked safe for the lace thongs she had on. They left her ass cheeks bare and only covered her pussy. 

Amarachi looked back at him and smiled at his dick

“Hope that’s not for me” she gestured at the tent that formed in his shorts.

She pointed to the bottle of oil on the table and asked that he gave her a massage before they started.

“Get naked, baby,” she said as Femi took the bottle and got close. He discarded his clothes as if they had had soldier ants in them. Amara propped her head in her palms loving how her intern was carved like a Greek god. She stretched her hands towards his thighs and took a hold of his dick, it came to life in her palm.

Her thumb rolled over his dick cap picking up his pre cum and she licked it off. Before gesturing that Femi get started with the massage. 

He sat astride her ass before pouring oil on her back and his palm. Oil was smeared on every inch of her back and the massage started. Amarachi’s skin was so smooth and soft and Femi just glided his palms across it as gently as he could, loving how she gasped in reaction to what he was doing.

When he was satisfied with her back, he got off her ass and poured oil on her ass cheeks. Without thinking twice, he raised her thong and poured oil over her pussy lips and rubbed it in with his fingers. Amarachi gave a throaty moan.

He smiled to himself, he’s got her where he wanted. 

The thong was returned to position, Femi took his time to caress her ass.

He had ogled at it for too long and hoped this day would come.

“Baby, I want more”, Amarachi squealed, bringing Femi back to reality. He quickly shifted her thong over her ass and revealed her pussy opening. It looked so inviting and he took the invitation as his tongue separated her pussy lips and found space between her pussy walls.

She moaned and juiced, Femi licked up her juices, it was sweet and he wasn’t going to let it go to waste. He kept her legs apart with no stress at all, the strength in her thighs was no match for his arms. He ate her pussy till she cried and begged for his dick. 

Even though he had done his best to have all her juice in his mouth there was still much of it on the bed. He positioned his cock at her pussy hole before whispering

“I swear, I can’t wait to bury this dick of mine in your pussy”. She smiled at it.

Femi nibbled Amarachi’s ear before placing kisses on her neck. His dick head rubbed on her pussy lips. His lips finally found hers and he chewed her succulent lips like gum. One of his hands got Amarachi’s hands and held them in a firm lock on her back. Femi’s dick finally slid into her pussy, that was when she realised he had immobilized her and she had nowhere to run to. He was fucking her hard with his dick making swift movements in and out of her pussy.

Femi could die in her pussy. He pours oil on her pussy whenever he feels his movement wasn’t sleek enough. Soon he craved to see the expression on his boss’s face as he fucked her so he rolled her on her back. Amara’s face was all messed up with tears.

Femi had an evil look on his face making her wonder what was to come next. In a flash, her knees were level with her ears and Femi was barely two inches from hers. Before she could mumble a no, she felt his dick spread her pussy again and he drowned her moans in a kiss. The way he was hitting her pussy, she threw her hands around his neck and made the kiss hers.

Once she noticed Femi had started jerking inside her pussy, she wrestled her legs free and locked them around his waist forcing him to cum inside her pussy.

Femi kept staring at the mess he made at his boss’s pussy only to look up and hear her say

“I need a Personal Assistant, you can continue to work for me even when ASUU calls off their strike, pay is 50k per month and there are also other benefits”.

Femi stood there transfixed, ASUU had just fixed his life.

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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