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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E07) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E07) [18+]

Family, friends, guardians, and the neighbourhood all came to witness the final match. The energy was at an all-time high. Will they be witnessing the fourth win in a row from the defending champions or will the new boys orchestrate an upset? They have been fantastic all through the tournament but would it be enough to trump the champions?

Everyone was tense but the cheer was deafening when the players stepped into the court. The referee tagged along and when the crowd relaxed, he blew his whistle to start the match leading to another deafening uproar.

From the get-go, it was obvious that the teams were not evenly matched. The defending champions had more experience which gave them an edge over Kunle’s team. Other than their experience, they also knew how Kunle’s team operated so it made it easy for them to predict moves and stop them.

They targeted Kunle, making sure he had no options to pass the ball to. Nate had a tough 1 on 1 situation with one of the opponent’s players who was as fast as him but even taller. The boys could not get an attack move and were left with no option other than to help Kunle in defence.

With their collective effort, running around, blocking, and stealing they had conceded 40 points and the first period was not even over. They had 12 points from their long-range efforts. By the time the referee called for the end of the first half, the score was 52 – 16 in favour of the defending champions. Everyone was distraught.

Kunle especially. Since he had been made to protect the basket, his team has conceded this many points and that made him special. But with 52 points conceded in the first half alone, he had no motivation to go out for the second half. The coach came up to give them a pep talk before the second half kicked off.

“We are going to lose, we cannot win against this team. If we win here, it would be a miracle, nobody is expecting us to win, not even myself. But, there is something I call to lose honourably. This is when you lose against an impossible-to-beat opponent with just a few points.

Once the second half starts, those guys would try to widen the gap between our points, it is your job to reduce that margin, it is your job to let the champions know that you are worthy to be in this final. When you step back onto the court, you do what you have not done before, make moves you have never made before and play this match like your lives depend on it”, coach Rob said.

The boys stepped back into the basketball court. Their opponents could see it on their faces, the determination. Immediately the referee let the whistle go, it was a different ball game. Everyone went an extra stretch. From defence to attack back to defence. Every minute, the spectators had something to gasp or cheer about.

One of those moments was when the ball flew past Kunle and the opponents took a shot at the empty basket. It was Lil Nate, the shortest player on the court who rose to the occasion and jumped higher than his height, getting one hand on the rim and swatting the ball away before it could go in.

Everyone cheered as Nate had just scored the winning points. Kunle was amazed. He was doing his best too but so far so good, he had just been protecting the basket as he had always done. He needed to do something unusual for himself, something that was not part of his everyday game.

The next time he got the ball, his opponents quickly blocked all outlets Kunle could lay a pass to but he tried to make the pass nevertheless and they all took the bait. It was a fake pass, he didn’t release the ball and now he and two other of his mates were free. He bounced the ball hard and moved swiftly watching his mates ahead.

Kunle cannot shoot. Everybody on the basketball court knew. His mates positioned to receive his pass, the opponents rushed them to steal the incoming ball but Kunle had another plan. His aim straight for the basket was a move no one expected.

When he released the ball everyone watched it fly and hit the rim, ricochet off the backboard and end up in the goal. The spectators jumped for joy. Kunle stood rooted in his spot, he couldn’t believe it, but his teammates couldn’t believe it, Coach rob was surprised. Maybe it was just luck or a miracle.

It wasn’t any of those two. Kunle did it again, again and again. Turning himself from a defender to an attacker. He was a brutal attacker and was too hot to handle. The game became chaos and the spectators grew wild.

Points were scored on both sides of the court and the scoreboard read 72 – 70 in favour of the defending champions with just a minute left. Nate had the ball and was bearing down on goal when an opponent made to block him, Kunle tackled him to the floor letting Nate have a clear shot that ended in the goal. The whole place exploded with jubilations. The match ended in a tie.

All jubilations came to an abrupt end when the referee pointed out that Kunle’s tackle was a foul on his opponent thereby ruling out Nate’s goal and giving the win to the defending champions for their fourth final win in a row. Coach Rob came in to cheer his boys for a job well done.

They received a hero welcome back in school too for their valiant effort. Kunle had a player of the tournament award and Nate had a man of the match medal. Everyone was happy, especially because of the party that was coming up later.

Nate and Kunle arrived at the party dressed like Black-American rappers. They were loudly cheered as they walked in. The party was in full swing already with drinks, games, and clothing materials scattered around.

Kunle understood why everyone wanted to attend Tiffany’s birthday, this party looks like it would turn into an orgy pretty quickly. Kira popped out of nowhere and pulled Lil Nate away from Kunle leaving him all alone. He didn’t walk far before a pair of soft palms covered his eyes from behind.

“I see, you didn’t come with any baggage this time”, Tiffany whispered in his ears. Kunle wanted to argue that his friend was not baggage but she quickly let him know she was just teasing before she dragged him into a half-run to get drinks.

The drinks were mixed, and Kunle was careful not to take much since he couldn’t hold much alcohol. He just sat smiling sheepishly watching the TRUTH or DARE game. People were getting undressed, fingered, kissed, and smooched. Some people received lap dances. From the corner of his eyes he could see Nate and Kira, they looked like they were watching the game but Kira looked so uncomfortable sitting on Nate’s thighs. Those two were having sex.

At that moment, Kunle was proud of his friend. The truth and dare game got nastier as time went on, participants were receiving and giving heads. The drunk spectators cheered on, it was at this moment Tiffany sneaked away with Kunle to her room.

He wasn’t drunk but the little he drank made him sway a bit. He watched her rummage through her closet and bring out a pink vibrator.

“You scored points in the match today, score points with me now”, she said, kissing him as she handed the vibrator to him and crawled into the bed. It was time to get busy. Kunle flicked the vibrator on.

Tiffany’s thighs kept coming together giving Kunle a hard task or holding them apart. The bedspread and the vibrator had become wet but Kunle won’t stop torturing her with it. He glides it over her pussy making her squirm in place and when she starts to relax he rides it up her clitoris making her thrash the bed with cum.

When he finally relieved her of her top, her boobs were bigger than they looked in whatever she was wearing, bigger than he had fantasized. His hard-on grew and so did the desire to make love to her but he wanted to enjoy the moment.

He started by bending over and sucking her boob. The other boob was getting fondled in one of his hands and his other hand controlled the vibrator on her pussy. Tiffany’s hands spread wide apart clenched the sheets in her tight fists. It kept looking as though she would pass out at any moment.

Kunle was just starting with her. He discards the vibrator and starts teasing Tiffany’s opening with it. She lets out short gasps every time his cap wanders into her pussy. Kunle was making her beg to be penetrated. When he eventually obliged, he held her down with both arms so she wouldn’t trash about much.

It was a bit of a chore for her pussy to allow Kunle’s dick to penetrate fully. Tiffany’s back on the bed, her legs apart in Kunle’s hands meant he was digging deep into her pussy and she wept for pleasure as wave after wave of climax racked her body.

Picking her off the bed, he carried her and she helped insert his dick into her pussy, helping Kunle fuck her in a standing position. After Kunle came, they lay on the bed to gather their strength. Tiffany soon shot up and notified him that it was time to give him the gift for scoring points.

He was confused. The sex they just had, he thought was the reward for scoring points. As he tried to process it, she starts to suck his dick back to hardness. Kunle helped put her hair in place so she could do a good job.

When Tiffany was satisfied with his hardness, she gave him a sultry smile before mounting him and sliding his dick into her asshole. He was not surprised that she did anals but she almost rode him to death. Her slender figure made her movements easy and she was a pro at riding. Kunle couldn’t ask for better but showed her who the boss is as he managed to put her back on the bed and continue the fucking himself.

He came in her ass and they slept off. The noise from the sitting room was what woke them the next morning.

A pissed-off policewoman came into Tiffany’s room to tell her to clean up the house and send her friends home only to meet her daughter with a naked black boy in bed. Kunle was in shock. This was the woman that Nate’s mum set him up with. Now it all made sense why she looked familiar. When she saw Kunle and her daughter in bed, she fell silent too, and just walked away.

Written by Reezy Sama

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