December 6, 2023
Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E05) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E05) [18+]

Kunle wondered how much longer he could last before he passed out. Sweat covered every inch of his body, his kit fully soaked. But, he would hold on to see this through, he would not stop since he’s come this far. Since the boys caught him and Jeff’s girlfriend in the shower the team became disunited.

The boys knew they could not beat Kunle, he was bigger than all of them.

They planned to leave him out cold. They offered him no help on the basketball court. It was the semifinals and an intense one at that. More people came to watch, and expectations and energy were through the roof.

The opponents were having free runs at Kunle because his teammates offered him no protection. Once they lose the ball, they let the opponents run free to Kunle who would have to ward off about four players on his own. He did his best but it was woeful.

They conceded 36points and won just 20 points. Not offering Kunle support was one thing, the other thing is they didn’t take passes from him. The moment he hurls the ball towards his mates they make sure to miss it.

It was a very frustrating match for Kunle but he stood his ground and prayed for halftime.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” Coach Rob hollered at his boys during the break talk. Everyone looked away. No one was going to give him an explanation.

Coach Rob could see through their faces, that wasn’t the team he’s been training but since no one was willing to talk, he gave them a piece of his mind about how important it was for them to get to the finals and maybe even win it.

By the time he finished his speech, they still looked disinterested and he sent them back to the court but called Kunle back. He asked if Kunle could let him in on what was happening to everybody.

“We will lose, they’ve decided to not play with me”, Kunle said bluntly before going pi to explain what had happened between him and Jeff’s girlfriend, he also made it known that he had no idea she was in a relationship with Jeff.

Coach Rob cursed under his breath, these boys are about to throw all of his hard work away over a woman. He shook his head in disbelief and asked Kunle if there was any way they could salvage points and still win the game.

Kunle offered coach Rob two options. The first was to take Kunle off the match, and the second was to bring in Lil Nate

Before the referee could blow his whistle to signal the start of the second half, Coach Rob initiated a change. When Kunle saw the change, his face fell. Jeff was walking off the court looking daggers at Kunle, his other teammates did too.

He quickly called Nate in for a pep talk. He told him the boys won’t pass to both of them and won’t take passes from any of them so, they were alone on the court and if their school wins, it would be because both of them fought for it. Nate understood. His teammates didn’t want him there and the opponents looked at him like he was some midget.

Once the whistle went, the ball swooshed from Nate to Kunle and back to Nate and he just sliced through the court like a blaze before popping the ball in their basket. The entire place fell quiet out of utter shock. No one believed what Nate had just done.

Kunle, Nate, and Coach Rob were the ones smiling and the game got underway again. There was a respite for Kunle, Nate had endless energy and continued to bustle from post to post with speed either to score a point or to offer his friend support.

They were able to level up the points. At this point, their teammates had become passengers who were just running on the court with nothing to do.

One after the other they started to play with Kunle and Nate. The game was now at a breaking point and anybody could lose. Time was running out too and Lil Nate had become targeted by the opponents. They came to realize just how dangerous he is and paid him full attention.

As the game drew to a close, Kunle got the ball to Nate, he skidded past a player and jumped to make a shot. The opponent players guessed right, they had placed themselves in strategic positions to block it, and they all jumped too.

Alas, they weren’t the only ones with plans. Instead of aiming for the basket, Nate threw the ball to the left side of the court.

An unmarked teammate caught it. By the time Nate and his opponents landed from their jump, his teammate made a jump and took the actual shot, scoring them the winning point! The final whistle blew, and Kunle fell to his knees.

They had done it. Coach Rob ran into the court with the reserve players, for that moment, the team became united again and everyone celebrated the victory. They had made the finals for the first time. Nate was especially happy, he was hailed a hero for the first time. I’m in the locker room.

Everyone danced and sang songs of victory, Kunle lay there, tired.

Nate was in the shower washing sweat off his body when the coach came to see the boys. He congratulated them on the victory but made it known that he was unhappy with their display. They almost threw the match over a quarrel and they told him nothing of it.

The coach continued to reprimand the boys and asked Kira (Jeff’s girlfriend) to come in. She was pretty and still looked in order even though she had just cheered the team on.

Nice lips and braces on her teeth, the coach asked her to apologize to Jeff for breaking his trust but he turned it down saying they no longer had a thing.

It was at this moment that Nate strutted in, in his underpants not knowing they had a female company. Immediately he saw Kira, he bolted out of the locker room sending everyone into a bout of laughter.
All except Kira who was tearing up because her boyfriend just ended things with her. Coach told her to go wait in his office till he finishes with the boys. Nate didn’t know what to do, he had run without picking anything to wear and couldn’t go back out of shame.

The office door creaked open and he rushed to see whether it was his friend that had brought him some clothes only to bump into Kira.

They both were startled. When they composed themselves, Nate had his palms over his crotch to save himself from embarrassment. Kira just smiled at him, making it worse. He slowly started to leave in shame before Kira called him back.

She asked if he had never been with a lady before. He looked away, how would he tell her he is a virgin? She would just laugh at him and spread the news around the school and everyone would make fun of him over it. He stood there looking at his feet when Kira came close to him.

“I know you are a virgin, other boys won’t be leaving the office if they were in here with a cheer girl”.

She asked if Nate wanted to lose it, and his face shot up immediately. Had he heard her right? Kira just asked if he wanted to lose his virginity. Of course, he wanted to. He had wanted to do it all his life but no one gave him a chance.

He readily accepted the offer. Kira gently pushed him till his back rested on the door, she locked the door with her gaze locked on Nates’. She started to unbutton her uniform, and her boobs popped out of her bras. Nate swallowed hard, these were real boobs right in his face, he needed no one to tell him what to do with them.

He sank his face in the flesh and started planting kisses on them.

Kira has very sensitive nipples. Every time Nate grazed them with his tongue she yanked his hair hard and her back arched. He loved how he was making her react. She also slipped her hand into his undershorts and got a hold of his dick.

He gasped on her nipple but didn’t stop sucking. His dick continued to grow in her palm. Nate could not believe what was about to happen to him. Her tongue ran over his shaft, he felt cold for no reason. When she finally wrapped her mouth over his dick he silently prayed he does not cum.

It wasn’t an easy task, he put all of his energy into stopping himself from cumming, and Kira kept making it arduous. She sucked him off like a pro and gargled his balls.

Just when he thought he would bust his nut, she stopped and let him calm down. His dick was still hard, she licked his nipples and kissed him on the lips. Nate grabbed her ass cheeks enjoying the taste of his dick in her mouth.

She soon started pulling his shoulders down and he landed on his ass. She came down with him too. Raising her skirt and shifting her panties to the side, she teased her pussy with his dick. He had never felt something of this manner.

His dick settled in her pussy, it felt warm, he watched her throw her head for a bit and start to ride his dick. That was when it got sweeter.

The wetter she got, the faster Kira rode him. He grabbed onto her ass cheeks still and sucked her boobs. Nate enjoyed the look on her face.

When she got off and went towards the table, he went after her. She raised one of her legs on the table and laid her upper body on it. Nate was behind her trying to penetrate her pussy. She threw a look back, held his dick, and helped him stick it in.

He fucked into her as deep as he could. Her pussy was so sweet. Every time her skirt covered her ass, he’d raise it and continue fucking to her voice urging him to go harder and faster. Once he began to seize, Kira knew it was time, she knelt across his dick and caught streams of cum on her face.

Three loud bangs came, coach rob was on the other side asking them to open the door.

Written by Reezy Sama

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