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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E02) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E02) [18+]

Kunle continued to be terrible at basketball until Coach Rob who was hell-bent on making a basketball player out of him played him as a centre.

He did brilliant in his new role, his job was to stay close to his team’s basket and make sure the opponent did not score points against his team. He took the job a bit too personally. Since Kunle himself could not score points due to his zero shooting abilities, he made it a point to also deny others chances of scoring.

Coach Rob played him on two different teams in training and Kunle obliterated all attacks giving his teammates the liberty to attack without the worry of defending.

The next training day, coach Rob called his boys for a team meeting where he listed the names of those that would be squad members for the school at a basketball competition. The boys were tense but Kunle felt somewhat confident. If he didn’t make the team he would not mind and if he did, it would just be a bonus.

The starting 5 heard their names and Kunle watched as the coach called on the 11th player, there was a single spot left, and 4 players left.

That was when Kunle heard his name. He was happy but not ecstatic.

Unlike little Nate. He was all over the place happy that his friend made the basketball team even though he was not a starter. Kunle was amused by his friend’s behaviour. Little Nate wouldn’t stop talking about it even on their way home and at every other opportunity, he gets.

Kunle visits his place to study and all they did was discuss Kunle making the school team with his mum. He got Kunle a pair of new sneakers and his mother got him a headband to match, she also promised to come to watch all of his matches.

Kunle was more amused by his friend’s mom, she gave him all sorts of advice on what to eat to keep fit for the tournament.

Ms James is Nathaniel’s mother. A single mother as a result of the divorce from her marriage. She is a pretty white woman and her son is her world. Since Nate made his one and only friend in Kunle, he became part of her world too. Kunle began to take his training more seriously to not let his fans down, he also wanted to put on a good show for Tiffany and his Uncle Tade.

Everything was going smoothly in the training, the cheer group was amazing, and he enjoyed how they did their demonstrations on the sidelines, swinging their bodies and letting their short skirts fly.

One day after training, he saw little Nate sitting on the spectator’s bench waiting for him to finish. He hadn’t been a good friend, so he walked over to Tiffany to ask why Nate wasn’t invited to her party and if he could bring him.

Tiffany didn’t prolong their discussion, she simply asked that Kunle impressed her on the court and she would consider letting his friend come at the same time, if he fails to impress her, he would lose his invite. Kunle took her deal but didn’t tell Nate about it. He practised alone at home and hoped that the coach would let him play. The day finally arrived, and the venue was packed.

Kunle sat on the sidelines with other reserve players watching the game with their coach. Now and then, he would look back at the support crowd to see the looks on his friend, his friend’s mother, and his uncle’s face.

They all gave him a reassuring look to tell him he would get a chance to play. Part of him wanted to be on the court but the rest of him didn’t. The place is full of people that think he’s a great player because he is black and tall.

The pressure was making him feel hot all over. The first half saw both teams score 20 – 22 points with Kunles team two points behind.

Coach Rob asked Kunle to join the team for the second half as the starting Center took Kunle’s spot on the bench. He looked into the crowd at his people and he saw the glint in their eyes, he couldn’t let them down now. Standing about 5 inches taller than the next person closer to his height, Kunle was the tallest player on the court and he used it to his team’s advantage.

He manned his position well. He got dribbled, balls went past him but balls never went beyond him nor into his team’s basket. Kunle simply knocked the balls out of the air and away from his basket.

A shiny little trophy was handed over to Kunle after the match ended. It was to symbolize that he was the Most Valuable Player of the match. From the moment Kunle stepped onto the court, the opponent scored 2 more points to the 22 they had earlier and Kunle’s team scored 20 more points.

His influence in the match was well noticed, his teammates carried him on their shoulders and when they put him down, coach Rob held his head in his palms and hailed as loud as he could. They had moved to the next round.

By the time he was freed, little Nate was waiting for him. According to Nate, Uncle Tade had to be somewhere and his mum went to get something for them to celebrate the win.

Ms James was waiting for them with a bottle of champagne by the time they arrived. Kunle loved how she was being extra. She served them a glass each. Kunle took a little sip and Nate downed his glass in a gulp. He requested another and another. Kunle and Ms James sat and made fun of Nate as he soon got himself drunk and started talking gibberish.

They both hung Nate’s arms on their shoulders and took him to his room.

“Is it true that black basketball players always have big dicks or are people just being stereotypes?” The question caught Kunle unaware. Why did Ms James ask him something like that??

The alcohol had his back, a sober Kunle would have avoided the question but the alcohol had him loosened a bit.

“Yes, Ms James, black Basketball players always have big dicks,” he answered.
He further surprised her by dropping his shorts when Ms James asked if she could see his dick to confirm. What was he doing?

He was showing off his dick to his best friend’s mum whilst his friend slept about 10 feet away? It was wrong, he could get caught but it made the moment hotter for him. He loves escapades like this. Disbelief was the expression boldly captured on Ms James’ face.

How can a boy of Kunles age have that size of dick? She asked if she could touch it and he just pushed his crotch forward, presenting his dick to her. She wrapped her fingers around it and it felt alive. She was sure the dick was beating like a small heart in her palm, it began to grow even.

She didn’t want to let go. Her palm slid up and down his dick. It felt so smooth and hard. Precum soon started to seep out of his dick. She looked up at Kunle before sticking her tongue out and using the tip to like up the ore cum.

She jerks him off a little and uses the tip of her tongue to lick up his precum sensually.

Kunle had his eyes shut and held onto the railings. Ms James asked if Kunle wouldn’t mind a blowjob to celebrate his win at the basketball match. Instead of giving her an answer, Kunle held his dick to his friend’s mum’s face and began to rub his dick on her lips till she parted them and took him in her mouth.

She didn’t shy away from giving Kunle a sick sucking. With her hands grabbing his thighs, she let his dick touch the end of her mouth but he couldn’t get into her throat as she kept on gagging. Who would have thought his best friend’s mum gave a great head? She looked too innocent.

Kunle pulled on her hair and started to slide his dick in and out of her mouth making Ms James’ eyes water. When she got on her feet Kunle knew it was his turn to return the favour. He buried his head under her skirt. The moment he got there he knew he would have a swell time because Ms James had a wonderful scent exiting her pussy.

He traced her pussy with his tongue and finally found where her wetness was exciting from. He knew it was the place because every time his tongue touched it, she moaned differently. Ms James rubbed Kunles head through her skirt and urged him to go on.

Her other hand held onto the railings. She kept trying to hold her legs in place but they continued to move about as Kunle kept going deep in her pussy with his tongue. By the time he got up, he had to wipe her juice off his chin with the back of his hand. She tried to catch her breath while he stared at her chest like a predator.

In one lunge, he grabbed the top of her shirt and violently pulled them apart. The shirt gave way and the buttons scattered on the floor. Scared that he might do the same to her bra, Ms James quickly started to help him undo the hooks.

The moment the bra touched the floor, Kunle buried his face in her cleavage planting kisses all over her boobs while two of his fingers massaged her pussy. Ms James rubbed on Kunle’s head and asked him to suck her nipples harder, to finger her harder.
Her breathing had become ragged, she was begging for Kunle’s dick but he was still busy sucking on her boobs.

When Kunle was finally ready, he wouldn’t fuck Ms James in her room, instead, he made her hold the railings with both hands, back on the iron and he in front of her lifted her off the floor. Partly suspended in the air and got fucked by her son’s friend while her son slept just a few feet away.

The position left her vulnerable to Kunle’s big dick. She could not for any reason let off her hold of the railings, that could lead to a horror fall and so long her hands were on the railings her pussy was left at Kunle’s mercy and he wasn’t merciful. Kunle was sliding in and out of her pussy with ease, the expression on her face and the bounce from her boobs were spectacular sights to behold.

When Kunle began to get close to his nut and he started to grunt, Ms James told him to not even consider pulling his dick out of her pussy. With grunts after grunts, Kunle shot his load down his friend’s mom’s pussy.

They both sat resting their back on the railing, trying to catch their breath, and watched Little Nate still sleeping.

“Want to go again?” Ms James asked Kunle whose dick was beginning to rise again.

He nodded yes and she lay on her back ready to take Kunles dick for the second time. On the second day in school, Nate went everywhere with Kunle proud to be seen with the MVP of the first match and his friend.

Kunle in return took Nate with him to Tiffany to ask her to fulfil her part of the deal.

Written by Reezy Sama

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