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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03 Premiere) [18+]


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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03 Premiere) [18+]

After bouncing the ball a couple more times, he took one last look at the basket, his determination was on point now and there was no way he would miss this throw. A quick slight crouch and his feet rose above the floor, his body stretched, his arms stretched further and he released the ball.

Everyone watched on in silence, holding their breath as the ball swooshed through the air towards the basket and past it by about a mile. They all burst into another bout of laughter.

Kunle looked into the crowd and they all laughed at his failure to make a single shot on target.

It must have been funny to all of them but it wasn’t to Mr Robert or Coach Rob as he was fondly called. He walked briskly towards Kunle asking him,

“Are you sure you’re black and not some imposter?”

“Excuse me?” Kunle asked, shaking his head in disbelief. Coach Rob is one of those terrible stereotypes that think because he (Kunle) is tall and black, he has to be exceptionally good at basketball.

He wondered if it would be nice of him to also ask if his coach has a small dick because he is white and American. The thought alone sounded funny to him, he just walked off the court instead.

Since his last debacle in Nigeria, Kunle’s parents decided it was better to ship him to America instead of seeking another school for their expelled son. Therefore, without asking his opinion, Kunle was deported to America to stay with his uncle who was more than happy to take custody of his nephew as he needed the company.

Kunle always had his family away from him but now, he was away from his family. Uncle Tade is a cool guy. Kunle landed at JFK Airport, New York Looking glum and since then, his uncle had taken charge of things trying to make him feel settled.

Kunle was registered in a school filled with white kids, his height, colour, and intelligence stood him out amongst his peers and his Biology teacher/ Basketball Coach quickly registered him into the school’s basketball team hoping Kunle would turn out to be a legend like Kobe, Shaq or even Hakeem the dream with whom he shares origin. It was not to be.

Kunle wasn’t living up to expectations and was exceptionally terrible at basketball. He just wanted to play video games and do his study, sports in general were not his thing. On his way out of school, Tiffany, one of the hot girls and the cheerleader for the basketball team squeezed a paper in his palm with a wink.

What does she want from him now? She was part of the group that had laughed at him moments ago for missing his shots. He checked the paper and found out it was an invite to a birthday party (Tiffany’s).

Well, that was a cool one, he wondered if his uncle would let him attend a night party though. Little Nate (Nathaniel), his best friend, caught up with him. They have walked home together since the day Kunle registered at the school and they lived just a few blocks apart.
“Did you get yours?” Kunle asked Nate, swinging his invite in the air. Nate was always bullied by the other kids except for Kunle so it did not come as a surprise when he learned he wasn’t invited to the party, Kunle felt sorry for the boy and promised to do something about it.

The house was empty when Kunle arrived. He headed towards the fridge, that was how he and his uncle communicated their movements when they were out.

“I’m out boy, don’t wait up, would be back tomorrow, cash in the jar”, that was the message his uncle left him. He liked the way his uncle treats him like a grown-up. Tade trusts Kunle to be able to take charge of the house and many times lets him have the house to himself.

It would have been something Kunle looked forward to but he had no girl to bring over. Little Nate would always stop by to play video games with him but life is more than video games.

He wished Tiffany would miraculously show up in his room naked and they can both have the steamy sex he had always imagined in his head every time he came across her.

Tifanny was like most white American girls, with Sizeable boobs and ass, beautiful lips, and a face card that screams GAME OVER. Kunle would have flirted with her but after embarrassing himself in her presence on the basketball court over and over, he decided against it.

He just watched as Tiffany frolicked with the star players on the team. Watching them take turns wrapping arms around her waist, hoisting her in the air are scenes Kunle would be glad to burn out of his memory.

How many nights had he dreamt of stuffing Tiffany’s mouth with his big black dick and making her gag? Spreading her legs and sliding his dick in her pussy making her eyes water and measuring her mascara up.

Kunle had so much sexual tension for Tiffany but all are marred by the fact that he was terrible at basketball and he thought Tiffany liked the good basketball players. Well, tough luck for him, he went to the mobile and placed a call for pizza delivery.

Dinner would be pizza, he went to his video game and tuned in. Time appeared to move fast, he had spent two hours playing and his pizza did not arrive.

It was getting dark outside already. Kunle picked up the phone again to check on his pizza delivery. They claimed it was en route and he should get it shortly. His nerves calmed a bit, he returned to his game for another hour, and instead of pizza, it started to rain.

The rain came down in torrents leaving Kunle Angry. His pizza wasn’t arriving and he couldn’t go out to get something else to eat. He walked about the house in anger thinking of what to do about his situation.

Calling uncle Tade was not an option for him. He didn’t want his uncle to think he could not handle things on his own.

Many thoughts ran through his head at the same time, making him confused and increasing his frustration. He finally decided he needed to clear his head first and have his nerves calmed. What better way is there to do that than to orgasm?

He wished Tiffany was there to give him a blowjob but that was a dream that would probably not come through. Clutching baby oil in one hand and the remote control in another, he switched from his video game to porn. Now to get an orgasm.

His dick cap collected baby oil, and his palm did too. He watched as oil found its way down his shaft to the base of his dick.

It was so sick when he added his oiled palm to the mix. Starting slow, his palm slides to his dick cap and back to his base teasing his shaft along the way. He grunted with each stroke he took, loving how the sensations from jerking off swept through his body.

Kunle could barely keep his eyes on the porn on the tv but the moans coming from it were doing a great job for him. A knock came at the door which he dismissed at first then it wouldn’t stop. Annoyed, Kunle paused his porn and shoved his hard dick back in his pants. Who the hell could it be? Uncle Tade wouldn’t come back and Little Nate wouldn’t visit without giving him a heads up.

A blonde Mexican girl stood at the door, wet from the rain, a package in her hand covered with her jacket. “Your Delivery,” she said In a cute Mexican accent, clearing Kunle’s confusion.

He quickly took it from her and headed in to get her payment. After paying, she stood rooted to the spot making Kunle ask if she wanted a tip. She asked if she could stay a bit instead because of the rain, Kunle looked over the oil on the table and his porn.

This girl wouldn’t let him finish what he had started but, he let her in for humanity’s sake. She made herself comfortable on the couch and Kunle handed her a blanket.

He took his baby oil back to the room and cleaned his dick before coming back to sit with the stranger in his house. She had folded herself up on the couch holding the blanket around herself, eyes glued to the paused porn on the tv.

Kunle saw and wanted to change the channel but she told him it was ok that she would like to watch so he clicked on play and sat on another chair. Kunle watched the delivery girl from the corner of his eyes, her eyes glued to the TV.

Kunle desperately wanted to touch his dick but he couldn’t do it with a stranger present. He soon began to take notice of his visitor.

Her eyes would shut briefly and open sometimes they closed for more than 3 seconds. He wondered what was going on underneath the blanket that was making her eyes flicker. He soon noticed she also began to look towards his angle from the corner of her eyes.

They both tried to take peeps at each other but caught each other on more than one occasion. With porn going on in the background, Kunle had already grown his hard-on again and his Mexican visitor’s short glances now roamed from his face to his dick. Kunle didn’t know what move to make.

Momentarily, she got off the couch and let the blanket fall on the floor.

Kunle could now see what happened under the blanket. Her pants and panties were off, she too was riding above her boobs, close to her neck, and two of her fingers were deeply coated in cum. Kunle’s mouth opened in disbelief as she walked toward him.

“Let me apologize for coming late, te daré un buen rato (I will give you a nice time)”, she said before dropping to her knees in front of Kunle. He drew a sharp breath as he watched her unzip his pants and bring his dick out. She stared at it and looked up at Kunle’s face.

Kunle thought something was wrong with his dick as she unwrapped her hands from it. She huddled her blonde hair into a single unit and made it into a ponytail before gripping the dick again, this time, firmer. She lowered her head into his crotch and started to lick his dick cap.

She continued to lick his dick cap over and over teasing Kunle, making him grab onto her hair. She eventually let his dick slide into her mouth and down to her throat! She kept making guhh, hughhh sounds as she let her throat hold Kunle’s dick hostage.

He kept a tight hold on her hair pushing her head lower trying to see how far in her throat would go.

There was no way for him to control his moans and grunts as his dick was getting sucked, she had two fingers in her pussy fingering herself furiously. Kunle was left trying to catch his breath when she eventually let go of his dick but that didn’t last long. Her mouth was replaced by her pussy as she climbed on Kunle.

She rubbed his dick on her pussy lips before letting it go in. She started riding gently and then became a devil slapping her ass down Kunle’s crotch like a twerk challenge. After bouncing up and down his dick over and over, she came on it and started to vibrate.

He quickly lowered her to the floor before firing some quick thrusts into her pussy. Realizing he was close, he pulled out and splattered his cum over her boobs.

Written by Reezy Sama

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