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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E10]{Finale} (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E10]{Finale} (18+)

Kunle and Atinuke no longer played power games, they just simply gave and received favours from each other. Atinuke offered Kunle premium and unrestricted access to her body anytime he so wishes and he in return snuck her some of his mother’s trinkets and sometimes cash. It was a healthy relationship.

Even with his family around, they found ways to frolic with each other without getting caught. Atinuke’s maturity played a key role in most of their arrangements.

As things were going on well for Kunle and his maid at home, they were going south for him and Funmi in school. He began to lose interest in her again. Not to be unfair to her but she could never match the kind of intensity Atinuke brings during sex.

The older lady was far more superior and experienced. She was more endowed and what more? She was much more accessible, unlike Funmi whom he had to sneak around and escape the watchful eye of Mrs Fahiza to be with.

Kunle deliberately started avoiding Funmi so he could keep his tank full for Atinuke and it didn’t take long for her to notice. Unknown to the lovers, Mrs Fahiza for some reason intensified her surveillance over them and asked prying questions during their counselling sessions.

Since they were not getting involved with each other they had no cause to fear but answer her questions accordingly and take whatever advice she churns out for them. The arrangement was however not favourable to Funmi who had no means to deal with her sexual frustrations.

The only problem Kunle had in his life was the presence of his family at home. He was so used to them not being around. Now he is forced to eat with them in the dining room and he has to make contributions to family discussions. His sister annoyed him the most.

She barely talked herself but whenever she did she brought up a topic that puts Kunle in a tight spot. One time she asked what his future ambition was and all eyes were on him, another time she asked which institution he would like to further his tertiary education.

Funke was a total menace to Kunle’s existence. The family was having a quiet dinner one day and their parents discussed they were planning a trip to Paris for the whole family. That was sad news enough for Kunle since he understands he would be thoroughly sex-starved on the trip.

Still trying to process his thoughts, Funke jabbed him from nowhere with a million-dollar question

“Are you a virgin, Kunle?” He was shocked out of his skin. How did the discussion go from a Paris trip to whether he was a virgin?

Kunle froze in his seat, he felt his parents’ gazes fall on him. How does he get out of this situation? He had no idea. Why was his sister being a witch to him?
“Funke, stop teasing my son” he heard his mom say, breaking the silence and lifting the tension in the room.

Poor guy just got off his seat and headed for his room. He has had enough dinner for that night. The next morning, he knew he didn’t want to have any kind of discussion with any member of his family that morning, they would not ruin that morning for him he quickly packed his bag and decided to have his breakfast in the kitchen.

He had just finished his meal when Funke walked into the kitchen, he wondered if she had been sent to ruin his life because he couldn’t quite understand why she was beginning to take unnecessary interest in him.

“I’m sorry about last night Kunle, I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t mean to embarrass or make you feel uncomfortable” Funke apologized. Kunle nodded his head rapidly as if to say the apology was accepted. She kept coming closer to him to ask if he was OK, Kunle looked like he was in some sort of discomfort.

STAY AWAY FROM ME! GET OUT! He yelled at her, making her scramble back and hurriedly leave the kitchen in fear. Once she was gone Kunle put both hands on Atinuke’s head and fucked her mouth harder.

Time was running out on them and he needed that morning orgasm to set the mood for the day. When Kunle started to eat his breakfast in the kitchen cabinet, Atinuke had come in right after serving his parents and sister.

She immediately took a hold of his penis, he knew she wanted him and they had missed a night together but they didn’t have much time.

With Kunle Pressing on her shoulder blades, she quickly took the cue and knelt to face his crotch. Once his zipper was out of the way she fed his dick into her mouth and began to work it. They hadn’t gone far before Funke waltzed in.

Atinuke had to hastily seek cover in the cabinet but Kunle’s hard dick remained in her mouth. The prospect that they could be caught and get into deep trouble made her want it more.

Kunle resisted the urge to make any funny sound that would give them away to Funke but when she started to walk towards them and Atinuke was licking the head of his dick like candy, he had no option but to yell at Funke to back off.

Once Funke was gone, Kunle put all of his energy into punishing Atinuke for teasing his dick cap. He held her head tight and started to pump into her throat. Saliva flooded her jaw and chin with how her mouth was roughly docked but she didn’t mind.

Kunle felt his spine gathering energy for a big push as he slammed into his maid’s throat before feeding spurts after spurts of juicy cum into her stomach. With his tank empty, he was able to think straight. It was just 15 minutes to 8, he was late for school. He quickly put himself back in order, grabbed his backpack, and dashed out without saying goodbye.

Atinuke was in the middle of cleaning sweat off her face, cum, and saliva off her jaw when Funke appeared and asked where she had been and what she had been up to.

“Ibibayi ni mo wa, hin tun kisini se” (I am here and I am cleaning the kitchen) Atinuke responded with a very straight face leaving Funke with no other option than to leave the woman alone.

Kunle got to school after assembly as missed the announcements so when his mates started to troop out of the class at the stroke of 12, he was a bit confused.

Someone was kind enough to explain to him that they had practice from 12 to 1:30 henceforth for their forthcoming inter-house sports. Another part of the school curriculum he didn’t like. Why would he want to sweat his clothes on the school field to win some sort of plastic trophy?

He was more of the relaxed kind of a person who just enjoys lounging somewhere quiet. Everybody filed out on the field waiting for their name to be called so they could know what house they belonged to. Kunle was in the Red House, the house that is consistent with coming last.

It seemed they did that intentionally, he looked over to the rest of the students in that house, and from their faces, he was sure from that moment that the red house would have no competition to come last.

If sex was a sport maybe he would have represented them and at least win them a medal but, sex wasn’t so he just found himself a cool spot under the tree to observe everything that went on. Funmi was in the yellow house and she was one of their athletes.

She is a fast runner alright but that was not what drew his attention to her race event. The way the winds raise her skirt and bring her underpants into view was a hot scene for him. That was his girl, he was so proud of her and how her ass bubbled when she burst into a sprint.

Kunle spent the rest of the week watching his supposed girlfriend run and she couldn’t help but notice. It made her blush and she doubled her efforts not wanting to disappoint him. Now that she had his attention she didn’t want to lose it.

They got on having small talks but it was always with other students around because Mrs Fahiza would be on the field with them and they didn’t want her catching them spending time alone together.

The more talk they had together the more Funmi wanted to have herself fucked by Kunle and he longed for her too.

For the two of them to have some time together, they would have to bypass Mrs Fahiza and they would have to be smart about it. On a Monday whilst assembly was going on, Kunle excused himself to go to the toilet but he made a detour for class.

He quickly tore a piece of paper and scribbled it. He folded it in Funmi’s back and quickly headed back out to the assembly looking as innocent as he could. As lessons commenced for the day he quietly prayed that Funmi would get his message but it didn’t seem so.

On the stroke of 12, he dejectedly walked to the field and occupied his favourite spot. He was about to lose himself in his thoughts and she walked past him and cut him a lustful wink. His mood was immediately elated. Funmi had got his message, he wrote in that paper that after her race she should excuse herself and meet him in the physics lab.

He patiently waited, once the whistle went, signifying the start of the race, Kunle snuck off the field and went into the physics lab to wait for Funmi. It didn’t take long before she sauntered in, her skirt getting raised by the breeze. She was sexy as FUCK!

Kunle couldn’t wait, the moment he wrapped his arms around her, he held her lips in his. He could taste the glucose in her mouth, it was welcomed because she would be needing all the energy she can get.

The time they had was limited so he needed to move fast. He quickly pushed her back against one of the tables and knelt before her as though he was about to worship her. He raised her skirt, and Funmi held it for him knowing what to expect next.

There was no time to undress, he used his thumb to reveal her pussy lips by pulling her panties to the side. He plunged his tongue in, Funmi had certainly missed what it felt like to have her pussy eaten and it was evident in how she squealed.

Funmi was losing her head with the way Kunle was having a go at her pussy, she was so unable to hold her moans in. Her boyfriend enjoying her soundtrack intensified his efforts to push her towards a climax.

The couple was so far gone they didn’t realize they had company.

“Wetin una they do?!” A voice boomed, startling them. They promptly split and Funmi did her best to cover up but they had been caught red-handed. After some awkwardly short silence, Kunle got up and pulled the security man aside.

He squeezed two thousand naira notes into his hand and whispered something inaudible to him.

He broke a wry smile and asked them to finish up but not do it again after that day then he went on his way. As soon as he was out of sight, Kunle turned around to face his lover who seemed pretty dazed. Before she could snap out of her reverie, he turned her around so she faced the table.

She quickly held on, knowing what was to come next. She didn’t hear his zipper go but she felt it when his dick rubbed over her pussy lips. She was dripping wet. The moment he pushed himself into her, he didn’t allow her a moment of respite.

With both hands gripping her waist like a vice, he pounded her pussy silly. It was surely worth the wait for Funmi. Kunle was hitting the depths of her pussy and her pussy rewarded him by creaming his dick.

His Babe was begging him for more and he filled her to the brim, she came on his dick and he followed soon after spilling his seeds on the floor. As they tried to catch their breath, they got a lifetime shocker.

Mrs Fahiza was standing right there in the lab and the guard Kunle had paid off moments ago was beside her. There was no way they would be escaping this. She elegantly walked toward the visibly terrified lovers and played them a clip on her phone. It was from the school bus when Funmi gave Kunle a head. She had been shadowing them for that long. She handed both of them an envelope each and left them to it with no words.

The envelopes were sealed therefore they could not read the contents until they delivered them to their parents. Kunle got home to a fracas, Atinuke knelt in front of his parents and sister, her box was there and the stolen trinkets were displayed on the table.

They awaited Kunle to come and defend himself since the maid already said he was the one that gave the trinkets to her. Kunle felt hot all over, he didn’t know which issue to address first.

His father’s phone buzzed and after he was done, he asked Kunle for the parcel that his teacher asked him to deliver. He handed the envelope over with jittery hands.

After going through the contents, his father looked up and announced that Kunle had been expelled from school for engaging in explicit sexual activities on the school premises on three different occasions.


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