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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E08] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E08] (18+)

Kunle was back to point Zero. He was separated from Funmi by Mrs Fahiza who kept an eagle eye on them. She also has them come spend an hour per day in her office for counselling. Atinuke only fucked Kunle when she wanted it and not the other way round. Being someone with raging hormones, the arrangement greatly frustrated Kunle but he could do nothing about it, Atinuke had all the power.

In class, he did his best to concentrate and not look to the front rows where Funmi now sits with another girl.

He was paired with a boy at the back of the class. It was really hard at first like someone trying to get clean from drugs but gradually, he was able to move on. Even at this, there were times his body made demands which are normal for humans.

During these periods he prays that Atinuke was in the mood too so that he can get some relief.

He also prays the holiday periods come faster so that he could go back to his Aunt’s place. He had missed Precious, Hannah, Sharon and Nike so very much.

Things were quiet, no actions, few sexual adventures with Atinuke, sometimes it feels like she was taunting him with her body.

Sometimes when they stay home together, she grabs his cock through his pants and feel it get erect, sometimes she makes a point of stroking it through the pants sometimes she even goes further by dipping her hands into his pants to play with his dick till it got hard and then she leaves him to sort himself.

Sometimes she lets him sit then she comes in to sit on his crotch and grind her ass on his dick.

Many times he promised himself that when Atinuke got horny, he would not fuck her but he finds himself breaking his promise because he terrible needs to cum and also, Atinuke uses her blackmail hold on him therefore he was always left with no other choice than to do her bidding.

He has had to beat his own meat to climax on different occasions whereby Atinuke pushes him off immediately she reaches her climax and heads to her room not caring whether his dick was still hard or not.

The holiday was just around the corner, Kunle could not be happier. He would immediately go to Auntie Hannah’s place and relief himself all that sexual tension, he would be free from Atinuke his tormentor and Mrs Fahiza, the only person he would miss would be Funmi but it would be worth it.

As the term approached an end, the school authority announced that there would be a field trip. Kunle couldn’t care less, he would go on a field trip, the payment had been made at the beginning of the term already so he had no choice.

Mrs Fahiza was to lead the field trip. It annoyed Kunle, the fact that he is going to feel her eyes watching all of his moves. The trip was a smooth one, there was no hitch or delay. Everyone had fun and Kunle made it a point to stay as far away from Funmi as possible before Mrs Fahiza would call him aside for another lecture.

When it was time to go, all students filed up and marched to the bus entrance, attendance was taken to make sure no one was left behind. Everybody boarded but Mrs Fahiza was no longer with them. Kunle did himself the favour of finding a seat at the back of the bus, as he made himself comfortable at that angle, a familiar scent came close.

Funmi sat there beside him with a mischievous grin on her face. Kunle looked alarmed, he did not want any trouble more than the one he already has. Funmi whispered in his ears that Mrs Fahiza had left the trip and headed home, she was called for something important when they were having fun.

The revelation made Kunle’s nerves relax, he had really missed Funmi. They sat there and made small talks before the bus engines roared to life and they were on the way back to school.

She leaned on Kunle, telling him how tired she was and how much she had missed his company. They both spoke at length till she almost made him jump out of his skin as she grabbed his dick through his pants. Images of Atinuke doing that flashed across his face immediately.

Funmi looked up at him and smiled, asking if he had missed that. He had no answer for her, she would just turn him on and leave him high again like Atinuke.

Funmi grabbed her bag pack and brought her goodie, she put it on with the hood, Kunle sat there wondering what she was up to. At first, she rested her head on his thigh as though she was sleeping. It looked innocent enough to anyone that paid them attention, on the flip side, she was unzipping his fly. Kunle’s eyes darted around the bus, trying to check if anyone was monitoring what was going on at the back of the bus.

The students giggled and cheered loudly amongst themselves. The teachers were at the front going through files, the driver had his eyes on the road, and the road was filled with different vehicles blaring horns. Kunle was covered in a cold sweat, when his dick finally slipped into her mouth, he gave a sigh of relief. His forehead dripped with sweat, he did his best to not put his hands behind her head and make her go deeper on his dick. She bopped her head gently, not trying to draw attention to herself.

The thrill that they could actually get caught intensified the whole thing. She sucked Kunle’s dick slowly, it had been long and she wanted to enjoy it, who knows when the next time would be? Grabbing and gently squeezing it at the base, she lets her tongue wrap around the shaft and makes the dick to the entrance of her throat.

Kunle was at her mercy, he just did his best to not moan, he rested his head against the window loving how the breeze from outside cooled him down. Funmi was having real fun down there when she felt Kunle was at the edge, she tried to swallow his dick in her throat but he was too big.

He shot hot cum inside her mouth, again her inner cheeks and throat. Cum rushed out of her mouth to her jaw and Kunle’s crotch making a whole mess of things. Kunle felt seriously relieved, Funmi zipped his messy crotch and cleaned her face before coming up. He sat there staring into space, the image of him fucking precious while Nike made a video she later used to blackmail her sister.

He really needed sex and Atinuke that was accessible had him under her thumb like a toy. She was blackmailing him, he needed to be in charge, he remembered how precious and also made a video of him and Nike that later got to Hannah. All he needed to do was find some dirt on Atinuke and he would make her his own pussy.

Blackmailing Atinuke was not an easy task, she was not like Blessing that had boys she fucked in the street, she was not a teenager, therefore, Kunle’s parents understood it was normal for her to have a sexual relationship. Kunle had nothing at all and he decided to give up, he would just wait for the holidays and go to his Aunt’s place.

The week for the end of the academic session soon came upon Kunle, his grades were good, a four weeks holiday, he literally pranced all the way home hoping to start packing immediately.

We are What?! Kunle asked again. He got home to one of the biggest shockers of his life. His mum, dad, and sister, Funke, were all at home at the same time. It was very weird, he wondered if something bad had happened to any of their extended family. Even if it did, Kunle doubted that could make his family be under one roof at the same time.

We are doing this for you, honey, last holiday, when you came back you fell seriously ill so this time, we will all spend your one month holiday with you here at home.

His mother said, confirming his fears.

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