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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E05] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E05] (18+)

Her little ass hole surfaced looking all lonely, well not for long as she began to eat her mother’s ass, increasing Hannah’s moans, she had one mouth eating her pussy and nibbling her clit and another up in her anus rimming her thoroughly.

She left Matt’s head in the frenzy and grabbed the backrest of the chair hard as she came on Matt’s face, Hannah’s juices splashing on his face triggered him to also cum deep in Nike’s pussy, when Hannah got off him, he carried Nike and slammed her into the couch before releasing hard blows of dick in her pussy.

He had her legs hung up his shoulders as he banged her like a paid hoe. She lay there wailing and writhing as Matt continued to smash her pussy.

She came so hard it pushed Matt’s still hard dick out of her. Seeing that Nike was sated for that moment, he dragged her mother down, pulled her in for a very rough kiss, his tongue explored her mouth, squeezed her boobs in his palms and pinched her nipples, he had missed her body so much and he wanted it all, he turned her around and bent her over.

He pushed her face into Nike’s bald and cum filled pussy.

It was sweet, two different cum, one from Matt and the other from her daughter.

She ate her wickedly, Nike never thought her mum was this good with her mouth, her pussy was still very sensitive from the pounding she just received from Matt and the way her mother ate she was just too much of her vibe on its own.

Matt held on to her waist as he slammed his member deep into Hannah letting go of all his frustrations in her. He fucked her like the slut she was and when she came on his dick it gave him more lubrication for more thorough fucking and hell, he pounded that pussy with spite before he came for the second time in a row.

Hannah ate her daughter to another orgasm before the three of them collapsed on the floor.

Thwack, thwack, thwack, Kunle’s palm landed rapidly on Precious’s bouncy ass as he continued to sheath his dick inside Sharon. She was on her back locking lips with Precious who lay on top of her. She had already cum twice under Kunle’s ministrations on her pussy.

She was completely drenched in sweat. Kunle had fucked her thoroughly. She had come twice already and he’s yet to blow his load. She just lay there as he continued to assault her pussy as her moans were stifled by Precious lips that were locked with hers.

Kunle was having so much fun fucking Sharon and Spanking Precious, he wasn’t coming anytime soon but when Sharon orgasmed for the third time pushing his dick out of her, he decide to give her some rest and deal with this fat ass that has been eyeing him the whole night.

He slipped his dick into Precious’ pussy as she gasped into Sharon’s mouth knowing what was to come next. Once his dick was well logged into her pussy, he held her right shoulder blade with his left hand and her left shoulder blade with his right hand.

“Ptaaaa Ptaaa” he hit her harder than she expected. She whimpered trying to hold her tears back.. She can’t cry here, not with her face directly over that of Sharon. She had told him to fuck her hard and he was doing it very diligently, it was so rough, so sweet, his balls collided with her tender mounds as he pummeled her. She couldn’t hold her tears back now and she let them flow freely.

“Huhhhhhhh fuck mee, dont stoppp fuck meee” She said amidst her tears. Kunle couldn’t ask for more, he kept firing into her pussy making her sore.

Precious raised her ass higher arching her back giving Kunle more room to dig deep into her. Her right boob bounced on her chest as Sharon greedily sucked on the other. Kunle crushed her free boob on her chest as he removed his dick and this time slid it into her asshole.

He pulled on her necktie and held it back using it as a leash and started to bombard the hole with heavy thrusts. Precious shed more tears this time, her eyes were ember red and mucus exited her nose. She wanted this and she never for once backed down from Kunle, she threw her ass back at him taking all of his dick like a champ.

She lost count of how many times she cum and it didn’t even matter until Kunle’s hot cum scalded her back and she crashed on the cold tiles breathing heavily.

The party went on till the early hours of the next morning, Kunle and Matt fucked all the ladies one after the other, they all had fun and only stopped to eat and drink or rest a little when they got tired.

They woke in the noon all sapped of energy.

Precious and Nike were tasked with cleaning the room while Hannah and Sharon made lunch and Kunle packed his stuff getting ready to leave for his house. He surely would be missed by his nympho relatives but he couldn’t wait to see his nanny. When all was set, he gave them all big hugs and squeezes on their titties before getting in the front seat of his Aunt’s car.

As soon as they got into the open road Kunle snoozed out again falling into a deep sleep, his aunt let him be, he had lost so much energy this past month and sleep was a necessity for him at this period.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Hannah blasted her horn as Kunle came to, he immediately recognized the gate to his compound, he smiled as it opened up waiting to see Blessing.

He was left in shock as it was opened by a strange woman, she was fair, she had three very dark and thick tribal marks piled on each other on either side of her face.

Kunle was perplexed, is this his place or had they made a stop at one of Sharon’s friends? It was his house, his mum came out to welcome him and her sister as the weird lady hurriedly took his luggage in. Kunle looked around the compound trying to see where Blessing was holed up.

He went in reluctantly and headed straight for his room, he crashed into his bed and just lay there as his mum and Hannah caught up in the sitting room talking business, parties and other stuff he didn’t even care to know about. He kept looking at his locked door from time to time, hoping that Blessing would walk in at any moment and stop causing him unnecessary heartache.

While he continued to hope, he drifted into a long sleep, Blessing quietly sneaked in, looked over Kunle, he looked so innocent lying there like that with his hands splayed like he was about to be nailed to a cross. She quietly straddled him and brought her lips to his very gently.

She kissed him so sensually, they had both missed this and she wanted to savour this moment with her boy. He was reacting to the soft lips that crushed him albeit unwittingly, his hands landed firmly on the big ass as the crotch slowly ground into his stiff member, Blessing, where have you been since he whispered under his breaths.

Knock knock and a thud as the door swung in shocked him back to reality, where would he hide Blessing from his mum or what would he say they were doing in that position.

Kunle thought as he sprung into a sitting position, his hands holding nothing in particular, when he opened his eyes Blessing was nowhere to be found. He sat there more confused, where did she go? They were together moments ago and it seemed like she just disappeared.

He dropped his hand on his lap and looked up. It was the odd lady that had opened the gates moments ago, she didn’t look really attractive, she wore a very loose gown that covered her up from neck to ankle. She looked really weird to him, he just kept staring at her wondering what her mission was in his room.

“Modamu n pe yin (Madam seeks your attention)
“WTF?! Kunle’s mouth opened up and refused to close back. This woman is a very local woman, her accent reeks of bush.

What the fuck is happening in this house? Kunle wondered as the lady’s glare nestled on his crotch, she looked at Kunle and gave him a very mean stare.

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