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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E03] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E03] (18+)

It was just a few mins shy of 8 pm when Kunle finally opened his eyes, he had downed three cans of energy drinks in preparation for his send-off party.

The drinks had tasted a whole lot better as they mixed with Nike’s juices he had drunk earlier.

He sat for a while eyeing the lonely can of energy drink on the table, he didn’t know when the party would start. Would they come and fetch him or would the party take off in his room?

Maybe he should just check what was happening in the sitting room downstairs he thought as he dragged himself off the bed. He took off his top and shorts then walked towards the mirror to check himself out.

Everything was in place, he had a fair amount of biceps, his six-packs were evident, his thighs were tight, he looked like he had been doing a lot of working out. Well, he’s been doing a whole lot of calorie-burning exercises with his aunt’s family and he was eating healthy too, so he wasn’t surprised about his fitness level.

He rummaged through his wardrobe and smiled to himself when he finally found it, a very skin tight white boxer that Blessing had got him. She actually got him a whole pack and he mostly put them on when they wanted to fuck.

She always loved how his big dick always strained for freedom through it.

He put it on and managed to squeeze his dick into the fabric that now seemed to be smaller for him. One look at the mirror and he burst into small laughter, he looked like a grown man in a kid’s underwear.

He opened his door and some slow and very sensual music filled the room. He was not that big on music but he didn’t mind though, he moved out and took a quick peek at what was happening in the sitting room.

It was like a disco club down there with different colours of light, he couldn’t make out anyone there but it looked like the party was about to kick off.

He looked at his crotch, he felt uncomfortable, his semi-hard dick was pressing furiously to be freed from bondage and he felt guilty, these boxers were for Blessing, he shouldn’t be using them to bang other people.

Kunle made a swift turn and headed back to his room, once in, he quickly took his boxers off, looking at the mirror once more, he looked so perfect, clothes would be in the way anyways he doesn’t need them for the party, plus he wanted to surprise the ladies downstairs, he grabbed his energy drink, it sneezed as he opened it up, he took a swig and swirled it in his mouth like he wanted to wash it with the drink before he swallowed.

He walked out majestically with his drink in hand and semi hard dick leading the way. Every step he took down the stairwells, his sight adapted more to the lights.

Down in the sitting room, the Centre table was filled with different bottles of alcohol, boxes of pizza, ice creams and ice cubes.

When did they set all these up? He wondered as he joined the ladies. Nike’s thongs were just three pieces of ropes hanging on to each other, she had no bra on, Sharon had on an unbuttoned shirt with panty hose, it was very hard to notice because it was just a shade darker than her skin tone, her unshackled boobies jiggled and swayed as she slowly moved to the rhythm of the song that was playing over the speakers.

Hannah was dressed like a tennis player but with more skin on display, her sports bra barely covered her boobs and enough flesh was clearly seen under the bra, her skirt was barely 6 inches long, you would clearly see her pussy opening even if she was standing straight.

Kunle stood there taking all their dressing in before noticing one was missing, where was precious? He wanted to see what she had on if he’d be impressed by her choice of clothes.

What she had said earlier about him being on a long queue of people she’s trying to impress had intrigued and anxious.

He suddenly felt a cold palm trail straight from the nape of his neck, slowly following his spine. It ended on his bare ass and it patted his ass softly before rubbing on his ass. Looking back, Precious was there, biting her lower lip seductively,

“Liking what you’re looking at?” she asked a bewildered Kunle who just nodded yes and whistled in response.

“Accch…” He flinched as Precious pressed one finger into his asshole,

“Don’t forget, hard and rough, fuck me like I killed your dreams” Precious whispered sultrily before extracting her finger from his ass and licking it clean.

Ever since she had eaten Nike’s ass out, she had developed some strange affinity for ass eating and always looked forward to any opportunity she could get with an ass hole.

She grabbed Kunle’s now hardened dick in a firm grip and led him into the sitting like it was some sort of leash. Kunle followed, staring at the naked ass in front of him, it seems he was not the only one with the big idea, Precious was all naked safe for the ready-made office tie she had on her neck.

“Dear God, don’t let this send-off party be what will send me to heaven” Kunle whispered a quick and silent prayer as he downed the rest of his drink.

Music was flowing, booze was flowing, the ladies were moving their bodies to the beat seductively, not breaking any sweat.

Precious and Kunle joined in the dance, Hannah had a cup in one hand and a bottle in the other, Nike had a cup she was sipping drinks from as she danced, Sharon’s half-empty cup was on the table, she was more into the dancing, Precious out ice cubes into two empty cups and filled it with booze as they continued with the dance.

This was definitely a foreign terrain for Kunle. He wasn’t a music person, he didn’t do alcohol and definitely was a horrible dancer.

He had no social life and had never lived this party life before, he had never attended one! He thought the send-off was just him coming downstairs and pleasing himself and four women sexually, he never pictured that it would be this glamorous, with Sharon pulling her shirt up and grinding her naked ass into his dick and other women groping his body all overweighing his balls in their palms.

He just made sure to move like the ladies even though it was awkward to him and the ladies laughed at him, he didn’t stop. Not stopping had to do with the alcohol in his system though, it was unlocking some new personalities in him that he never knew existed within him.

The normal Kunle wouldn’t even tap his feet to a beat but here he was, swinging his big dick back and forth to the delight of the ladies that were screaming in exhilaration as they urged him on.

They all knelt in front of him in a semi-circle as he whipped their faces one after the other with his cock everyone was in a semi-drunk party mood.

Hannah got up from their midst as her phone vibrated, she glanced at the screen and smiled before she turned down the volume of the music much to everyone’s protest.

She asked for them to calm down as she went to open the door and Nike’s old crush and Maths teacher MATT walked in with his signature ear to ear grin.

Written by Reezy Sama

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