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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E02] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E02] (18+)

“Knock knock, Come in,“ Kunle said as he sat up, on his bed, Nike walked in with four cans of energy boosters, are you here to tell me how you want to be fucked? Kunle asked grinning,

“Nope, I came to drop these for you, for tonight, you’ll be needing them and you won’t be fucking me, I’ll be the one fucking you,” she said dropping the drinks on his bed as she walked back out.

“Thank you,” Kunle said.
“How can I repay you?” He asked as she got to his door,
“Well, I want to shave my pussy, will you help me do that?” Nike answered.
“Where and when?” he asked,
“Bathroom, now” she answered leaving the room.

Kunle jumped off his bed and bolted off to the bathroom in wait for Nike. She came in in a very small white towel that she wrapped loosely over her boobs but they barely even covered her ass.

Kunle’s dick jerked in his briefs as Nike waltzed In, you’re only using a shaving stick and not that stick in your boxers o Nike said laughing at Kunle’s hard on.

“OK ma,” Kunle said and collected the shaving stick and soap that was offered to him.

Nike switched the shower on as she lay with her pussy directly underneath it. She enjoyed how the cool water splashed her pussy and was barely holding her moans in.

“Oya na,” she called out to Kunle who was just staring at how her pussy vibrated as water continuously splashed on it.

He lathered her pussy with the soap and switched the shower off not minding Nike’s protest, he picked the shaving stick up and set to work, Nike wriggled with every single shave, she would gently thrust her crotch as Kunle shaved her and left him with no choice other than to clamp her down with a hand so that she doesn’t get cut as he shaved Her.

He was soon done and satisfied with his work and he switched the shower back on so he could clean the bits of hair and soap that hung around Nike’s cunt.

Nike finally let out a long moan when Kunle’s fingers grazed the outer lips of her pussy. She held his hand there and used it to slowly massage her pussy giving him a knowing smile,

Kunle got the drift perfectly and he began to rub on her pussy loving how she moaned and jerked at him every time he intentionally grazed her clit.

She was oozing juice and the water from the shower wasn’t helping matters at all, she was going crazy, wriggling on the cold tiles. She stopped in her tracks as she felt Kunle’s dick trying to penetrate her pussy.

She quickly pushed him off, no, no, keep that for tonight, use something else.

Kunle looked disappointed, he was so horny all he wanted was to bury himself in the pussy right in front of him but on the other hand, Nike was right, he needed every energy he had for tonight.

Still, he wasn’t really happy, he pulled up three fingers and folded them to a single unit and pressed against Nike’s openings, she breathed in sharply, anticipating the intrusion that was coming.

When his fingers were still not going in, he started to rub her clitoris with his left thumb keeping her legs apart by placing his knees on each of her thighs.

His fingers started to go deeper with each thrust, he continued to thrust and tickle Nike’s clit not minding how she was hollering on the floor looking for something to grab on to as he finger fucked her.

When he brought out his fingers, they were coated in juice and he brought them to his nose after two long hard sniffs, he licked his fingers clean of cum and pushed them back into her pussy as he started finger fucking her again with renewed interest.

“Ohhhh My Gawwwddd, you’re fucking me” Nike wailed from receiving harder finger thrusts from Kunle whole smiled wickedly,

“You’ll fuck me right, I’ll fuck you first,” he said before sucking her little boobs, he had denied the attention and he wanted to give them full attention.

He sucked on it like he had an Intention to peel them off her chest with his mouth. While he sucked on her boobs he never stopped jamming three fingers up her pussy.

Her moans were not really audible outside the bathroom as the shower was doing enough to drown their voices out.

When Kunle noticed that she was getting close, he pulled out and replaced his fingers with his mouth, used both of his thumbs to part her pussy lips and gave her ever pink insides a long hard lick.

Nike just held on to her messy hair like it was her sanity and if she let go then she would lose it, it was also her only means of support and she held as tight as she could.

Kunle held her legs wide apart as he felt her body vibrating and sensing she was about to clamp her thighs around his head.

She eventually came straight into his mouth and he kept his mouth open to get enough of her juices before he went in for a kiss where he made sure to dump every ounce of juice down her throat.

After making sure she had swallowed all her cum, he pulled his dick out and placed it at her opening, making sure to coat it with all her residual juices, he then penetrated her, she winced but didn’t protest, he thrust in slowly came back out and went back in very slowly.

She growled as he buried his dick to the halt, making their pubis rub each other, he then pulled back out very slowly, loving the torture that was visible on Nike’s face.

He then brought his cum soaked dick to her lips, he pressed against her lips as she refused to open of for him when he wouldn’t budge, Nike opened up and licked the dick head loving her own taste, she proceeded to give it a thorough before moving along to the shaft and balls.

After cleaning the dick of cum, she grabbed it in her hands and knelt in a bid to give him a proper blowjob but Kunle just pulled it out of her hands and whip his dick on her lips twice saying

“Wait till night” then he returned it to his briefs and began to walk away.

“Kunle” she called, when he looked back she told him “Fuck you” he just smiled and exited the bathroom, Nike just sat under the water letting her whole body get wet.

He just smiled and walked away, when he got past Precious’s room he saw something and walked back, she was in front of the mirror stark naked with a bunch of panties littered on the floor.

He took a minute to admire her physique, if she continues to grow like this then her body stats would be higher than ever her mum and Sharon’s.

“Picking what to wear for tonight?” He asked drawing her attention, she turned around and posed with her hands akimbo

“Liking what you see?” she asked

“Yes, Mama, top-notch” he replied. I love white in case you’re trying to impress me Kunle said.

“You’re not the only one I’m trying to impress Baby, you’re just on the long queue” the words that came out of her mouth had Kunle transfixed for a minute, what does she mean by that?

He wondered looking on at Precious who had now backed him trying to pick another panty from the floor.

Seeing her pussy from that angle made him want to rush in and ram his dick into her from behind. He patted his cock

“In a few hours Baby, in a few hours,” He said to himself as he slowly walked back to his room.

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