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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E01] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Greatest Vacation of All Time [S02E01] (18+)

They ate happily throwing tantrums at each other,
“I actually caught most of your show yesterday yunno?” Kunle said.

“Well, you should have joined In or were you scared of getting lost in my twat?” Sharon threw back mockingly. I wasn’t even close to getting scared but Precious was already doing a lot of damage to you.

“If I had joined in, you probably won’t wake up in the next two weeks cause this dick of mine is no joke, you can ask everybody on this Table.”
“Relax, little boy, I’ve been feeding bananas to this monkey of mine before you were conceived so, just relax.”

Sharon and Kunle kept going back and forth on whose sexual prowess is superior while the others cheered on.

“Mum, when is Kunle going back?” Nike asked, suddenly throwing ice on the hot debate. Well, he should be leaving next week, school resumes in two weeks so it’s only sensible that he leaves next week so he can prepare for resumption.

“Wow and I’ve been sleeping on his dick, relaxing thinking of fucking him later,“ Nike said in disappointment.

Everyone went quiet for a while, Kunle didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. On one hand, he was glad he’ll be with Blessing, she was the only reason why he was looking forward to returning home but, the pussies here are sweet too, if only he could bring Blessing here and live here forever his life would be so complete.

Well, Kunle is leaving in a week’s time, Aunty Sharon leaves tomorrow, we resume school in two weeks too and you also continue your daily activities.

Why not just have a little bit of fun tonight? The whole family, in honour of Kunle, like a little get together? He fucks all of us and we dance drink and have fun, Nike explained as everyone listened with rapt attention.

“Hmmmmm, I agree with you but whichever way the party goes, na me Kunle go first fuck o, you know I have not tasted his hotdog before and God knows I’m starving for it so, I agree, let’s have a get-together,” Sharon said.

“I agree, me too,” Hannah and Precious said as they all turned to Kunle.

Well, I woke up this morning asking Precious if I could get a role in some of her and Aunt Sharon’s Film and look at it now, there’s some action and I’m the lead actor with everyone else starring, I’m in, He said with a huge smile on his face.
“Alright, meeting over. If you have hair on your pussy go and shave because I’m not eating any bush tonight,” Sharon said as she got up from her chair and went to sit on Kunle’s laps facing him and giving him a deep kiss that he returned in full as he made sure to give her fat fleshy ass some firm massage while she ground herself into his crotch.

Shaaaaaaron, it’s not even night yet na, Olosho like you, Hannah said sarcastically.

“Thank you, if I be Olosho, wetin you go be? No be this thing keep you for house one full day, this thing wey I do now, he sure me say you self wan try am abi I lie?” She said, looking in Hannah’s direction.

“Abegi, I want to make a call,” Hannah said laughing as she left them at the table. Omo this guy dey quick charge o, Sharon said to Nike and Precious as she held Kunle’s already hard cock through his trousers.

Nike came close and Sharon suddenly pulled her in for a kiss. After they broke the kiss, she pulled her ear close and said

“Sex is not by body, it is by skill, I know you might be a bit Intimidated seeing that me, your mum and your sister have almost the same body physique, don’t ever let that bring you down, as long as you know how to fuck, right body is just for show, you hear me, baby?” She said as she massaged her pussy through her panties, now make sure you are totally bald for me tonight, Kunle is not the only one I want to fuck tonight.

Nike walked away smiling to herself as Sharon also got up from Kunle and left the dining room. Well, what do you think about tonight, Kunle asked Precious.

She just shrugged at his question as she got up too and made to leave too,
“Whatever happens this night, make sure to fuck me rough and hard, just like I fucked Aunty Sharon yesterday, whatever pity it is you have for me, Drop it on this table right now,” She said as she gave him a peck on his lips.

Twack! Kunle’s palm landed across her ass as soon as she turned her back to him, dropped already he said as he got up and grabbed her by the waist and she ground her ass into crotch moaning mockingly

“Ughnnn Baby, fuck me, I’m cumming, leave me joh,” she said breaking free from him and running upstairs.

Kunle just stood there wondering how a vacation he had never wanted, had now become the best thing that happened to him. He looked at his semi-hard dick through his boxers and shook his head.

He had never fucked four women at once become and all that bravado he had been doing before now was gone, the reality is here.

He said a quick prayer hoping he doesn’t die midway as he walked up the stairs to his room hoping to get enough rest before night came.

“Yes, tonight, don’t come late o,” Hannah said before dropping the call as Sharon grabbed her boobs from behind, who’s my Baby calling? She asked.

“It’s a surpriseeee…” Hannah moaned in reply as Sharon continued to grope her boobs through her gown, she smashed her melons together pressing them together in firm grips.

“Hmmm…” Hannah responded as Sharon began to kiss down on her neck, her fingers parted and so did her legs when Sharon raised her gown and began to rub her bald pussy, her phone sank into the rug, making a thud sound.

“Na wa, no pant, and na me Be ashawo” Sharon whispered into her ear as she sank two fingers into her pussy.

“Shebii na my houseee I deyyy ahhh” Hannah gasped parting her legs wider loving how her juice dripped down her thighs.

“Who’s my favourite bitch? Sharon whispered, I am, Hannah replied. You’re what?” She whispered again,

“I am your favourite Bitch” Hannah replied with eyes closed in ecstasy as Sharon continued to finger her slowly and she ground her ass into Sharon’s pussy.

“Who’s your Mommie,” Sharon whispered again,
“You’re my Mommie, fuck me Mommie, fuck me” Hannah replied as Sharon tickled her nipples.
“Mommie, Mommie, Mommie” Hannah kept purring as Sharon began to tickle her clit and she ground her ass into Sharon harder.

Hannah’s sweaty body landed on the bed and Sharon followed climbing onto her friend as she hurriedly sweat-filled shirt and her boobs immediately spilt out, her nipples were hard already.

Hannah sucked on them greedily as soon as they were lowered into her mouth. The warmth from her mouth sent jolts of electricity round Sharon’s body as she let out a sigh of satisfaction pushing more of her boobs into Hannah’s face.

Her hand never left Hannah’s pussy as she scooped her juices out and licked them hungrily off her fingers.

She soon desired more pleasure as she sat on Hannah’s face and rode gently, she was more than happy to eat Sharon’s pussy, it was the sweetest she had ever eaten and her scent was too heavenly to pass upon.

She happily licked and lapped at every single drop of juice Sharon was producing.
“Ughhh. Yesshh baby, that way, I love it that way.” Sharon moaned as she wiggled like an earthworm.

She got off and faced Hannah’s pussy with her pussy still on Hannah’s face, both women now ate each other out simultaneously each trying to show who’s boss. It was an even affair as both were evenly matched, when they came, it was in each other’s mouth and face and they got up for one final act of cum swapping as they both shared their juices while they kissed passionately like lovers.

They both dropped back on the bed panting and sweating as the air conditioner worked on cooling them.

Written by Reezy Sama

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