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Kunle JJC: Cheers to Covered-Up Girls (18+)


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Kunle JJC: Cheers to Covered-Up Girls (18+)

All my life, I try to not be a stereotype and have always been so careful about it. However, there’s one exception. Maybe it’s stereotypical but, you cannot simply take it away from me. This is the fact that some covered-up girls with scarves are lowkey hoes.

Let’s forget about their religion, the way they dress, and the way they carry themselves in society. If you take all of these away, they are just humans like the rest of us. And as humans, they have hormones that need to be satisfied. Their way of dressing also makes sure they get limited attention meaning they get starved, a lot.

I will be hoping you can relate to the picture I am trying to paint. To properly state that some of these girls are closet hoes, I would be citing two of my own experiences with them. The second is that of the Managing director of where I work. Mrs Kudirah, a married woman, is plump in size but you cannot discern her assets from the way she dresses.

Her flowing abayas always did such a good job of covering her up. She is quite stern at work and doesn’t talk much to the male staff including her driver. She wouldn’t even shake hands with male business partners or come close. At least that was what I saw at first.

A coincidence was what first leaked her secret to me. I had skipped town for the weekend and lodged in a hotel. I was seated in the bar when a man came down to get condoms. He looked strangely familiar but thought it was the booze.

I couldn’t get any sleep overnight because the occupants of the room adjacent to mine were having some very loud sex. It was really bad because I was alone and was hard as fuck. I got talking to one of my girls and gave her my location to come to meet me at the hotel as soon as she could.

She arrived early but couldn’t locate the hotel so I needed to go meet her outside.

The moment I came out, I was met by my boss and the man that had come for condoms the evening before. He also happened to be one of those men who came to our company for business. I stood there staring at the man, my boss’s face had fallen, and my phone rang and made me quickly excuse myself to go pick up my girl.

I wasn’t surprised that my holier-than-thou boss was in a hotel getting fucked by another man, what surprised me was, damn, her ringtones. That woman was a moaner and a screamer and the fact that they went at it overnight? What kind of energy was that? Even some of the baddies I sleep with don’t do it as she did.

My call girl got it bad from me that day because of the alcohol and the fact that I was so turned on by the knowledge that my holy-holy boss had just been piped overnight. Imaginary scenes of her getting piped played in my head as I straffed my girl.

Work resumed as nothing happened over the weekend. Even the man came around to sort things and both of them still acted like they hadn’t fucked themselves over the weekend, greeting each other from afar and using sir and ma. I wouldn’t breathe a word, I have no other job yet.

All went well till Friday when I got a call from an unknown contact. After disconnecting it twice, I picked the third time and I was on to my boss. She asked to meet at the hotel we had met at earlier. I arrived there at the time she gave me and was sent to her room the moment I got to the reception. She received me well over a drink and congratulated me for being so mature because she would have ruined me if I had peddled stories about her.

I felt so uncomfortable but she just smiled and told me she would like us to have a no-strings affair because she knows I’m packing and would like to sample my work.

It occurred to me then that, when my boss’s face fell the other day, it wasn’t because she was as ashamed, she was looking at my hard-on. Damn, that woman is wild, and not long after that, I was kneeling in front of her with my face in her pussy and my hands on her ass cheeks.

Her moans were so sweet to hear and for her age, her pussy was sweet. She was dominating too. She fucked me. It was a first for me but a sweet experience.

I was going to push her into bed but she asked that I go in, when she came over to me, I thought she was going to ride me. She held my legs apart and was fucking me missionary.

I was looking up at her, her eyes closed and her heavy boobs bouncing up and down, she fucked me to our satisfaction moaning and screaming all through. She digs her nails into me when she orgasms too.

She used me till I couldn’t cum anymore and since then we’ve been fucking steadily outside the office and maintaining boss/employee relationships in the office. I suspect that her driver is also on the list of guys my boss is eating but that is not my problem.

Now let me tell you about my experience with another girl.

This was during our WAEC exams. My guys and I enrolled in a tutorial to help us pass the exams. Students from other schools did too so there was a mixture of people from different places. Kudus and Michael were my guys and Kudus has a rich father so he was well-loaded. We always Sat at the back disturbing the class.

Girls roamed our seats mainly because of Kudu’s affluence but Michael benefitted greatly and the three of us were steadily fucking the tutorial girls. We passed them among ourselves and it was fun. There was however one girl who wouldn’t even talk to us or come.to our seat.

That girl was Aminat. Always going on her own, always wearing her hijab. One time I tried to shake hands with her she made it known that it was taboo in her religion to shake hands with a guy. Michael and I already gave up on her matter but Kudus was fixated on seeing what her boobs looked like.

Aminat is a fair girl and slim girl but we all know she was pretty heavy in the chest area. Her dresses and hijabs never hid that feature, she had no ass though.

We told Kudus to give up and he would not. He started trying different means to get close to her. It paid off and they started to talk but our friend would not share that information with us. We started to suspect that it was either his plans were failing woefully or they were going really well. We put an eye on both of them. One day after the tutorial, we couldn’t find Kudus and had to go look for him because we went home together. We searched and gave up, the school was empty already so we decided to leave for home without our friend

On our way, Michael excused himself to pee in a nearby bush, I waited out while he went to do his business. He rushed back as soon as he left and started pulling me by the arm with a finger crossing his lips asking me to shush. I quietly followed, and lo and behold there was Aminat on palms and knees taking Kudus’s dick from behind.

The scene shocked me because I never thought Aminat would swing that way with all that holiness we’ve encountered with her. After watching the live porn in front of us and getting turned on, we made our presence known to them.

She quickly got up, her dress was off her shoulders and her back zipper was undone. We saw her full chest in its youthful glory. Big, round, and perky with deep brown areolas and pointed nipples. We stared at her breasts till she was forced to cover them with her palms. Kudus pulled her aside and they had a quick quiet discussion.

Kudus then beckoned to us to join in. I was shocked when I saw Kudus fucking her but now there are three of us and she would still fuck us? I was blown away, Hajia, involved in a threesome?

We quickly took our pants off and went over with our hard dicks.

Aminat was holding a dick in each hand while she blew the third one. It was a hot sight. After taking turns in her mouth, she lay on the floor and one after the other, we fucked her to our satisfaction.

The way she raised her hips to meet thrusts, how she cradled our heads before filling our mouths with her boobs, how she moaned as we fucked and sucked her, sex wasn’t a grey area to her at all. To cement this thought, she walked away as if nothing had happened when we finished.

Kudus never revealed how he got her to agree to the sex but we did have that threesome again and ever since it’s always in my head that these girls with covered girls are lowkey badder than most.

Written by Reezy Sama

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