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Kunle JJC: All Girls High School IV (18+)

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Kunle JJC: All Girls High School IV (18+)


My name is Timothy but my buddies call me Timo and the sarcastic ones would add “vurna” to it. Chelsea fans would understand why.

My journey at the All-girls high school was somewhat unprecedented as the school had a strict policy against employing male teachers but when the person teaching computer studies was poached from them by another school, that spot became wide open, and unfortunately for them and the kids, the market was bereft of female computer teachers at that time.

I got the link through one of my guys whose aunt teaches in the school, he let me know my chances of being employed were very slim but encouraged me to try because the payment package was quite juicy. That’s what bros do.

I applied and was invited for an interview. I git there before my appointment wanting to create a great first impression. A lady whom I had to vie for the spot with came moments later and the interview began at the stated time.

It did not take long for me to understand that I was there to be used as a measure for the lady, I answered all their questions promptly and the lady struggled a bit but the interviewers looked more convinced with her than with me. Women helping women I guess. They asked me to drop a copy of my CV with the secretary on my way out and wait for mail from them but the lady was still with them. I knew I was not going to get that job.

It was confirmed to me by my friend the second day that they employed the lady. Congrats to her, we had drinks and I hoped to get employment somewhere, also my side hustles took care of my finances so even without the job, I was doing well for myself, I have my car.

Two weeks later, I got an email from the school saying I should meet on the second day. I called my friend to get info on what was happening. When he called back, he said the lady was not efficient enough so they fired her and wanted to replace her with me. That was good news, I started preparing myself for the next day.

The administration was not smiling at me when they offered me my employment letter and they gave me rules to follow. I could only come to school premises on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays when I was supposed to teach the kids.
I would not have a space in the staff room, all my duties would be carried out from the computer room. Any act of indecency between me and the girls would result in the termination of my employment and lastly, they would keep a watchful eye on me. I agreed to their terms and conditions and quickly set to work.

I have an appointment with SS1 on Tuesday, SS2 on Wednesday, and Friday, SS3. No entanglement with the girls, no issue, was supposed to be an easy job and I can always shag my babes at home when I am off duty.

The girls from SS3 made my job easy because, from the looks of things, they probably hate my presence more than my colleagues (all females), the SS2 was indifferent, they did not seem to mind or care.

The SS1 girls however are the ones that would eventually get me fired. Those young girls with their boobs and asses just sprouting out proper, perky, solid boobs that bounce softly on their chests as they jump around the class. The way they coo and ahh at everything I say, every movement I make, and whisper into each other’s ears.

So many times they try to share a hug with me and I always have to turn them down politely so they do not feel bad.

Morally and legally even, it was wrong to go after them, it would make me a pervert, and On God, I put my all into not crossing that line but god help me, it was not easy at all with the way they threw themselves at me, they crushed on me, I know that and sometimes I gawk at their innocent young bodies unintentionally.

My friends would not let me rest at home. They made fun of me to no end because of the sexcapades we had in the secondary school we served in. It was a remote village and the school had many pupils above the normal student age.

Most of the girls threw themselves at us all wanting to fuck graduates. It was something they used to boast about amongst their ranks. Ohh and we did fuck those girls to no end. They would visit our hotels with cooked food and sometimes raw foodstuffs and cook for us.

After feeding us, we feed them the D till they have enough and sometimes we took the fucking to school having quickies in the school compound during break times or before assembly, It was fun. My friends made fun of the fact that I was back in that position but I could no longer replicate my form else I would be in prison.

The bastard that gave me the link to get the job was always of the opinion that if I look deep, I would find a mature girl from the group and we would be fucking lowkey. He keeps swearing every time that if he was in my shoes, he would not be dulling himself like I had been doing.

I agreed with his thoughts but I knew better than to take advice from my friends. We are all just dumb folks with more stupid ideas in our heads than genuine good ones. Every workday, I looked forward to doing my job and exiting the building. It did not take me long to stumble upon inner happenings in the school and I realized most of the senior girls were not particularly drawn to me because they were not into guys.

Well, that was ok with me because as much as I could escape the temptations of the SS1 girls, I do not think I would be able to escape if the SS3 girls started on my case. These girls were blazing hot and they had all the cards, the face cards, the body cards.

Just thinking of things I would do if I had the opportunity to quickly grope one of them in a corner makes me hard as fuck but I always did my best to comport myself for the sake of my dignity and job. I wished I could get with one of the equally hot teachers too but we did not even see each other much, just glimpses and I have noted about three hot ones.

One Monday morning, my phone rang and it was the principal. After an awkward exchange of pleasantries, she asked if I could quickly come down to school as she needed some help with her system. I wondered why she could not wait for the second day, her voice came out saying she was sorry to be bothering me but it was urgent that I come to help her as soon as possible and she could not wait till Tuesday.

I said ok and dropped the call. This is it! Porn is coming to life! I have watched enough porn to know when this happens, the guy gets shagged. I start to think back to all the encounters I have had with the principal, seems there were times she had flashed me dirty looks that I did not pick up.

I bounced into the bathroom with a shaving stick and cleared the stubs of hair growing on my pubis, gotta keep it clean for this MILF. Man was looking sharp and ready to go and my cologne was stifling nostrils. The secretary looked surprised to see me, I just flashed a smile and put my name down on the register before proceeding to the principal’s office.
She greeted me warmly and offered me her seat so I could look at her system. She left to the door and I heard it lock and her footsteps coming back towards me. My D hardened instantly at the thought of what was to happen next. She bent over to explain what she needed me to do on the system, my eyes were lost in her deep brown cleavage.

The next line of action was for her to grab my already hard cock through my pants and tell me how much age had wanted to fuck me.

She strolled to the door and told me to call her when I finished. My dick was hard till I finished what I needed to do. I called the principal to let her know I was done. She told me a big thank you and said we would see the second day and I could leave.

The disappointment was loud, on my way out, I quickly branched the toilet to bust a nut. I was rushing through my thing knowing that I had minimal time, and just as I reached the tip, I got caught by two of my SS3 students. They kissed themselves into the toilet, smooching each other.

I was surprised to see them but they were more surprised to see me with my D in my hand and cum spitting out of it.

The toilet was awkwardly silent for about two minutes before I quickly pulled my pants up and rushed out of the toilet and out of the premises. all the way home, I kept on raging at myself, how could I have been so stupid?

These girls would tell on me and I cannot even tell on them because who would believe me? Work on the second day was fearful, I met the principal and she physically thanked me. It did not look like something was wrong. My class with the SS1 went ok.

My class on Wednesday with the SS2 went ok too and I had the whole of Thursday to mentally prepare myself for a possible disaster on Friday.

I waited for them in the computer room and I prayed in my mind that those girls would miss the class but they were the first two to come in and one was flashing me a mischievous smile. This was not going to end well. I taught the class and gave them some classwork.

Everyone finished and started to submit it to my table for assessment. She submitted last and still flashed me that laugh. When she left, I noticed a piece of paper in her note, she winked at me. I picked up the paper and kept it. When it was time to show them something on the computer, we huddled up and I swear this girl squeezed my D twice.

Once they left, I quickly checked what was written on the paper. It read, “come back 9 pm, park under the mango tree before school, I want to taste what I saw”. My D hardened once I read the last statement. For the rest of the day, I could not stop thinking about it but I did not want to tell my friend before his loose mouth told his aunt.

By past eight, I was on my way and I parked exactly where she stated. I waited till about 9:15 and she was not there yet. I was re-reading the note to be sure I was at the right place when a knock came on my window. I quickly let her in and she apologized for showing up late.

With that out of the way, she went for my zipper. I looked at her quite surprised, she said we did not have much time and I agreed. She gripped my dick with her mouth and almost instantaneously blew me out of my mind with the way she sucked me off.

I recline my seat and gave her more space to work with my palm also caressing her lower back and going into her skirt, into her thing, and into her wet pussy. This girl was a thoroughbred moaner. She soon climbed on my dick and unbuttoned her shirt so I could suck her nipples.

They were hard and her boobs were firm. She rode my dick firm and hard till we both came. She got off and quickly licked my dick clean. Almost immediately, she got out of the car but peered through the window to tell me not to forget next week Friday then she ran off. Fuck… I love this job.

Written by Reezy Sama

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