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Kunle JJC: All Girls High School II (18+)

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Kunle JJC: All Girls High School II (18+)

Rose, Elizabeth & Victoria

A new girl in my room was not what I was looking forward to. Especially because I had issues with the last girl that was assigned to the same room as mine. I am a lesbian, she is a modest Christian. Always judging me, always preaching to me about changing my ways lest I would not make heaven. It was a traumatic experience for me.Ā 

Why could she not just mind her goddamn business and let me be? I never preached lesbianism to her, I never tried to sleep with her or even touch her. I only had sex when she was away at vigils or when she went to class. The most I had done in her presence was light smooching of the boobs and maybe a deep kiss.

Aside from these, I did not do more and that was because I did not want her to feel uncomfortable and I did not want to offend her. She on the other hand was always crossing the line. Bringing fellowship meetings to the room and sometimes hosting a vigil where they cast and bind every devil residing in our room (me).Ā 

All of these were so annoying and unbearable for me but the fact that till the point of her leaving the school, I never heard rumours of me being a lesbian or having a teacher call me for questioning made me respect her a lot. It meant that though she was overzealous, she was not a rat.

When she left school, I felt this form of freedom I had not had in a long time. I did not have to sneak my girlfriend in anymore, she was free to come to my room anytime I wanted her to come or anytime she wanted to see me, and we did have some mad fun.Ā 

All through that term, our room was a freakshow at night. We used toys, we role-played and sometimes we did light orgies. Rose was my girlfriend and a sub. She is fair-skinned with D-Cup-sized boobs that I am always hungry for and she would never deny me a day’s feed. Myself, I am not all flat but I cannot compare to rose when it comes to the size of my ass or boobs

Rose is a pleasure slave. She loves how I eat every inch of her body. Sometimes, I get my strap-on out and fuck her pussy, sometimes her ass hole, and I use my dildos and vibrators other times. She cums the most when we tribe. I am not going to lie, it’s one of the best parts of our sex life. My puffy wet pussy rubbing on hers is legit cloud nine. We would crack into loud moans and screams and shiver as orgasms over orgasms violently raced through our veins.

The day we left school for the holidays, she kept looking at me like a lost puppy. I could not help but give her a parting orgasm before her parents came for her.

When resumption came upon us, I was so psyched. I had missed my baby so much that I coerced my parents into letting me resume early after I had told Rose to do the same so we could have enough free time to fuck ourselves before other girls resumed and crowd the place. The plan worked and from the way she hugged me so tight, I knew I was just some hours away from diving in her wet coochie.

She returned to her room to freshen up while I did the same. By the time I was about to start getting impatient, she strutted in, in a kimono and g-strings. Damn! Her body was banging, it looked like she added more flesh during the break. Well, the more flesh, the better.

I placed both my palms on each side of her face before planting my lips. She squirmed in my mouth. I helped myself to some of her fleshy boobs. Her eyes begin to flutter. Her boobs were always her Achilles heel, I knew it and I always exploited it. Before she could say, Jack, I had her on my bed with her nipples in my mouth. I love how she moans and begs me to do more. My fingertips were running through her thighs, teasing her before I got to her pussy.

When I eventually grazed it, my fingertips unconsciously slipped into her pussy. She was that wet. I steadily began to finger her puasy and watch her try hard to grab the bedsheets.

We were so gone into it that when the door suddenly opened we clattered out of bed and fell out of shock. That was when Victoria came in with her luggage. She briefly looked at me (half nude) and my stark nude girlfriend before going to set her things by the empty bed on the opposite side of the room and left almost immediately, making sure to slam the door behind her.

The mood was killed, we did not know whether to continue or not but after waiting a while and it did not look like Victoria would come back, we started kissing again trying to get the vibe on again, and as things began to get heated, Victoria came in again with what looked like the rest of her luggage. She set them by her bed and left again.

The mood was killed this time and I sent Rose to her room promising her we would have fun later when the coast was clear. I straightened my corner out, waiting for my new roomie to come back so I could do the proper introduction and try to apologize for what she witnessed moments earlier since I did not know her stance on girl-on-girl activities.

I waited forever and this girl came around real late into the night. I regretted sending Rose to her room so hastily. We could have finished up what we started before Victoria’s intrusion. I was so pained. When she came back, she said a short greeting and collapsed into her bed, not minding me or whatever I was doing.

I told her my name is Elizabeth and I was a senior, she was a senior too and her name is Victoria. What a coincidence. I could not get my eyes off her ass as she dressed up for class. The residue of bathwater trickled in tiny ball shapes off her fair and glowing skin. She turned around to put her brassiere on and gave me a full show of her boobs. Talk about a banging body, Victoria beats Rose any day. I kept staring at them hungrily while I tried to form words of apologies for what she witnessed between me and my babe the day before.

She cut me off mod speech, calling me Beth and saying, ā€œI do not care who you fuck or how many people your fuck or when or when you do it, so long you do not try to fuck me, we are good because you see, I am straight, so, stop staring at my boobsā€.

Wow. I had never met someone that outspoken all my life. We got along well. My freedom was not tampered with. Victoria just lies on her bed and opposite her bed, I and my girlfriend are having some steamy sex. She never complained about our noise or anything but I was a bit worried for her. She did not keep friends, she did not talk most times unless she was talked to and her bluntness was not making things easy for her, most of the other girls just avoided her.

She got brasher as the days rolled by and I think I understood what was going on. A straight girl in an all-girls school. She needed some fucking but where would she get it from?

One time I was able to get her to open up to me and understood her more. She was sent to an all-girls school as punishment for getting caught in an orgy organized by her mates in her former school. Her parents felt being around boys was a bad influence therefore an all-girls school should straighten her out.

What was making her brash was the lack of sex which has been amplified by my and my girlfriendā€™s activities. I felt so bad but what I was going to suggest to help her was something I could not freely say. I did not want it to look like I was trying to satisfy my desires using her situation and she already made it clear to me that she was not interested in girl-on-girl lovemaking.

One night, Victoria had enough and came over to my bed to borrow one of my dildos. I quietly peeked at her from my bed and watched her use the dildo. It was clear that she had no idea what she was doing. She kept on hissing in frustration till she finally gave up. That was when j swung in and asked if she needed help. There was a long silence from her side of the room before a low ā€œyesā€ came.

I went over there to use the dildo on her but her countenance was that of doubt. She asked me not to couch her, no kisses too, she just wanted penetration till she cums. My spirit was dampened because I had been psyched about eating her raw but I just needed to help her for now so I left and returned with my strap-on.

From the moment I penetrated her, I knew this girl was some bad bitch for real. She circled her legs around my waist and locked me in while I did my best to fuck her as sweetly as I could. I was so tempted to touch her boobs but based on our agreement, I could not until she placed my hand on it herself letting me know it was ok. I fucked her harder and grabbed those soft boobs in my hands. I played with them to my heart’s content but she did not let me suck on them, nor did she allow a kiss.

She trashed about the bed squirting when I used my vibrator on her with my fane dick still fucking her. After she came, I thought we were done but the presented her ass to me and asked to be fucked anal. She was a sweet fuck even though I was not allowed to touch her as much as I wanted and we got along better from that night onwards.

Written by Reezy Sama

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