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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 4] (18+)


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Kunle JJC: A Shoulder To Cry On [Part 4] (18+)

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I had no idea what his next move was or would be but I knew he knew that I knew he was smooching my ass. I wanted to discern what he was really up to and stupid me looked up to check his face as if his next play would be displayed there. His lips started to move towards my face and I was there watching it. It kept coming closer and closer and our lips brushed.

My journey home was filled with confusion. I half ran, half walked. What was that that almost happened? I almost cheated on Jack.

When I got home and checked myself, there was a damp patch on my leggings, I was wet. My body wanted what my friend had offered, I just couldn’t comprehend it then. I don’t think I could do it. The rest of the day and week was spent ignoring my friend. What would I say to him, it was all weird and I was confused so I just ignored him until Jack messed me up again.

Now I’m back in my friend’s DM seeking solitude and encouraging words as usual but my mind was made up about not going to his place again.

My mind however would not stop playing tricks on me. I keep having flashbacks of what happened between me and my friend and sometimes I see things that would have happened if I had stayed.

I would spend many minutes imagining what would have gone down in my head and every time I try to make myself feel guilty for cheating, I point out that my friend was also cheating on his partner.

Our partners are also cheating on us with other people.

At the end of the day, I concluded that we all just cheat in a relationship. Well, it’s not as if I’ve cheated yet so I’m still clean. I always push the thought of what could have happened between me and my friend to the back of my mind when I’m with Jack, he owns me 100%.

Our anniversary is coming up too by the way so we frequently met to make plans on how we’ll make the day a memorable one. We eventually settled for going to the cinemas and then a pool and then we’d up at his place for sex. It was a good plan made by yours truly until my jerk of a boyfriend ruined it.

Pretty girl was all “penged” up and my bouncy castle was on fleek for those that cared to stare. I headed to my Baby’s place so we’ll hit the cinemas and get our anniversary going. GOD, my heart cracked and broke into pieces right after I opened the door to his sitting room.

This boy was bending a girl over on the couch, in our matching outfits on our anniversary. I stood rooted to a spot for a little bit and the moment he stopped whatever he was doing and started walking towards me, my legs moved on their own and headed for the main gate.

I could hear him yelling my name from a distance, I wanted to go back and run into his arms and make excuses for him but my legs wouldn’t stop putting a paragraph between us. By the time I stopped, I was at my friend’s place.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do there but it was where my legs brought me and I knocked reluctantly hoping my friend was around and had time to listen to me. He came to open the door naked from head to waist and was surprised to see me at his doorstep, remember that, I had been ignoring him.

I sat on his couch like a hurt child, he saw my outfit and understood that my boyfriend had messed me up on a special day. He cast a pitiful look on me and went to the kitchen. Minutes later he was dropping a plate of pancakes on my thighs.

He had a plate too and we soon got talking about my dilemma. We discussed it to no end and I got pretty tired. Since his back was resting on an armchair, it made his chest a nice spot for me to rest my head on and I cradled myself into his body.

I felt at ease but soon my mind started to go agog with flashbacks and several thoughts. I was getting wet, the reminder that I won’t be getting that sex with Jack stung me deeply. I looked up at my friend, his eyes were closed and his palms were made into a mock pillow for the back of his head.

He wasn’t making any move on me or maybe he was scared that he would scare me off again, especially with my present predicament.

My whole body was screaming for him to touch me again but I didn’t think he heard at all so, I helped to pass the message louder and more authoritatively.

His eyes opened up immediately he felt my wet lips on his. He could hear me now. He held my head as though he was scared I would change my mind. Guy, he kissed meeeee.

He must have been really hungry to have a taste of me. My phone was ringing but I had a head between my thighs.

He was eating my soppy coochie. I couldn’t reach for my phone, my hands were occupied running my fingers through his hair and my mouth was running commentary about where to hit, I even gave him appraisals every time he hit a happy nerve in my pussy.

When I got turned over, my pussy was already dripping wetness into my inner thighs and he had no issues lodging his dick inside me. He must have been bigger than Jack because the way my walls gripped his dick was different and I felt fuller and tighter.

This guy who has always been consoling me wasn’t consoling my pussy. My dress hunched high up my back, my thongs slid to the side, and his dick was smashing down my pussy knocking on my cervix. I could feel his dick all over my body.

My phone wouldn’t stop ringing, Jack wouldn’t stop calling, I needed some quiet to feel this dick that was sawing my pussy to my satisfaction. He was spanking my ass, I bet he was served to a fascinating sight of my ass bouncing off his dick and palm. I picked up my call.

Jack was over the phone profusely begging me for forgiveness, but I wasn’t even mad no more, I had a fucking dick fucking all my senses out of me. I just continued to reply to him with subtle hmmm… Yessss… No.

My friend respected his fellow guy, my boyfriend, and reduced his thrusts while I spoke on the phone but then he was squeezing his dick farther into my pussy.

It was still all the same feeling.

My boyfriend had asked if I was crying and I replied yes. Fam, I was holding in moans, this guy was drilling me like a hoe. After some five, or six minutes, I had settled my differences with my boyfriend, and he dropped the call.

That was a cue for my friend to start hitting me hard again and again till he spurts his seed all over my ass cheeks. I collapsed there on the couch feeling all light and at ease.

My boyfriend made up for messing up our anniversary and we went out some other time.

Surprisingly, he turned over a new leaf but so did I. If you know what I mean.

Written by Reezy Sama

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